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  1. Think we are all guilty of that, at some time or other.
  2. Two drunks visit a brothel. The Madam takes a look at them and says to the girls, "Get 2 inflatable dolls, these guys are too drunk to notice". During the walk home one guy says to the other, "I think my girl was dead, she never moved or made a sound". The second guy says, "well I think my girl was a witch". "Why do you think that", asked the first guy. "Well, I bit her on the arse and then she flew out the window".
  3. It Takes a Worried Man..... a British TV sitcom. Broadcast from October 1981 to November 1983.
  4. Excessively concerned with minor details...you say pedantic, she who must be obeyed says I have a severe case of OCD
  5. Oh all right Brian, men & women are.... then. Argumentative.
  6. Interesting, not seen one of those before. Love the "Dazzle" paint job.
  7. Don't think there are many of them in the UK at present !! Reasons to be cheerful part 3....(Ian Dury)
  8. The landing at the top of the staircase.
  9. Brighter Homes Exhibition. Don't seem to see them nowadays.
  10. Daily Express. A good newspaper in Beaverbrook days.
  11. ....Social Club (TV show 1974-1977).
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