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  1. thanks a lot i completley uninstalled the lot and there was a lot took,it took a while.the whole thing was just clogged up with freeware.

    anyway have reinstalled what i want back in no freeware and its as smooth as a kitten with performance back to normal.

    thanks again and merry christmas.mick

  2. heyup mutley and everyone sorry havnt been on for a while also havnt been on my sim much recently but am back now.i used to clean every thing out of 2004 every now and to give it a fresh start .it used to run as smooth as a kitten having just started it up it is stuttering and very slow have tried it on low settings and no improvenent.i think over the last year or so i have put so much freeware and payware in that maybe this may be affecting it.

    so what do i do>>>normally i would do a complete uninstall includinding the fs 2004 directory asnd anything else to do with it this will take me quite a while but is the only option i can thik of'

    in the fs 9 file there is loads of rubbish that i do not understand any tips would be welcome.

    have got a good system but just need a bit of advice/

    thanks mick

  3. Translated that means 'it the existing version, before it this version'

    Could it be that you are using an older installer and have updated the add-on and forgotten? If you still get problems contact Shaun at Aerosoft, he's very helpful and should be able to sort you out

    thanks rob i have sorted it.got a free uninstaller off the internet worked a treat.thanks for your help though.regards mick

  4. Hi Mick

    Have you tried running the installer again? Usually there is an option to remove/repair/reinstall the add-on

    thanks rob have tried that but there is nothing on the installer disc to help me.just fsx,fs9 and disc browse.

    when i try to uninstall it from the control panel i get a warning box with german in it,it says--sie die vorhandene version,bevor sie diese version.

    am not very good with the german so went to the aerosoft forum site but got nothing literally.mick

  5. just to add to the above do you think that i may have left the remnants of fs in the files when i have uninstalled it,

    i remember in the past when i tried to reinstall fs 2004 and because i didnt uninstall it correctly i got all sorts of problems.

    anyway i will be back on mon,hope someone may have a solution for me then,regards mick :yikes: :nea: :help::help:

  6. heyup lads its me again,

    i like to uninstall my flight sims and add ons every now and again yhen reinstall them again,

    do it every 3 or 4 months just to clean it up.

    fs global and one of the british airport add ons i cant seem to install back into fs 2004.

    on the uninstall i am sure i remove everything from my computer including the fs folders which i know can cause problems if you dont.

    fs global and british airports do install into the computer but dont go into the actual flight simmainly fs 2004,they work fine in fsx,

    on fs 2004 i go to the settings then to the scenery library and there is nothing there.it used to be when i first installed it though.as i said fsx is no problem.

    when i was using vista this problem never occured,only since i have been using windows 7.

    also i got the fly tampa st maartin and it is brilliant in fsx,but when i install it in 2004 it looks like the scenery is in 2 layers and it does my head in.

    off away for a few days so please dont think i am being rude not answering any off you straight away.

    well done mutley and everyone for a fantastic site.regards mick :yikes:

  7. hi again on the above add on i have a little problem,when i am taxiing it is very hard to turn.

    went outside the plane and on closer inspection noticed the nose wheel had some kind of clamp on it.

    what is it?and how do i get rid of it?thanks again regards mick

  8. I think, IIRC, there was an issue using with the ATC when using Traffic 2005 and Vista. ATC would be giving you commands, but you wouldn't be able to hear them. Have a check on the JF website to see if there is a fix/further help on the T2005 website

    thanks rob will look into it,decided to install traffic 2005 again to see what would happen and i got the atc sounds back.very crappy and i dont like them.

    traffic 2005 is great but i probably wont use it because of the rubbish sound i get from atc.the default is much clearer.

    thanks again mick

  9. hi all installed traffic 2005 into fs 2004 the other day didnt like the atc so uninstalled it thinking i had done somthing wrong.before i did this again i checked 2004 to make sure it was ok,to my dismay there was no default atc sound,all the aircraft and othe stuff was ok .anyway i uninstalled all my add ons and 2004 and reinstalled them and it worked perfect just a pain having to uninstall and reinstall.

    thought i would try traffic 2005 again and guess what its done iy again.

    works ok in fsx so why am igetting this problem with 2004 atc?

    is there somthing i can just click to correct it?instead of going through the uninstall install procedure?

    do i need one of them fsuicp things in?any help would be welcome.regards mick

  10. whats that ddavid?not that clued up with it.

    these specs have been recommended to me,i didnt do them myself.

    was going to buy my mates acer predator off him but have been told i can do a lot better performance wise and maybe cheaper.regards mick

  11. hi all as u may have noticed in my recent posts am not very good with computers,but am learning slowly.

    what do you reckon to these specs for my potential new machine,for fs2004 and maybe fsx.







    what do you think lads,sounds like egyptian to me.

    thanks in advance,regards mick

  12. hi all been looking at this series of computers for a while now hence my earlier post ref the radeon graphic card.

    a friend of mine is selling his predator g7200 very cheap and i am about to snap it up.dont think its a year old yet but he needs the cash and i like the machine.

    he doesnt use the flight sims at all but reckons this machine would run them without any problem,especially fsx.

    was looking at some of these predator computers and they start at about 900 quid and upwards,i know people will say that it would be better to have one custom built ar whatever,personally i wouldnt know where to start.

    i love the shape of this computer and have heard a lot of good reviews about it and also some bad ones.

    the computer i am using now is fantastic for running fs 2004 on just about full settings,but struggles on low to medium on fsx,still playable but i want better.

    as i said i am about to snap this computer up as it his almost half the price of a new one,and i am biting at the bit.

    what do you reckon about this computer running fsx,and what do you think of the machine in general?

    thanks for reading mick

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