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  1. mercer77

    Flight Plans

    Thanks for reply I could originally load existing flight plans not LPPT/LPMA. I can not create a successful plan using FSX Planner or through FS Commander Not able to make an active flight plan I deleted all flight plans in case there was an issue now I am not able to create any plans. Graham
  2. mercer77

    Flight Plans

    Following recent problems with Madeira Scenery To try help I thought I would try FSX ATC instead of Vox It proved that AI aircraft would take off and land at Madeira. However I tried a flight lppt/lpma using Vox I reset all the sliders in FSX the flight kept freezing the froze for good. I tried to load the flight again as soon as I went to open the flight the Simulator froze. I can still open other saved plans but when I tried to create a new plan I could not open it. The only other thing I done was to install the new cycle of Navigraph into the appropriate folders. Just keeping
  3. Thanks for replies I already have "Aircraft cast shadow on the ground" turned off also I have reinstalled Madeira complete with update complied with there manual settings I also have FS Global but have disabled the local mesh for Madeira as suggested by Aerosoft. Also disabled two files in the FSX Scenery Library again as instructed by Aerosoft. Even one of the developers at Vox is scratching his head trying to see what,s going on. I have a theory of runway 23 as this one is built on pillars. Kind Regards Graham
  4. I have recently purchased and installed Madeira X Scenery not sure which forum to post in hope I have the right one I had a few problems scenery wise when I started that appears to be ok now. My biggest problem is that No AI Traffic appear to land despite watching for some time ( I use My Traffic 2013 and Vox ATC ) I have followed all instructions in the manual also instructions given by Aerosoft moderator. Take off is only ok from runway 5 scenery is excellent with runway 23 the aircraft are ok until the end of taxiway just before entering the runway for take off at that point it v
  5. mercer77

    sim connect

    Hi Kevin thanks for reply I am not sure how many addons I have that use Sim Connect I think maybe a couple for sure I use Go Flight radio panels and Active Sky I would not like to stop using the as they were expensive purchases and very good products. As I am fairly new to flight sim I was advised by one of the developers of Vox to purchase these products as most of my flight sim addons come from there. I am using the same flight Barcelona to Menorca as it is short because I have recently purchased Airbus X extended so handy for practice it does not occur every flight and it comes at a dif
  6. mercer77

    sim connect

    I have been having problems recently with Vox ATC stops working in flight. Vox tell me it is because we use so many addons using sim connect. Is there anything I can do to prevent this happening very annoying in the middle of a flight. Thanks Graham
  7. Hi Phil Took your advice found the update I had 1.03 there was 4 to download You would not believe it after download tried again could not get virtual cockpit to work so I thought I had made a mistake downloading but after reading through download it states that the views have been changed I think I preferred the original views bit more versatile Despite all that re calibrated the yolk tried again had a good take off. Thanks for your advice Regards Graham
  8. I am having problems with Airbus X Extended after take off 2 problems the plane will not climb or when I get the plane in the air turn on autopilot seconds after it turns off. I have made a couple of successful tutorial flights and a couple of other flights EGKK to LEPA although I did not land take off was ok but suddenly in the past week or so can not get plane to stay in the air. I have checked procedures. Anyone had similar problem Regards Graham
  9. Thanks for advise Kasper will try Graham
  10. Thanks for reply looks like a Tablet is the answer. As I am fairly new to flight sim all help is extreamly valuable I also read in the manual that you cannot import flight plan A few weeks ago I purchased FS Commander 9 does this mean I will not be able to use it with this aircraft. Graham
  11. recently i installed airbus x extended and tried the tutorial it would be so much easier if there were written instructions I did think about printing it off thought was a bit of a pain 64 pages thats just the step by step tutorial guide Is there a written guide available. At the moment I have placed the PDF on the task bar thats not ideal. It stated in the instructions you could use a I Pad for various tasks but there a bit expensive would a Tablet perform the same tasks. Has anyone used this aircraft on 2x sim rate Any help would be very much appreciated Graham
  12. I recently installed Airbus X Extended I have had problems throttles would not work yolk would not turn aircraft this system worked on my QW 757 I made a few settings alterations and it turned ok and the throttles worked ok. I had to close down for a short while when I restarted it would not work. I have downloaded a document searcher zip I installed the asinput ini automated fix that appeared to have fixed the throttles but still cannot turn aircraft has anyone had similar problems hope you can help Graham
  13. I have just purchased Airbus x extended I was thinking about FDC live cockpit has anyone used it and is is it compatible with Airbus and QW 757
  14. Cheers thanks for reply that is food for thought the Airbus was a suggestion from the person I buy most of my sim products from he thought it would be a change from boeing He did say it would be totally different to fly than the 757.
  15. Hi. I am considering buying Airbus X Extended a bit concerned on various items. I am fairly new to flight sim my currant aircraft is Quality Wings 757 I have recently purchased Vox ATC plus Go Flight radios GF- 166 GF-46 and GF-p8 does anyone know if these items work ok with the airbus as I read an item about radios being a problem to set. Also I have a Saitek yolk and throttle Quadrant again I have read people hav e had problems with these I do not use there software it is a nightmare again can this be used with the Airbus. I also read in specs you can pause at waypoints and near top of
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