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  1. Awesome set of shots. I love the cloud shadows in the second one.
  2. Looking very good.
  3. Is that the freeware Mister X6 KPHX airport.
  4. I wonder if there any compatibility issues with other third part add ons like i have Aerosoft EGLL and Pilot Plus Southampton
  5. Not sure to be honest, i have Navigraph and got the subscription to their charts recently so will take a look. And its good to know there is a fellow Wigan pilot on here too.
  6. Looks great and i will be adding this to my fleet thank you.
  7. I have X-plane 11 and P3d and both have their pros and cons. XP11 is available as a free demo to download to try it out.
  8. phil white

    sys temp?

    Glad you’ve got it sorted mate.
  9. phil white

    sys temp?

    I have my CPU liquid cooler fans drawing in air from the outside through the radiator as its cool air going through and my case fans are blowing from inside out to get a good circulation and it works for me.
  10. Pushing back at valencia. b738_324 by Philip Whitehead, on Flickr
  11. A nice collection indeed and i will be downloading some of them.
  12. Have you uploaded the liveries to the org forums download section?
  13. Very nice, Zibo mod by any chance?