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  1. See: https://www.timescolonist.com/business/island-helicopter-will-get-russian-piggyback-ride-to-chile-1.23599615 Also: https://www.cheknews.ca/large-russian-aircraft-arrives-in-victoria-to-piggyback-island-helicopter-to-chile-525393/ Quite the sight, seeing this monster landing on RWY 27 - 6998 X 200 ft. Cheers, March
  2. We've been having some extreme weather events in parts of BC recently. Lots of snow! Yech! Travel Services has issued a travel warning due to snowfall and bad road conditions. They suggest that anyone traveling in the current icy conditions should ensure they have the following: Shovel Blankets or sleeping bag Extra clothing including hat and gloves 24 hours worth of food De-Icer Rock Salt Flashlight with spare batteries Road Flares or Reflective Triangles Full gas Can First Aid Kit Booster cables I looked like an idiot on the bus this morning.
  3. Agree with @allardjd on the DuckDuckGo search engine. It is one of the choices in the Brave list of search engines. Yes, I do use a paid version (Pro) of CCleaner. Thanks Joe, I'll look into Vivaldi
  4. There's a new kid on the block - called "Brave". It's a browser that is very similar to Chrome but cuts out all (or most of) the advertising and tracking that we're saddled with on Google. Unfortunately, it isn't friendly to MH. It does strange things if you try to reply to a post. Too bad because I'm always looking to get rid of things that track my activities - I do nothing nefarious, just the principal of the thing. So, it's back to the VPN and Google Browser for me.
  5. Thanks All, I got ORBX FTX working again with absolutely no help from their "forums" - yikes! - they're unpleasant to deal with. So if this happens again I should be able to use the Airport Elevations Correction. Meanwhile, problem solved with a reinstall of ORBX and the new P3Dv4.3. I also notice that there is a P3Dv4.4 just out, I believe two days ago. I've downloaded it and I'll give it a whirl with the ORBX scenery.
  6. @Wain, @hlminx, tomjon24 You're absolutely right. The culprit was ORBX. Got my problem solved yesterday evening by dumping the whole Orbx scenery directory. Then ORBX FTX-Central went South. It loads, but I can't log in. There is a pop-up that asks you to send the ftx log file to them - and - no URL or instruction for where to send it. I sent it off to their P3d forum. If past performance is any indicator, it will be a while before I'm using ORBX scenery again. There's no "support" address. Just the forums. I did a clean re-install of P3Dv4.3 along with removing ORBX and the problem has disappeared. I've got the stock KSEA scenery back - two runways. But, at least you can land on them.
  7. Have a wonderful holiday. Football or FSX? Hit the TOGO on that third helping of turkey.
  8. Thanks for posting that JA, Who knows? I didn't think they still let kids into the cockpit. That was always a major thrill for me when I was a kid. Mostly DC3's Viscounts and 707's in those days. Joe may be right and it's just a spoof, but fun to watch. March
  9. I don't know the answer to that question. In any case. I've checked FSX and P3Dv3 - neither of them have the problem. I think they're both 32 bit software and I doubt they will run on the 64 bit platform that P3Dv4 runs on. I could be wrong. I'm not knowledgeable in that area. Cheers, March
  10. Thanks JG, I'm afraid I'm coming to the same conclusion. I just hope this is confined to the one airport (wishful thinking). Adds a whole new aspect to the term "alternate". I do think I'll get involved with the P3D Forum and see if I can get the ball rolling to solve this problem. First thing is to load P3Dv3 and try that. Maybe it's just the 64 bit scenery that is broken. I do know that KSEA works fine in FSX as I've used the stock scenery for years. That said, there's less and less need for the stock scenery as our processors and especially our SSDs improve. Cheers, March
  11. Went on a tour today, testing a new WX Radar unit in my Lear 25. I flight planned IFR from CYYJ to KSEA. When I broke out of the clag (remember this is a WX Radar test, so nasty WX) at approx. 1000' ASL on the ILS for 16C, I was presented by the most unusual sight: KSEA had great big hills at right angles to the runway(s). There was maybe 500 feet of runway, then a monster hill, then another 500' of runway, etc, etc. Needless to say, the TOGA button got used and I was out of there. I flew back to CYVR, landed and shut down the SIM. I thought it was a simple matter of rebooting, reloading and give it another try. But - I decided to check out KSEA before launching. I set the active at KSEA as my departure point and reloaded P3Dv4 and the Lear. Nope! There's like a fifty foot hill not 100' in front of the A/C nose. I'm just getting back into this after a year off and I had reloaded the latest version of P3Dv4. I did not reload the Scenery and the Content, just the Client. Hoping to solve the problem, I downloaded new Scenery files Then I uninstalled the suspect Scenery Files with M/S Programs and Features, shut down UAC, shut down Windoze Defender and NOD32 and re-installed the Scenery. Same thing - hills across the runways at KSEA. Thinking it might be related to the third party (Extreme Prototypes) Lear, I shut down the Scenario, exited P3D, then reloaded the SIM with the P3D Stock Maule on the same departure point. Same thing - big hill! Sorry I can't post pictures. I did capture a few from the ground - I was too shocked to remember Cntl-V or whatever gets you a screenshot from the cockpit. However, I don't have a third party picture host anymore, so no piccies. Anyone else using P3Dv4.3 (see edit notes) and stock scenery? If so, I'd appreciate it if you would load KSEA and report back. I'm cringing at the thought of going to Prepared's forum for a solution. I may just reload ORBX and forget the whole thing. Cheers, March PS: I can PM the pics if anyone is interested.
  12. Solution: I have no idea what caused this. I've had the same monitor for over a year. Found this on FlightSim - see: https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/showthread.php?297754-Mouse-scroll-wheel-not-working-properly The second reply post (from aallan) is the fix. I'm using the excuse that it was probably time to do a bit of housecleaning in FSX - but I've got my work cut out for me reloading all the stuff It took me all morning to unload. Keep the shiny side "UP". March
  13. Update: I'm still in deep doo doo on this issue. I completely unloaded FSX per the PMDG methodology. Reinstalled FSX Gold and started from scratch. This means EVERYTHING. Xml files, Cfg files Ini files. Exe files, directories, sub-directories, weather add-ons, traffic add-ons, ATC add-ons, Add-on add-ons, Track IR, ...........you name it - it's gone (with suitable backups, of course). Same problem - radios and other widgets that tune with the mouse wheel don't work. Things on the radios that are clickable, such as the "UP" and "DOWN" keys on the autopilots all work as they should. All things outside of FSX that use the mouse wheel also work just fine. P3Dv3 and v4 work fine. Radios tune. Yikes! Maybe it is time to send FSX out to pasture. Got some good airplanes in there though.
  14. Thanks JA, I use FSUIPC4 (in FSX and P3Dv3) for all control mapping. As far as I can see all is well with the various xml, cfg and ini files present and accounted for. Interesting thing - P3Dv3 (yes, I still have it around) and P3Dv4 all work fine. It's only the mouse wheel stuff in FSX that doesn't work - any knob tuning is dead. The mouse wheel works in the "zoom" function, as when I hold down the shift key and roll the mouse wheel to zoom in or out.
  15. I probably need an education in the art of searching the archives. I tried numerous methods of searching for a solution to my problem and all result in a billion hits for "Radio" or "tune" or "won't". Rats! Here's my problem: Had to change out my hard drive so I had a 1TB SSD cloned with the contents of my old HDD drive - this is the drive that contained (contains) FSX. Added to that it has been a year since I used the software (health issues, thankfully behind me for the time being). So I go to fire up my trusty Beaver and immediately notice that the special gauges (Aerosoft DHC-2) are missing from the panel - empty holes. Strange. OK - deal with that later. Obviously some reference missing somewhere. No time for that now. Change aircraft - why not the Stock FSX C172? All seems to be in good nick - all gauges present and accounted for and in their traditional locations. Fire up the rascal and start my pre-taxi litany - tune ATIS......wait! Tuning knobs don't do anything. Clicking on the digital numbers doesn't do anything. Whisky Tango Foxtrot! Reboot FSX - same problem Reboot computer then FSX - same problem. Delve into the guts of the panel.cfg file and the aircraft.cfg file - all as it should be. Next stop is to check out Appdata\yada\yada\yada - configuration files present and accounted for - all seems to be in order. During the process I noticed a few other things; nothing is tunable. The DG isn't moveable, the OBS on the VOR does nothing, the Kollsman window doesn't change on the Altimeter. ??? Any ideas??? March