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  1. Comedy of Errors....I was a bit slow off the mark there Joe.
  2. More concerned with my PSA readings these days. Hopefully old age will kill me before it does. Trials & Tribulations.
  3. Thats four times the price I paid for my first house back in 1971.
  4. Usually have to take one of those to the Diabetic Clinic each year.
  5. Earwigs, a curious insect with the scientific name, Demaptera.
  6. Russ Conway...1957-63 pop pianist. Died in 2000.
  7. Very true Brian. A great TV series that ran from 1971 until 1993, produced by Johnnie Hamp. The Comedians.
  8. Political life seems to be devoid of common sense these days.
  9. Brown Owl, commonly found in woodlands across much of Eurasia.
  10. Two or more Brigades may constitute a Division.
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