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  1. dolf8857

    Misty route

    Looks real nice indeed!
  2. dolf8857


    Another nice one!
  3. Nice ones Jury, remarkable plane, got a picture of a real one once made, I'll see if I still can find it
  4. >Great shots these Alan, Heidi don't came along?
  5. Great shots indeed, looks like fun and peacefull enjoying the views, never tried myself. Thanks for the link
  6. dolf8857

    still Majestic

    Very nice set again Wayne, burning to get mine out of the hangar, but can't find the time yet, been reading the manuals between.
  7. Very nice views again Jury!
  8. Amazing shots Wayne!
  9. Thanks Matt, Checking out the manuals for shure and fly it if I can find the time
  10. Thanks Joe, coudn't be better: The Dash 8 delivered in my hangar Throwed out some old rusty metal to make place
  11. dolf8857


    Great shots Wayne!
  12. dolf8857

    Next France

    Thanks for commenting guys!