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  1. Here's my entry. Good luck and happy holidays!
  2. A Cathay Pacific plane making an emergency landing
  3. The Concorde...the only "successful" commercial supersonic aircraft The A380-800- the plane that beat the Boeing 744
  4. "Is this what ATC meant by be careful or you'll be joined?" "We have a beautiful view..... of the ground"
  5. Opps...my bad i didnt notice that you had posted it.I'll remove mine
  6. What about Camsim? http://pages.infinit.net/camsim/
  7. Does this count as a bushpilot type? "I think i'm not supposed to be this high"
  8. Here we go!!! *No edits except crop* Arriving Home!!!!!!! Airbus A340 Maiden Flight!!! We have Takeoff!!!!! "looks like it's going to be a great success!!!"
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