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  1. Hi guys, Been awhile now and just fancied getting back in to the cockpit, I was wondering how to go about setting up online flying, so how would I go about it, please be gentle as I'm not that great with adding programs etc its bad enough installing planes ay times. :o)
  2. thanks guys for your help!! now of to avsim :biggrin:
  3. well after trying all the normal ways again and no joy!! i tryed your way rob and bingo, simple way in the end. have installed again and just about to fly again thanks guys speak soon hopfully with some pics cheers guys andy
  4. hi guys just a quick update, uve not been able to try anything yet due to shift work but hope to try later on today, have tryed the windows remove program but that just dont do anything.. im off to bed now thanks for some tips there guys and sorry its been a while replying Andy
  5. Hi Mutley and all, Have been off the flying game for some time but have had the need for speed again but to my damm horror when starting up fs9 a error message pops up first one is the terrain.cfg and then the scenery.cfg, both say the normaly thing saying missing,corrupt etc please try reinstalling etc. Ive placed the disc 1 in tray and the uninstall option is there but fails todo any thing, went on to progrms and features to remove but after clicking uninstall and granting permisson this to fails to do anything after.. Im totally gutted no flying for me, hope some one can help Somersetflight, Andy
  6. i can remember these fying over my homstead in devon got to be wot 30yrs ago (38 now cough)may this last keep flying Shame we cant tick both in the poll (well thats my veiw)
  7. loved um, really enjoyed ur trip, loved 2nd & 5th real pro shots, living way down south west in tractor land dont see many shots anything more than a 4x4 and a trailer is a god send
  8. Well me third and final entry this month flying over the blue mountains in Oz Good luck every one Andy
  9. great shots as always keep um coming :great:
  10. Using VOZ1.8 Thanks for looking Any comments plz post um Andy
  11. Well another competition is up and running and by judging by the last competition its going to be tough :great: ,and by the entry's already im speachless so im only entering 2 pics for now and the 3rd one later. Good luck Andy
  12. Well done greennk a worthy winner :dance: :great:
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