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  1. Welcome to the 'Hangar' and thanks. The hangar is full of help and advice if ever you need it! And many more friends for a good banter.
  2. Maybe I should of explained in a bit more detail about joining the Hells Angels Chopper Gang!
  3. My families prayers go out to all affected by this terrible accident
  4. Hi dj, If you're looking for short hauls then look for an area that has a lot of nearby airports (obviously) the more nearby the more jobs generated! If you want long haul then you need a base with a long enough runway. Just look for an area you like and hunt around for a base that you can afford every month and still have spare cash for fuel / damage repairs etc. Good look with the AH addiction! Glen
  5. Hi Bobby, It never was a game! Hehehe what does you're wife know about FSX and AH? These could be real! And it sure beats moaning about your bad day in the office! Its my virtual business. Ok the money isn't in my bank but I'll live! Glen
  6. are you sure Mutley?Glen
  7. Welcome to mutleys. Where exactly have you installed FSX? Somewhere on Mutleys forum I recall that you should install FSX outside the windows installation (eg, another hard drive) as the installation in the program files conflicts with windows permissions I believe.
  8. Happy retirement Gera! You forgot the important 2 ........ 1 - Turn the alarm clock off! 2 - Sleep in! Hope to see your adventures on here soon! Glen
  9. Lol I've now got a huge bald spot from head scratching and tearing my hair out! Thanks again guys its better to have 'many cooks to prepare the broth' in times like this as one may come up with the last thing you would never of thought and that would be the answer! (If you get my strange ramble?) Again thanks all.
  10. Alan your modelling expertise never fails to blow me away (sorry not that kind of modelling, the aircraft and vehicles type!) Hehehe Glen
  11. She's a beaut Alan! Looks very stealthy! For a 60's moulding it still looks fantastic.
  12. Hi guys, Just an update to let you all know my pc is now running sweet and I found the problem. Believe it or not it was my power lead! I could jiggle it about where it plugs into the psu. I replaced it with a new one which is a tight fit and hey presto starts first time no sudden cut outs and runs and runs! Thanks for all your thoughts and help on my strange (computer) problem! I was beginning to suspect my new psu! Thanks again M.H'ers Ps, so next time anyone suspects gremlins 'in' the pc don't forget cables outside the pc too!
  13. Space saving foldable aircraft test results are in and .... Its not a good idea!
  14. Well fans of baseball wear their caps back to front, I'm a fan of aircraft and wear mine back to front!!!
  15. Hi guys, Sorry to jump back to a past post, but, as I may recall do rescue heli's drop a winch that they usually let touch the ground to discharge any static electricity before they winch onboard? If that is true then maybe that was the cause of the ill-fated hindenburg? Sorry if I seem ignorant in the facts! Glen
  16. Hi all, @Britfrog the possibility of running vehicles via electric cables under the road surface would be possible but how many government officials are getting under the table payments from petroleum companies to stop this from happening? It wouldn't take much engineering to get from this - www.amazon.co.uk/gp/feature.html?ie=UTF8&docId=1000449663 to the drive by electric wire idea. And on a side note would make battling crime in the far future easier ( cutting/reducing power to sections of the road to stop speeding vehicles/get away drivers)? All getting blade runner here I need to lay down in a dark room! Glen
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