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  1. http://www.nbcnews.com/video/nightly-news/53461411#53461411
  2. I went down to see the ferry on the beach at Folkestone back in 87, that was pretty impressive. No trains that day either.
  3. Noddy

    The Bucc

    They were truly a great aircraft.
  4. Noddy


    Somehow I don't think we will being saying the same about the latest aircraft, they have no soul.
  5. Thanks guys and as far as I know both are real world schemes.
  6. Noddy


    Got to love those highly polished skins.
  7. Yes it is from Carenado. Andy
  8. Lovely series of shots, so did you change your pants after that!
  9. Noddy

    One D17

    Yep a lovely shot.
  10. Noddy


    Can't say I noticed any problems, just to busy looking at a thing of beauty
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