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  1. Gold Leaf...an old Player's brand of cigarette.
  2. Had many a flight on a Britannia. Going on holiday years ago. Cosford have a nice specimen outside. By the way, Alan, you look a bonny bugger in your dad's arms.
  3. "I Wanna Tell You a Story" from "Fings Ain't Wot They Used T'Be" Max Bygraves 1960
  4. Guy Ritchie's latest comedy/action movie.
  5. ....Twisted Wheel, Manchester all nighter live music venue from the early sixties. Had some great weekends there.
  6. I take it you are a Transformers fan, Alan ?
  7. Everything fine thanks, Brian. Been painting the Kitchen from 02.30 hrs while it's not needed. All ready for when she who must be obeyed gets up. Supermarine Scimitar.
  8. .......on a promise. Isn't memory wonderful.
  9. Type of wood plane...Spokeshave. Lovely photo, Brett. A gorgeous aircraft. I was lucky enough to have a ride in one many years ago, down at Fairford.
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