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  1. Hi Chris I've only just gotten around to installing 2.3, but yes they're working just fine. Curiously the ones I made using your hint on how to get around the bglc lights issue in p3d also work in P3D v2.2. Personally I do think the BGLC type lights we provide for the FSX version of the scenery are nicer though. Hi Ray With that, and guys not playing by the rules and simply taking the google earth images for free..it's certainly a big handicap for us. My heart is in the UK, and it's always been my ambition to make the UK the best scenery in the world. But we're up against it from the start, and it seems very few people are interested in what we've tried to do..despite the poll where everyone said it was what they wanted the majority clearly don't when it comes down to it.
  2. very good. So why not take your illgotten wealth and buy some (pretty good) ES scenery with it
  3. Well, I really don't want to alter the topic of the thread with legalities that have nothing to do with ES or the scenery being discussed, I promise you there is no free data source for aerial imagery in the UK. That's a fact and I'll leave it at that. At least the flag is appropriate
  4. I can guarantee that the data used in that is being used illegally. It's their look out whoever it is, and I won't be telling on them, but if the suppliers find out they'll jump on them without mercy.
  5. Hey Kev Impressive! That's by no means everything we do of course, and it's all those manual interventions a list like that can't express that make all the difference to quality and take most of the time and effort. We also have a good few processing steps beyond those too...but you clearly have dabbled in the subject quite a bit and have a very good grasp of what's involved. BTW , there are 16, 869 photo tiles & 366,732 Autogen tiles. edit: Something else I just thought to add as some extra food for thought, is..try to forget for a minute that this is a fully accurate and 3D populated simulation of the Uk..and think of it purely in mapping terms. I can say with utter confidence that the data we have created in order to make the scenery is far far more detailed and accurate than any other. Giants such as Google, or even our own Ordnance survey, or any other mapping entity you care to mention have nothing approaching the detail and accuracy we're providing for our little simulator. Let alone as a living world you can explore in real time 3D graphics. So I do think our work and the work of FS scenery creators in general is sometimes underrated for the marvel that it actually is. We all seem so used to amazing technology these days ( often freely available) that we've forgotten what it was like just a decade ago.
  6. Hi Brit Yes... I think that could be a good idea, Thanks.... but will take a bit of putting together. I'll do that though and likely add it as an article on the ES website in the next day or so. I'll let you know when it's posted.
  7. Hi Loic You're OK, I left my buns at the door ..There will be a number of reasons and possibilities for why the scenery you refer to is free. Firstly unless you have a very wealthy and generous benefactor giving his time and money, then the source data must be freely available in the first instance. Or it has been used and distributed illegally is another possibility as Aerial imagery always belongs to somebody. The US does have free data...but that is not the case in the UK. Source data is expensive here, and is so expensive that no individual could afford to buy it. So we ( ES) must approach the data supplier and negotiate a licence fee for the use of the data. This accounts for a full 25% of the asking price. Secondly...I don't imagine that there has been any work done with the source data other than to run it through the resample tool and make very basic photo scenery. There are likely no watermasks, no seasonal changes, no colour corrections, no detailed terrain model and certainly no 3D or detailed airports provided. As you say..each to their own and if detailed scenery with all those things doesn't turn you on sobeit. But if you imagine that anyone struggling to make a living could provide all that for free, and give up the months that an ES scenery takes in man hours to create, and then give it away for nothing, then those imaginary people obviously don't need to eat. Hi Brit Thanks for your thoughtful contribution. Again I can appreciate that it's each to their own. But I'd have to question the use of a poll for the reason that we have created this last product ( PhotoGenESis & AutoGenESis) in response to that exact thing. If you visit our helpdesk you'll see that the top 3 most requested things have been : no 1 : ESI support for Prepar3D Installations no 2 : Add 3D Buildings to the UK national photographic scenery no 3 : Professional edition of UK photographic scenery at 30cm per pixel resolution All three of which we have supplied with this release ( or at least started to supply). We do ( honestly) listen to our customers and go to great lengths to try to please our users. we're just physically incapable of creating anything without it being as good as we can make it. Believe me I've tried to say "oh that'll do" and I just can't do it. We indeed very likely are our own worst enemies.
  8. That'd mean you were flying at 1,530 kmh in order to cross this scenery in that time. If you're going that fast Corsair you don't need scenery...you need a nappy!
  9. Very nice pics John, Thank you for posting them So you can see a direct comparison of the 60cm GenX version V's the 60cm PhotoGenESis, I just took these pics of where the two meet for you Brit.
  10. If I may Joe, Vikki and I would like to offer some perspective on pricing, so that our users can appreciate a little more clearly how it is that we come to the figures, and why it is they couldn't possibly be less than we ask. We want to be as open and transparent as possible and have people understand. Whilst we also completed the first area of Autogenesis, and much of the time was spent in R&D perfecting the techniques that we will use going forwards, we've spent a full 9 months on the development of the first area. Future areas will not take as long, and we're banking on there being enough interest in those to make it a viable venture. However...let's look at some figures. Taking the photogenesis area as £29.99 rrp. Immediate deductions are as follows Royalty to data supplier @ 25% = £7.50 Tax due to VAT @20% = £6.00 Given back in ES credits @ 5% = £1.50 Total subtractions = £15.00 Amount we get per sale = £14.99 I've ignored manufacturing costs and any time spent on supporting the products going forwards.Then of course we must pay personal tax and corporation tax, but I'll also ignore those too for the purpose of this explanation.These things do of course.all bite into our £14.99 profits but I don't want to over complicate it.. So now let's imagine Vikki and I were eligible for the UK minimum wage of £6.31 per hour and we were working a 40hr week ( quite an underestimate of the reality, but let's just imagine) Together we'd earn in 6mths on a minimum wage £13,124.80. The outcome of these quick calculations shows that we must sell at least 875 copies just to equal the same as we'd get on the UK minimum wage over 6mths. ( not the 9mths we've actually been at it) We hope over time that we'll beat that of course and do a little better than a day job serving at McDonalds , but the massive risk we're taking is that we won't. I hope you'll all understand...We're not complaining, moaning or seeking your sympathies. It's been our own choice to do this, and whilst we're aware of the risks involved we are hopeful it'll all work out in the end. But we thought it might be of interest to your members to get another perspective on what influences our pricing decisions. With Kindest regards Darren & Vikki.
  11. Hi Kev Likewise my reply isn't targeted at you per se, but rather is a general response to anyone who might be led into believing that the products are over priced for what they are. They certainly aren't, and what's more...we can demonstrate it. There are cheap cars, and there are more expensive better cars. The principle is exactly the same. You can also save a few quid by riding around in a trabant. But you're not going to get mercedes knocking down their prices in order to compete with them are you?
  12. OK, I should perhaps have been absolutely entirely accurate with saying "Twice". There're in fact precisely 2.25 x more ES areas, each costing approximately 20% less than a volume of GenX So...taking vol 6 as the example as it's first out the door: The same area covered in ES works out a little under 39% more expensive than GenX size for size. But Size most certainly isn't everything in this case, there's one hellava lot more to it, which I'll reiterate is in my own opinion not to be ignored.. Now forgive me, as I'm going to get a little blunt about it. If you don't believe that the extra content and detail etc are worth the extra, then either I've been listening to the wrong people this last few years, or someones not been honest with us. As the number one and number three requested item on our helpdesk voting system has been to "add 3D buildings to the UK scenery" & " provide a 30cm version". Everyone, unanimously wants us to maintain the high level of quality we're known for. I'll argue the point with anyone, that it takes an incredible amount of work and time to take a scenery area to the levels of detail and quality that we have, especially on a large scale such as this and with less than perfect source data. We're the only ones that have been daft enough to try it, and to be frank chaps, if your ultimate decisions are it's not worth it to you, then by consequence it's an inevitable fact that it won't be worth it to us either. It's a curious point that a lot of guys have no issues at all shelling out £20.00 or more on a single high quality GA airfield?? No Chris, it's not. You get the entire £40.00 deposit back.
  13. Where on Earth do you get that from Brit? have you also included the purchase of 18x 500GB usb3.0 hardrives in your calculations? Let's look at the ES pricing in more detail taking the very most expensive option as the example. There are cheaper alternative options on offer too let's not forget. 30cm photoGenesis = £29.99 rrp Autogenesis included is plus £14.99 rrp ES Total per area = £44.98 rrp *Please don't forget. Drive prices are either 100% refundable, or if you choose to, you will have purchased yourself a brand new hard drive. We're making nothing at ES from drive sales, if you look online you'll be lucky to find an equivalent 500gb usb3.0 drive any cheaper than we're offering here.. So....Let's compare this to GenX & Treescapes combo from Playsims 120cm or 60cm volume = £34.99 rrp Treescapes = £ 19.95 rrp GenX Total per Volume = £54.94 rrp Yes I concede there are twice the number of ES areas compared to GenX volume areas, but in the same breath I'll argue that the 4x-8x inrease in resolution, plus the addition of decent nightlighting textures, seasonal textures, colour, cloud and line corrections, Not to mention the very expansive 3D content... more than make up for that. Just sayin' like
  14. Hi Chris You certainly have our deepest sympathy with the pirating issue. If people were ever wondering why we've persevered with our ESI installer despite some negative criticism of it, they need look no further than your post here!! We wish you the best of luck with your new projects.
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