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  1. Birch, Thrashing...Mmm, brings back memories of Boarding School.
  2. A welcome arrival, all be it some what overdue. Cheers for the HU Joe.
  3. Yes, one of the great Vietnam war films and the madness of it all.
  4. .....Trouble at Mill. (Northern Expression)
  5. "Plan 9 From Outer Space" (1959), positively the worst movie ever made and winner of the Golden Turkey award.
  6. Iron Man, one of many Marvel Comic heroes.
  7. The Cure, are an English rock band, formed in 1976.
  8. Black Bombers, Joints & Purple Hearts in my day. Tried them all in my misspent youth, strange thing was they never did anything for me. Folk reckoned it was because I was too Pissed to notice the difference.
  9. Classic UK TV advert....it's frothy man. https://youtu.be/tvo2Hddqg3I
  10. Have you noticed how the years seem to speed up once you pass 40 ? Scary stuff, hey. Have a good one Steph.
  11. Have yet to encounter anything that is really harmless, under close scrutiny.
  12. One of my favourite (favorite) movies, Predator (1987). The original with Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  13. Hotel Chocolat...overpriced but very nice.
  14. Mac Fisheries, which I think I am right in saying was the first retail chain (Fishmonger) supermarket in UK. 1918-1979.
  15. Enough said. also the title of a 2013 US Drama.