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  1. Nice paint job Jim what scenery is shown in the 1st shot
  2. Hi Has any one had experience of this after I have downloaded and run/selected this programme. All Cooling Towers Stacks and wind Turbines instead of being concrete colours are Black The smoke effects are working the power pylons are fine as so are the power stations It's just Cooling towers. Stacks (chimneys) and Wind Turbines that are solid black in colour I would put in a screen shot but I can't see how to Cheers in advance Mike
  3. Sorry to hear of the loss of your dad my sympathies go with you and your family
  4. Thanks Yes I had the file but did not know where to put it Thanks to you and Jaydor It is now in Fsx
  5. Thanks for the info I've a spare XP comp and I am toying with using it for running my add-ons with my main fsx machine Cheers Mike
  6. Yoy have google translate It does work
  7. mickrick

    Hints and tips

    Yes the first time I used it the sound almost blew my eyes out lol!
  8. Hi Can some please help I have the Alabeo Tomahawk!(It can happen with other aircraft also) When I use the tool bar at the top of flight sim (FSX) the sim crashes and starts again straight away Does any one know what causes this and is there a fix Cheers
  9. I have a few of their sceneries If your download speed is poor you can order DVDs at a very good rate (5 dvds 10$ 2 dvds 3or4$ includes p&p throught out the world) I use photographic scenery and theirs seem very frame rate friendly
  10. Hi I am not sure if I am putting this question in the right place I have 2 questions 1 I get something similar to OOM but fsx does not stop working or says that it has a problem It just Restarts, normally if I press the menu bar at the top of fsx 2 I have just downloaded file UIAutomation Core dill but I am told to drag and drop this file into FSX but where do I actually put it (what folder) My rig is Win 7 i5 3 MHz. FSX Hard drive 1tbt. Ganeward 560 TI video card 1gig of ram on board. 8 gig of ram (Not overclocked) Cheers in advance Mike
  11. Nice job 1 question how many computers do you have to run a pit similar to yours Cheers
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