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  1. dolf8857

    Connie Sunset

    Fantastic shot Jim!
  2. All amazing shots these Jury!
  3. dolf8857

    Navy Falcon

    Looks great, lovely shots either JK!
  4. dolf8857

    A bit South

    Thanks Jim and Wayne, made another trip down there
  5. Thanks JG, using Rex Sky Force 3D
  6. That bourbon sounds good, set of nice shots Alan!
  7. They all look great Jury!
  8. dolf8857

    Connie Cruise

    Wow nice one Jim!
  9. dolf8857

    A bit South

    Seychelles with JF Arrow Warming up here while snowing outside, bumpy 'tween these thunderstorms felt like drunk
  10. You know if these reflection profiles work without using Tomatoshade?