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  1. Hi John Thanks for getting back on this one. You are correct, my "source" data comes from a flat Navigraph Airport.txt file. Navigraph source their data from Jeppesen. The .txt file data usefulness is limited by being short of at least 2 key fields (MagVar and Region) which as you suggest must reside in another table with a pKey -fKey relationship. Having recently seen what you can do with adding waypoints, I had hoped that I might be able to use MSAccess to identify and format the data needed to update both my FSX and by default Plan-G files. Unfortunately while the available data will certainly reduce the task, it will still be very much a manual exercise. I guess I don't need to find out what the data is but you never know it might be useful. Cheers Doug Weir By the way, after I read your comment on the localizer bearing being off by 2 degrees (2012 information), I downloaded the latest cycle and those values have changed by 3 degrees. During the download process I skimmed through the copyright information and got a bit concerned. I wouldn't want to do anything that would infringe anyone's copyright (I can well imagine the effort that goes in to developing and maintaining the databases and the licence fees paid to access them). So, while it is handy to have the information in a readable and easy to access format it is just as well that it is still a personal manual exercise to update FSX.
  2. Hi JG You are correct. A couple of years ago I linked a MS Access database to a downloaded Navigraph .txt file. I originally created the database:- 1) to keep my brain active and, 2) to create separate hard copy listings of all the airport and runway information within the areas that I normally fly in (Orbx PNW - PFJ - UK). It was really handy to have a comprehensive reference available before I got into the Plan-G world. The image I posted is a MS Word document put together to see if anyone could help me put a name to the 3 data fields in red. Cheers Doug Weir
  3. Hi There I recently received great help here in solving an NDB frequency problem that I experienced. As a result of that help, I have now used John Allard's Waypoint tutorial (thank you John) , to append some of my own W/P's to FSX that I had previously created in Plan-G and also added to the F1 GTN750 (trying to keep everything lined up). This has re-kindled an interest in pulling data from some Navigraph Airport, Navaid and Waypoint .txt files and manipulating them in MS Access to create hard copy reports. Now I can see a potential for using this data to further line up my FSX-Plan-G-GTN750 data. As usual though (for me anyway) this involves learning something new. I have attached some data from the Navigraph Airport .txt file. I have tabled the raw data into what I believe to be the correct column headings. Unfortunately I have no idea at the moment what the data the four columns coloured in red relate to. I would greatly appreciate any help. Edit: (not having a lot of luck inserting an image - will try again) Cheers Doug Weir
  4. Hi Mike Thank you for the welcome. From your comment about Blackpool, I guess things might have changed a bit since my wife and I spent a very nice 7 days there on our honeymoon (1967). Some fond memories, as it was a full on fun filled experience back then for a couple of young small town hicks from the west of Scotland. Cheers Doug Weir
  5. Hi John and Brett As a sort of post script:- I am always reminded that it is usually something I have done (or not done) that causes most of my Flight Sim problems. As a result of your input a light went on and I remembered that I had found and installed R/W MagDev and Waypoint updates a couple of weeks ago (Herve Sors site) . Not really understanding the relationship between R/W data and FSX data and the impact of the disconnect, I went ahead with the install. Probably the root cause of my Blackpool NDB issue! Just a Murphy's Law coincidence that I picked Blackpool at random to plan a flight or I might never have known about it. In the meantime, I have restored the default scenery until I can get my head around where all the navigation related components are looking for their information (FSX, Orbx, ADF, GTN750, Plan-G etc). John, I have been re-reading some of your previous posts re: Waypoints now that I have a better idea/understanding of what you were describing and will play around with trying to edit and insert my own updates into FSX. Must also not forget to go flying. Appreciate all your input. Your approach to providing assistance has reinforced my decision to use Mutley's Hangar to expose my lack of knowledge and air a request for help. Will now feel a lot less anxious about the next one. Cheers Doug Weir
  6. Hi John More thanks and another problem solved. I ran the "Build Navigation Database" button as suggested and now have the Blackpool NDB showing the 420 KHz value. I must add that I have run the database update twice before, 1-When I installed the plan and 2- When I thought I had stuffed something up (not unusual). It must be me and computers. I will take heed of your comments regarding the difference in RW charts and FSX as I think it may have a bearing on some of the issues I have when navigating VOR to VOR especially in the PNW area. But that is another story and perhaps one of my many other questions sometime down the track. Cheers Doug Weir
  7. Hi Brett & John Thank you very much for taking the time to look at this for me. I parked at EGNH and dialled in 420 KHz, worked a treat, so I think that has solved my problem with EGNH. John, I have some of your US airport charts but had previously found and downloaded the all colour, all singing and dancing UK airport and approach charts from the NATS site and have been using them for some time now. Must be more cautious in future. Having sorted out the NDB frequency problem for me though, has lead to a supplementary question regarding the map images you have attached. Are they from Plan-G? I only recently got into using Plan-G v3.1.3 (excellent product) and use the MapQuest OSM map provider, as none of the other Non-Subscription versions appear to work at any zoom level I set for the map. My Plan-G map shows the 318 KHz frequency for BPL as per the plan image below. It also shows the 318 KHz frequency on the NDB icon at the airport. Would you please advise how/where I can access the map you are using. Once again thank you both for your help Doug Weir Edit Not sure how I managed it but I seem to have two map images and am a bit reluctant to try and truncate the link code as I am not sure where the string ends, sorry about that.
  8. Hi John Thanks again for your assistance. Had some sleep, back on the job and can now see the edit button you pointed out. I think the senior moments are increasing. Getting adventurous and using the "Add Reply" button for this response. Cheers Doug Weir
  9. Hi John Thank you for the very prompt response and the welcome. I have had a look at the original post but can't see an edit button. It is now after 1:00 am here, so I think I will wait until the morning before I try to sort it out. Cheers Doug Weir
  10. Hi There I uploaded my first post "NDB Problem", a couple of hours ago and in my state of excitement I pressed the "Post New Topic" button before I pressed the "Preview Post" button and checked the content. If I had done the right thing I would have seen that a table I included got chopped up and spread all over the page, which kind of stuffed up an important part of the information provided regarding the help requested. Would someone please advise me of how I can correct or retract the original post. Apologies for the stuff up Doug Weir
  11. Hi There First, a bit of background. I have been a daily visitor to the Hangar for a few years now. Always enjoy being both informed and entertained in your relaxed and friendly atmosphere. I guess like a lot of simmers who visit, not posting is due to feeling that I haven't had anything of value to contribute to items from your well informed regular posters. I have on the other hand many, many, flight sim questions that I would like answered. So here goes. As a retiree, I am able to spend/waste as much time as I want (depending on point of view) learning what I can about various aspects of the sim. I really enjoy the challenges associated with the flying part (GA only so far), but every bit as immersing, challenging and time consuming is trying to understand and apply the numerous background configuration/operation areas of the sim (FSX settings, aircraft, panel, gauges etc etc). Which leads to the reason for the post. A few days ago I set up a "Plan-G" UK flight from Dundee to Blackpool. The flight terminated with a procedure turn and NDB approach (BPL-318.00) to Rwy10 at Blackpool (EGNH). Unfortunately when I got within range of the airport no signal was picked up by the A/C RMI gauge. I tried twice more (slow learner), flying from different adjacent airports with the same result. To confirm that the RMI gauge was operating OK, I checked out some other UK airports where I have previously used NDB's (EGEO, EGPE, EGPI, EGNS) and I received a signal at all of them. I have gone through the general and scenery forums here (and other sites) looking for a similar issue but no joy. Looking at some Hangar posts I came to the conclusion that the problem/answer might lie in a .bgl file. (Bgl files - a mystery and new learning curve). Found and downloaded some excellent applications that enabled me to locate and view the contents of the related airport .bgl files. I checked the EGNH.bgl file in the FSX scenery folder and the airport contained an NDB Approach Section for Rwy10. The NDB details were also registered in the associated NVX0501.bgl file, so far so good. As I use Orbx UK-Eng-Sco-Wls scenery I also checked the .bgl files in the related Orbx folder and found that the EGNH file in Orbx also contained an NDB Approach Section for Rwy10. I disconnected Orbx scenery and flew to EGNH and received a signal on the RMI gauge. I reconnected the Orbx scenery and once again no signal. I picked EGEO for a cross check and just to complicate things, found something even stranger, as neither "FSX", "Orbx" or "ScotFlight For Orbx" .bgl's had NDB Approach Sections for the airport but I receive a signal there with both FSX and Orbx. I am obviously missing something basic regarding how navaids like NDB's are called/activated and would really appreciate it if someone could point me in the direction of some information that might help me understand what is happening. Some location details for the related airport .bgl files. Airport Developer Area/Folder .Bgl File QMID NDB Appr RMI EGNH - Blackpool FSX 0501 APX47120 9,188,51 Y - R10 Y Orbx Orbx_Eng . .\ADE ._._. EGNH 9,188,51 Y - R10 N EGEO - Oban FSX 0501 APX46110 9,186,47 N Y Orbx Orbx_Sco . .\ADE ._._. EGEO 9,186,47 N Y ScotFlight ScotFlight . .\000_Oban_NorthConnel 9,186,47 N Y Apologies if this seems a bit long winded but not sure how else to describe it. Thank you Doug Weir
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