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  1. welcome to the forum goober and longbeard like you i am in my later years not too old though,have had a lot of help from people on this forum over the past months.love the sims and i too thought the GPS system was a very difficult thing to learn and at times nearly gave up with it.once you know it is quite simple to use,easy to say that now i suppose.when i first started with the FMC i thought oh my god!but i plodded on and with the help of this forum and plenty swotting i think i have sussed it.good luck and dont give up.regards mick
  2. thanks very much mutley you are a star.i am a bit likr frank spencer when it comes to anything like this even though some would find it easy to,thanks for your reply and bearing with me.mick
  3. just one point mutley,as you have gathered i am not very good with this computer lark.this download you gave me have got the page is it the one at the top left as i have been looking for the fsuipc v3.85.just want to be sure.regards mick
  4. thanks again mutley that worked ok,however i hav`nt done the download yet as i will have to bring the computer to this internet socket will do it tomorrow on my day off ,will that still be ok?as kieran said above about the problems with add ons i also get a similar problem with fsx,the add on is 737 PIC on a few occasions it crashes and the message that follows is microsoft flight sim as stopped working please go on line to fix,or similar words to that.would this be the same kind of thing mutley.as i have said before i do not have my games computer on line,so tomorrow is going to be a first.h
  5. thanks very much mut will do that,what would i do without this forums help?regards mick
  6. hi everyone its me again with another problem,decided to uninstall fs2004 which i origanally installed with the express version and reinstalled it with the compact version.all loaded ok then i got this message, the version of fs2004 detected is not compatable with this version of FSUIPC it is build 9.01.40901 you need the correct version of fs2004 the build should be 9.00 30612 whatever that means i do not know,wish i had left it alone now also get similar messages when i install add ons.wont work at all now.as i have said in earlier posts i dont have my games computer on line ever could
  7. mick

    new graphic card

    thanks martinw have been doing a bit of homework,looking at a few graphic cards now including mutleys 8800gts,someone as also recommended me the ati 4850.alas the problem i have now is this cpu thing that everyone seems to be on about.am going to pop down the computer shop this weekend with all my computer specs and potential graphic cards and see what they have say.i just hope they tell me in laymans terms and don`t baffle me with science.thanks mick
  8. mick

    new graphic card

    thanks very much mutley that is what i will do.regards mick
  9. mick

    new graphic card

    hi everyone my boss as given us 100 pounds for christmas bonus and i would like to invest in a new graphic card.after reading a post from jps on another thread and like him would prefer your advice.i am not clued up with computers so bear with me.my present card is geforce 7050 i don`t know wether that is good or bad however i can run fs2004 on just about full settings with a decent framerate.for me i am quite pleased with it but i want more if you know what i mean.fsx i can only run on low to medium settings which i suppose is to be expected.i could look over the net for a new card but have k
  10. everything up and running now thanks for your help kieran.just one little thing thats annoying me now is i cannot install the liverys on the 737 ng 600 700,i do what the instructions say with the disc in the drive it tells me the livery i have chosen is installed but when i go to the sim to choose the aircraft theres nothing there only the air france one.not a great problem as i can still use the 737 ng sim but would just like a change in livery.just to say thanks very much to everyone for helping me over the last 2 3 month,and wish you all a happy christmas and new year.regards mick
  11. thanks kieran you are a star.mick
  12. hi again thought i would have a change from my usual fsx and have a go with fs9,i clicked the icon to start it but the sim won`t start it normally works straight away but havnt used it for a while.disc 4 is in the drive i just get a message saying scenery not complete,i press the continue but the message stays and i cant get the sim to work and have to restart the computer to clear it.any way i decided to uninstall it and reinstall it again the prpblem i have now is i can`t uninstall it,went to control panel selected fs9 selected uninstall nothing happens.i seem to get loads of bad luck with t
  13. thanks rosariomanzo your tip worked finally got the safe mode and installed in minutes.thanks for your help regards mick
  14. thanks rosariomanzo for your time,have tried to do what you said turned the firewall off after looking for it for ages,was1nt sure about the reboot.the problem i have got is i am not very good with these things,i am ok turning the computer on and off and putting the occasional disc in the drive.am just worried that i might do somthing wrong.will look through the forum you told me about,thanks very much again.mick
  15. just as i thought it loaded into this computer in minutes,least i know it works ok looks great too.just need to get it on my vista system now as this computer i am on now is rubbish.regards mick
  16. tried that no joy will have to wait till that website opens again,am very frustrated now as i was really looking forward to fly this sim.do you think i should be connected to the net while loading it by any chance.told my wife i bet it would load up no problem on this computer as it is windows xp.anywat thanks again.regards mick
  17. thanks kieran and thanks very much rosariomanzo will give that a try,will get back to u when i have tried it.if i dont get any luck will try that website when it opens again.thankyou very much.regards mick
  18. thanks rosariomanzo for the swift reply not up to this computer lark could you just explain that execute admin you wrer saying in simple terms.stiil loading but nothing as moved.thanks very much for your time.mick
  19. hi everyone its me again with a problem.i love the 737 sims especially pilot in command.ordered the 737 ng 600/700 from amazon got it today,could`nt wait to load it.anyway went through all the set up procedure and it seemed to be loading ok,the damned thing is still loading but the bar is still in the same position.fs9 is installed and works great.my system is vista could this be the problem.i also use my computer as a stand alone for my sims never been on the internet.could this be the problem?been loading now for hours.please help an old man who is like a big kid.regards mick
  20. problem in fs2004 works ok in fsx.mick
  21. hi all really getting the hang off the 737PIC nowm including the waypoints,however when i turn the auto pilot on the rudders start flapping like hell which gives a really erratic simulation.after a while it stops and all is back to normal.on the default planes no problem at all just the 737PIC.anyone got any ideas.regards mick
  22. mick

    flight sims

    thanks very much allardjd that works fine,thanks martin that also will be a great help for me,must have taken ages to type that out.thanks very much regards mick
  23. thanks rosariomanzo will give that a try.regards mick
  24. hi everyone first i will apologise for changing the subject on the CAPTAIN SIM 707 thread.i am currently learning the PIC PILOT IN COMMAND sim.think i am sussing the waypoints as i explained on the other thread.the manual with this sim is very brief as some of you will know,but a lot simpler than a340 professional.my problem is it says in the manual to pick a 3 digit way point fix,this is what is bugging me.where are they?for example if i am going to heathrow i use the waypoint LINDY to the left off the airport lining me up with runway 9L.i load this into the cdu and it accepts it,i then type
  25. thanks kieran can already do that bit,the part i am stuck with is when i am asked to enter a 3 digit waypoint.for example if i am flying to TNCM about 10 miles away is the the boper waypoint.on the gps sysyem you can just click and drag,but with this system you have to programme it,hence it asks for a 3 digit waypoinin some cases i can type in 5 didits and it will accept them.doing my head in.off to brugges for a few days to give my brain a rest.regards mick
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