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  1. Another article... http://atwonline.com/blog/pigs-might-fly-they-shouldn-t-do-so-service-animals "Pigs might fly, but they shouldn’t do so as service animals" "This is both broadening the types of animals that are being brought into the cabin—without even a crate or cage—to Monty Pythonesque proportions. Pigs, peacocks, possums, snakes and spiders are among animals that passengers have insisted are essential to their health." John
  2. I don't label or depict the parking positions on the charts, though there are usually painted lines on the pavement that do show on the charts. A quick look at the top-down view as needles recommends (right click on the windshield area, then Outside > Top-Down) will show you where you are on the airport. There will be a red cross showing your location. Zoom in or out with the + and - keys. Return to the cockpit with a right click in the windshield area, then Cockpit and then choose 2D or Virtual cockpit. I generally pick a parking area of the appropriate size for my aircraft more or less at random. If there's already traffic in that spot FS will magically eliminate it. John
  3. Try it again, Al. I just clicked the link in the original post and it still works for me. John
  4. Lets take inventory here... Mig 17 from 1950s - check Motorcycle helmet from 1950s - check Beat-up iron ladder from WWI-era Keystone Cops Movie - check FOD on the ramp - check Expressionless, height-challenged female in military garb - check Fat guy with extremely bad haircut - check Expensive digital camera - most expensive thing in image - check NOTES: - Iron ladder probably bent from fat guy "inspecting" cockpit - FOD probably candy wrappers from fat guy - Flowers probably 2 weeks food rations for pilot and family Yep, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say it's North Korea.
  5. I've had that happen to me at Ocala, not by the police but by the local FBO manager who wanted to know why I was taking pictures of all the buildings. Those photos were for use by Dree to make his Ocala airport scenery, which I explained to her, carefully avoiding the fact that said developer was in a foreign country. I don't think she was really too happy with the answer, perhaps hoping for an "Alahu Akbar" so she could be a heroine and call the gendarmes, but she grunted and returned to whatever she was doing and left me alone. I hope I spoiled her day. I've also been told that many of the bizjet passengers who transit through here (and who probably have a higher opinion of their importance than I do) aren't too keen on cameras at the fence line and expect the FBO to discourage that as much as legally possible and maybe a little more. It would probably burst their bubble to know we're interested in photographing the aircraft, not them. John
  6. ATC Might Not Be at the Airport Interesting article. We've long known that the ARTCCs (FIRs in non-US places?) are not necessarily located at an airport - most probably aren't. For the most part however, tower and ground controllers are at the airport, typically with a Mark I eyeball view of the relevant airspace and real estate. Some larger airports now have Ground Control Radar, with the advantage that they can even see the ground traffic when visibility is obscured by WX (makes you wish they'd had it at Tenerife a while back). Anyway, it's changing now in some places... https://www.popularmechanics.com/flight/airlines/a15942247/remote-aircraft-control-tower/ John
  7. Maybe not. I understand the C5 is a hangar queen with a lot of maintenance issues. The AF is pretty much forced to keep them in the inventory because they are the only thing we have that can airlift an M1 Main Battle Tank. They'd like to get rid of them but can't and the production line is long since closed, so no more available. The C-17 is a different story - it is pretty universally loved by everyone who's had much to do with it and it has a very good maintenance and operational record. I think the production line for that one shut down too, a couple of years ago, but support and spare parts are still very much available. I think the C-130J line is still in operation, though it's not in the same weight-carrying class as A400M or C-17. John
  8. It's probably the only thing that can squawk and screech louder than her. Have you ever heard a peacock? Very loud. John
  9. Yeah, and since the customers are all military, it's just taxpayer money anyway and easily replaced. No need to be frugal (or Froogle). John
  10. I doubt most Western countries are going to be very interested in buying Antonovs for their military airlift capability. John
  11. The next chapter... "NATO buyers to meet with Airbus over billions in A400M fines" "WASHINGTON — Airbus will meet with several NATO members on Feb. 5 [2018] in London to discuss reductions to fines imposed on the company due to delivery delays and failing to meet contract capability requirements for its A400M Atlas military transport aircraft program, Reuters reports." "Officials from Belgium, France, Germany Luxemborg, Spain, Turkey and the United Kingdom, as well as Europe’s procurement agency OCCAR, will meet with Airbus in attempt to hash out an agreement capping financial penalties. Airbus received a $4.3 billion bailout from the seven countries in 2010."
  12. ...and I can be a minesweeper - once. John
  13. Woman Denied Emotional Support Peacock on United Flight You can't make this stuff up. The article claims that even though told three times before coming to the airport that she wouldn't be able to board the animal, the prospective passenger and her "companion" still showed up and made the attempt. Sounds like another entitled individual attempting to game the rules with complete indifference to anyone else's comfort, safety or rights. This whole business with support animals is getting out of hand, at least in the US. John http://www.foxnews.com/travel/2018/01/30/woman-denied-emotional-support-peacock-on-united-flight.html
  14. Happy birthday, young lady. Hope you have a great one, even though it's already a little late over there as I post this. John
  15. I don't see a tangential port, but could be on the other side I guess. Whatever it is it seems to have heating/cooling coils attached to the exterior, including the head. Whatever it is it's designed to run at a pretty high pressure, though not Pressurized Water Reactor high.
  16. That shed some light but I still don't see what it is that the computer is doing and how doing that creates value for anyone. Also not addressed is Internet I/O volume for the mining apps, as most of us are paying for bandwidth. John
  17. It turned out the cargo container stuck in the nose of the engine was full of packets of a mysterious white powder. When flown later, the engine was last seen climbing through 80,000' after the rest of the aircraft leveled off at FL320. John
  18. A jet engine can pull a 35" vacuum on an onion sack. Talk about suck!
  19. I sure would like to know what that thing is. The only thing I can think of is a digester for a paper mill. John
  20. Not for me. I did read the linked article and didn't really see anything like an explanation of what "mining" consists of and why engaging in that somehow generates funny-money. Put another way, what is the computer doing that generates "value", to whom, and why? John
  21. I don't really understand what crypocurrency mining is. I understand that a powerful computer grinds away and turns electricity into funny-money, somehow, but I really don't understand what the computer is doing to create "value". If anyone has a good explanation or a link to one, I'd appreciate it. I have a pretty high-end graphics card but have no intention of diving into the crypocurrency pool, but am curious about what exactly the computer does when "mining". I guess I ought to read up on blockchains - it seems that's at the root of it, somehow. John
  22. Not in a million years - not even as a pax in the airplane. Those guys are absolutely nuts. It appears there was at least one other aircraft around too, taking some of the video. John
  23. Happy Birthday, Tim. Hope it's a great one and many more to come, each better than the last. John
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