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  1. I treated both episodes like a world cup final, loads of nibbles and never moved! Best..... Phil
  2. I sat down in front of the computer screen for 4 hours today and I just couldn't leave it, something I would never, ever do, but why? Because I was watching the Virtual Air Tatto. It should have been Fairford this weekend but obviously, that's not happening. Instead the organizers have put together 2 x 4 hour programs, visiting, the pilots, their aircraft, their bases and loads of other stuff including bits of last years show. It's really laid back, albeit that it's led by and RAF Group Captain, ex Phantom and Tornado pilot. I'm sure a lot here would love it, if you don't get th
  3. A chap on a tractor drove past today, he was shouting "it's the end of the world", "it's the end of the world". I think it was Farmer Geddon!
  4. An excellent site - Thank you
  5. A lovely set of photos, I enjoyed them thanks, where is that please? Phil
  6. Philmurfin


    Hello, Does anyone know of a modern version of a trike for P3d please, I'm still using the AirCreation trike from fsx, running it in P3d. I do use Ant's Drifter and it's very good but I would prefer to use something that's more common in the UK. Thanks Phil
  7. I downloaded this yesterday and flew it last evening, I'm enjoying the photoscenery however, I turn off the buildings and trees. to me they don't improve anything.
  8. Re blowin in the wind, they reckon it's all to do with global warming. Don't forget, "the times they are a changin".
  9. A rather ‘frustrated’ woman went to the supermarket to try to take her mind off her overly erotic thoughts. As she moved through the aisles she saw bananas and apples and so many things that made her recall rather than forget her erotic mood. She ended up buying far more than she needed. When she arrived at the checkout there was a young man packing bags. As he packed her bags his muscles gleamed under the fluorescent lights and she could make out the contours of his fit body under his tight T-shirt and trousers. She could hardly control herself. After she paid she asked
  10. With all the politics going off in Spain recently, it reminded me of an occasion years ago when I went to spend a penny. On the wall in front of where I stood someone had scribed " Free Baader Meinofff" below it someone else had scribed " with every packet of cornflakes"
  11. A well respected doctor had sex with one of his female patients and felt guilty all day long. No matter how much he tried to forget about it, he just couldn't. The guilt and sense of betrayal of his patient was overwhelming. But every once in a while, he'd hear an internal, reassuring voice in his head that said: "Don't worry about it. You aren't the first medical practitioner to have sex with one of his patients and you won't be the last. And you're single. Just let it go." But, invariably, another voice in his head would bring him back to reality, whispering: "You're a veterinarian".
  12. This is a story of a man who worked at the post office. His job was to process all mail items that had illegible addresses. One day a letter came to his desk, addressed, in shaky handwriting, to God. He thought, "I better open this one and see what it's all about." So he opened it and it read: "Dear God, I am an 83-year-old widow living on a very small pension. Yesterday someone stole my purse. It had a hundred dollars in it which was all the money I had until my next pension check." "Next Sunday is Easter, and I had invited two of my friends over for dinner. Without that money
  13. My neighbour still has a milkman, he gets his milk delivered about half five every morning, too expensive for me!
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