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  1. Here's my first this month: Plain Blue. Early morning in Grenada. Matt.
  2. Great entries this month! Here's my three: BA A319 on final into Innsbruck. The Duke, trying to get into Mollis, Switzerland. Coming 'Low n Slow' into Nepal. Matt.
  3. Great winning shot! Really goes with the theme. Matt.
  4. Here's my first this month: BA World Cargo, fully loaded out of Frankfurt. BTW, nice winning shot last month, AA. Matt. EDIT: Here's my second: FedEx, climbing through the storms over Tokyo. Lastly the third: An unusual site at Heathrow; Korean Air Cargo MD-11 at early morning.
  5. Matt

    Time for a vote

    That's the second challenge, the main challenge is routing the cables around the case for good airflow. I've got cable ties everywhere. :nervious: Is it me, or is Just Flight down? I can't get onto their site or forum. Matt.
  6. Here's my first this month. Trying to get out of TNCM in one piece. Matt.
  7. Definitely a winning shot! Love the angle and shades of green, really nice. Matt.
  8. Here's my first this month: Cathay Pacific over the Hoover Dam, on the approach into Las Vegas. Matt. EDIT: Here's my second: British Airways about to cross the Channel. (B744 - EGLL-HECA). And the third: Spitfire over Hawaii.
  9. Great shot. Well done! The shot really does have a nice holiday scene about it. Matt.
  10. Hi, here's my first two. I left the last months too late again to post, must organise myself better. Great winning shot last month Dai. Loved the greens in the shot. Day out touring around Hawaii in a C152. BA B772 Seconds from touchdown in Rio. Matt.
  11. Lovely shot! Well deserved. :great: Matt.
  12. Where's June gone? Almost forgot this months set. There's a wide variety of shots submitted this month, great quality! :great: Matt.
  13. Well done to everyone, and well done to Mike. Well deserved with that shot. The AI really goes with the theme aswell. Now we await next months theme, I'll try not to cut it too close this time. Matt.
  14. Hope I'm not too late leaving it to the last minute: Matt.
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