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  1. As a complete newbie to UT until now, I found UTL has an immersion factor I'd not found for some time. Although my set up is not in the major league by comparison with others here. all seems fine other than an occasional hesitation which, to be honest, may or may not be UTL software. But, yes, I have tweeked the setting a little as a precaution. Nevertheless, watching 4 Easy Jets and a GA lined up waiting to take off at EGGW suggested some degree of reality. For viewing Ai around me I use Opus FSI Live View . As yet I've got to the stage of injecting live weather yet it was quite
  2. If you can work on Guernsey, Kevin, you'll be doing me and a few others a great favour. Regards, Richard.
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    VR is here!

    On my meagre flight sim set-up I have ProATCX which involves using the keyboard to communicate and respond to ATC, not like voice activation as in VoXATC. Does this exclude me and others with similar software from a VR set-up? Just wondered. BTW, a happy New Year to you, John, and all at Mutley's Hanger. Richard.
  4. Richbro

    VR is here!

    I saw someone using this technology at Cosford this year. It looked like he was impersonating Stevie Wonder the way his head rolled around. I think my wife would think I needed a check-up from the neck up if I bought into this. Nothing new there, I suppose! Regards, Richard.
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    Thanks Paul. Maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel but, unless Rob and Sean are applying their touch of magic in any way, then It just won't be the same pedigree. If somebody can see the benefits of an upgrade installer then there is hope. I bought into the Duke V2 upgrade a few months ago when I first installed P3DV3.4, so I was lucky. Thanks ,Joe. I've got the migration tool but I'm a bit wary that the Legacy, which is not the P3D version, will slide across without issues of which you read about in various forums. If I can be successful with newly installed Spad to overco
  6. Actually,Brett, my first edit was to change disabled to true but I wasn't entirely sure this worked, hence I removed the FS9 entry. Yes, Uiautomationcore is installed from way back. If all others fail I'll uninstall and reinstall just in case. As they say, whatever could go wrong. First foray into Spad last night might actually have worked, judging from a test flight in the default Cessna. My goodness, that's hard work for a first timer! Best wishes, Richard.
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    I join many in their sadness about RealAir and I've e-mailed Rob and Sean to express my best wishes to them and hopes that Carla's therapy will bring happier news in the future. Being a touchy subject, I dare not ask how I could upgrade my FSX Legacy to P3D if indeed it was available. So, is there anybody out there that could point me in the right direction or am I boxed in on this. Difficult. Regards, Richard.
  8. Some good news and some not so good. I discovered via a Google search that something similar happened to a simmer in 2013 (!) which then lead me to look at the exe.xml file in FSX. Lo and behold there were two drivers, one listed as SaiPanels FS9.exe and the other SailFlightSimX, both enabled. I took a chance and edited the file to leave just the SaiFlightSimX and, yes, you guessed it, all up and running again with no problems . But, and another biggy, lots of CTD's for some reason . So. it looks like I'm going to dip my toes into SpadNext and see if this is the answer. Anyway,
  9. Yeah, I know. Back the new horse I guess but, having said that, just had an OOM on P3D enroute from EGSS to EGJJ in the Duke! Thanks for the heads up re the standard.xml as I've not tried that before. What I did try today, after thinking about it last night in bed, was copied the FSX cfg, deleted it and hoped that when FSX started up and created a new cfg. it might kick something in the right direction. Far from it, just like starting all over from years ago. Reinstated the original cfg. and we're back to square one Anyway, the P3D OOM was probably due to, well, anythin
  10. Further to my last, I've downloaded SPAD and applied it to my FSX folder. Despite switches and contacts on panels being accepted by Spad, once back in the cockpit the original issues still exist, namely, start the engines,click beacon, nav etc and the generators disconnect. Also, the trim wheel will only work with the mouse. But, and that's a big but, all is OK in the newly installed P3D. Same aircraft, same scenario. I've removed and refitted the USB's thinking that this might nudge something but it was just clutching at straws.Re run the Saitek installers to no avail. B
  11. Many thanks, Joe, sorry for late reply. I appreciate the ideas and I'll take a look at the simconnect and see if the solution lies there. In either your forum or elsewhere I spotted something about the Trusted in the FSX cfg. I've never noticed this was part of the config. file, and there are 2 entries related to Saitek in that section, although they don't appear duplicated in their structure, After discovering this I had a look at the P3D cfg and there is no Trusted section there at all, which I thought was odd. Yeah, the dreaded s-s-s-stutters. Actually, my scenery is
  12. Hello gentlemen, I wonder if anyone has a lifeline they can throw me regarding how to overcome a situation that I've just discovered using my Saitek Pro Yoke,pedals and panels. Despite having no previous issues with FSX (plus Steve's Fixer) and Saitek, since installing P3D 3.4 on the same PC I now have the Saitek kit working on LM but when I use FSX,all seems to have gone awry. I have the RealAir Duke Turbine V2 on both sims and all is fine on P3D in the cockpit. In FSX now, once engines are started and I switch stobe or nav. lights on, the engine generators flick off.
  13. Agreed Brett, There is no doubt Steve's DX10 Fixer is a step change in FSX performance. I can't recommend it more highly. Richard.
  14. Despite all efforts and recommendations, to uninstall from the control panel, a message refers to the software supplier to uninstall! I can't find any trace in FSX CFG or drive. A nasty piece of work. Richard.
  15. Hi Brian, Many thanks for the guidance and this final attack might just be the one. Re the surname, my parents resided SE London to start with, but I've always been within ear splitting distance of Heathrow, either east or west of the runways. Bit quieter these days but still no need to add to it with another runway ( ahem!!!). In my youth of too long ago I heard of a distant uncle bearing the surname which may have been north of Watford but I can't be sure. Nevertheless, it sounds like someone in the past got around a bit! Thanks again for the help. Regards and Christmas
  16. It's no good, It's got to go. Now, having done all the usual things to uninstall, going the Control Panel route to uninstall I get the message that I have to refer to ES's uninstaller which then refers me to their now defunct system. ESI files on the drive have been deleted ( I think) but something is nagging me that it won't delete of the listing in control panel in the normal and conventional manner. Has anybody discovered how to get this thing out of their PC? Any help appreciated. Richard.
  17. Just thought I'd contribute something on this thread re Saitek throttle quadrants. There are video's on YouTube regarding the repairs to these, particularly after encountering a spiking ( Unstable throttle movements) that cause the sim throttles to leap about. Sometimes blasting the potentiometers with WD40 or a contact cleaner may do the trick but this is usually only a temporary fix. Having encountered this problem a couple of times I enquired about a replacement ( about £50.00 with delivery from Flightstore...... if in stock) but thought I'd try and resolve this myself armed with s
  18. Thanks again Chris, Right, getting better results with settings as 'dense'. Any more than that it doth protest loudly, Which leads me back to what I said earlier which is, to see Gary's work I'm going to have to adjust my settings. And that, is just crazy. Just noticed that whatever wind direction is blowing the wind sock always points to the east! That's before if disappears close to touchdown! The fact that ESI has gone down the tubes speaks volumes. Gentlemen, your input much appreciated. Many thanks. Richard.
  19. Further from my last Christopher, as you well know from your forum input at UK2000Scenery, if you wish to get the benefit of all the best that Gary can offer, the autogen and scenery complexity should be set at more than 'dense', particularly at airfields like EGLL, which is why I don't fancy de-tuning those sliders. Looked at the link,Bruce. I'm afraid I went down that frustrating path with ESI and their installer. I opted to have another go by buying the DVD but, here we are again. Richard.
  20. Thanks Bruce and Christopher. 'Stutters' would be an understatement I think. It practically stands still! Lod radius is 4.50000, Christopher. I might add that I have GenX scenery and umpteen UK2000 Extremes and VFR scenery's, all of which perform beautifully. No Orbx as I'm not happy that it has to go in the FSX folder as opposed to it's own ( so I understand ). ESI warns about that on the instal menu. I'll go to unlimited FPS, and I will admit that sliders are all petty well maxed out but, why should I have to compromise for that sake of this particular scenery package. Going
  21. Hello all, newbie to Mutley's Hanger here. Flightstore did a roaring trade at Cosford and one of my 'bargains' there was the ESI Guernsey scenery DVD. Can't complain at the price but what I do have is a problem understanding what qualifies for ESI's idea of a fast machine to run the program on. In any scenery I have FPS typically around 35 or more (set at 60) no matter what aircraft I use. My rig is i7 on an SSD for FSX, and the scenery (not ORBX) is on another SSD. Graphics card is a EVGA 660Ti GTX. I'm thinking that's not a bad set up. However, If I have just one of the ESI Guernse
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