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  1. SkyForce = Weather engine + Textures Environment Force= Environment tweaking while in-sim, let the weather changing fade. Able to comine with PTA or Tomado.
  2. No Jim, it takes care of the environment, working with Skyforce/Rex TD textures, or other like AS... For real weather you need Rex or other weather engine. Kind of a shader program, in-sim tweaking and the automode gives you smooth fading of weather and settings.
  3. dolf8857


    Beauties Jury!
  4. Wow these are nice!
  5. dolf8857


    All nice shots and lovely skins, should maybe install the Stagger again one of these!
  6. dolf8857

    Just three

    Like Joe said, great lighting and gorgeous shots Jury!
  7. Fantastic shots Scott!
  8. See shots in screenshots topic
  9. REX Environment Force in use
  10. Looking great James!
  11. dolf8857

    couple of TBM's

    Gorgeous shots!
  12. Very nice shots Jury!
  13. I'm a user Joe, from the beginning of it, and I can tell, I won't NEVER fly without it no more! Once you get used to it... Most interesting benefits are the real time tweaking and the weather smoothing wich make the look of weather like never before in auto mode. Best using a weather engine for smoothing so there's no more sudden changes in the weather, you get a nice fading. No need to tweak for hours and hours, just take some time in the beginning to make settings the way to your likings for the sim while in manual mode, make a couple of test flights, you can make some more finetuning in the mini UI panel. My settings on the main UI are mostly default and did some tweaks in the "In-sim panel" Then save my preset and all is set for next (Auto or manual) flights. I even combine PTA, a few things but let EF do the greatest part.
  14. dolf8857


    Thanks Joe . . . Wayne hey where do I this name from?
  15. dolf8857


    Thanks guys!
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