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  1. If tehy develope weapons + dog fights... it will fun 8)
  2. CapBar

    Night Run

    Great Panel lights, Quickmarch Excellent for night/IFR flights. 8)
  3. CapBar


    When I was 7yo, I was living at Cumbica Air Force Base, São Paulo/Brazil and these beautys were called ''C82-Flying Wagons'' Any where to download it free? Thanks 8) Found it here: http://library.avsim.net/sendfile.php?Location=AVSIM&Proto=ftp&DLID=42528 Sorry, the Nordair I found here: http://simviation.com/1/search?submit=1&keywords=projet_noratlas_base_pack.zip&categoryId=&filename=Y
  4. Great beautys, adrians 8)
  5. CapBar

    Really Shiny

    Super shinnig shot of the ''Cadillac-of-the-Sky'' P51 8)
  6. CapBar

    Nice Kitty

    TigerHellHind... what a beautyful shot, Noddy 8)
  7. CapBar

    Ready to go

    Scarying Hind... 8( lol Nice shot, Noddy
  8. Bravo...!!! Great shots for a great Cat... 8)
  9. Nice Hovercraft, Clem... 8)
  10. Nice screenshots for a nice plane... 8)
  11. CapBar

    FSX - EKC-390

    eheheh... sneak attack maneuver are the best way to keep the pressure ON... lol 8)
  12. Thanks, guys I imagine how difficult it may be to do A/R with R/C, phil 90 degrees are under control now, brett Night A/R are so scaring that I was better than day time, ddavid ... lol 8)
  13. Hi guys, This is a 2008 vídeo of auto-rotations, engine-off: 8)
  14. CapBar

    Live Bait

    Great shots, Noddy 8)
  15. CapBar

    FSX - EKC-390

    Thanks/welcome. brett 8)
  16. CapBar

    FSX - EKC-390

    This is the preview of the new Brazilian Air Force Multi-Role/Tanker: 8)
  17. Towers flybys are obligatory, in the Navy... lol Thanks for enjoying, guys. 8)
  18. Much appreciated your comments, gentlemen You're encouraging me to post my vídeos... hehehe Cheers from Brazil, CapBar
  19. I love the F86 and I hope you enjoy it too. Thanks for watching 8)
  20. This vídeo was made to test JRlucarini's Project of this excellent trainer T-6 8)
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