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  1. Both excellent. I thought the first one was a photograph for a moment. John
  2. allardjd


    David, I do remember post cards... When I was in the Navy our favorite variation of the standard greeting was, "Having a wonderful wish, time you were here." We've only been in Florida for four years. That's far too short a time to be able to speak intelligently of observed climate change. This summer is the hottest we've seen. 2004 had the most hurricanes visit the area - we have not been affected by one since. This spring had more wildfires than any since 1998. They've agonized over drought in the dry season every year we've been here, but the summer rains always arrive on schedule i
  3. I only have FS9, but have read enough about FSX to add something... ATC is a big issue. STARS and SIDS are needed, but also, how about an occasional hold, either enroute or queueing up for an approach at a busy airport in bad weather? It happens in the real world. Random number generators are a foundation of programming. Why not randomly generate holds from time to time? If there's one skill that FS pilots routinely lack, it is the abilty to understand and fly holds, because our simulators do not offer the opportunity to use or practice them. My apologies if FSX has somehow slipped this
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    I've learned since becoming a Floridian that fresh water flooding is the leading cause of hurricane related deaths. Floods, regardless of the cause, are very dangerous and people underestimate the power of even a relatively small amount of flowing water. England had an opportunity this year to see all of that too. I'm sure many people are still not back to normal from the effects of that. It can be devastating. Hurricanes can deliver inches of rain per hour, so flooding is inextricably tied up with them. We're fortunate not to have to worry too much about that becase of an accident of geo
  5. allardjd


    Mut & Martin, Thanks for the concern, guys. Nothing needed here this time. Basements are not an option here in Florida. I don't know why, but they just don't build them here. They were a fixture in Michigan. Preps are of two kinds; seasonal and immediate. We have the seasonal stuff done, and usually have a five day window to do the immediate ones. The forecasting is quite good; you'd have to be on the moon to not realize there's one of these coming your way. Gasoline is a priority. I keep almost 30 gallons in cans, treated for long-term storage with a product called Stabil. W
  6. allardjd


    We're going to be fine here, Martin. Thanks for asking. I do recommend that you quickly sell all of your ocean-front property in Jamaica, however. Yesterday they were saying that this could be the worst storm there in 100 years. This morning it's turned a little south and may pass just far enough away to spare them the worst. It will still be bad though. The Caymans will get a glancing blow and the Yucatan is going to take it head on again. We were in Cozumel last December and they were still recovering from the last one to hit there, but the new construction was being done with sto
  7. David, Original reply lost, but that's OK... What a great story line. I always look forward to your ATWC posts because you seem to manage to pull a new and different rabbit out of the hat each time. Trust you to make it out of the ordinary. As for suspending disbelief, I found that unnecessary. It was entirely believable. It COULD have happened that way. Anything's possible in that part of the world. Thanks for the shots of the Sunderland, if that's what it is, I really enjoyed seeing it. As for the elusive Sharon, I believe she's been located. A few clues about her may emerge
  8. Mut, Thanks for all the work on our behalf. It looks good and as far as I can tell, runs just fine. I can use the extra time on Leg 51. I have written and flown, but still have all the photo work to do and may have to restage one sequence to get better shots. So, bottom line is, I'm not sitting here with baited breath waiting to post leg 51. Just to whet everyone's appetite, however, the elusive Sharon is located in leg 51 - in a way. John
  9. Wow! The master has spoken! Incredible. 92 on the video view log when I looked at it. :wink: John
  10. Just a reminder, gentlemen - please be aware that the rules stipulate that posting your ATWC screen shots for a new leg should occur no sooner than 36 hours following the post of the shots from the previous leg, and no later than 96 hours. Obviously, you can fly your leg earlier than that if you wish, but you should time your posting to hit the 36 to 96 hour window. John
  11. Outstanding shots, Dave. Very cool AC, too. Was that Irish Coffee in the Captain's flask? John
  12. That's a nifty little pull-down for the ATWC status. The little AC icon looks suspiciously like the C-123. John
  13. I don't find the scrolling to see a photo nearly as annoying as scrolling over to read each line of text. With text, I've gotten in the habit of putting in a after each line-and-a-half to force a new line, keeping the text narrow enough to be read without horizontal scrolling. Sometimes I forget, but usually do this. I also note that any new graphic that is posted in a thread, if larger, resets the width of the whole page, making text wider too. A text entry that wrapped in the earlier, narrower screen will "unwrap" and display at the same width as the new graphic, unless it is fo
  14. Martyn, Nice shots, very enjoyable scenery, I liked all of it. Nice work. John
  15. :dance: :dance: FIRST MUTLEY’S HANGAR SOCIAL EVENT :sad: :dance: In honor of the newly-established Mutley’s Hangar Chat Room, I’d like to invite anyone who’s interested to join me for an informal get-together in the Chat Room at... 7:30 PM BST on Thursday, August 2. Duration will be...well, our wives and mothers won't be there so we can stay as long as we'd like...but at least an hour. I hope you’ll consider coming out for this. If this first gathering is successful, perhaps we can make it a regular event. Please bring your favorite beverage and any topics you’d like to d
  16. allardjd

    BA Style

    Nice. Really liked the wing-tip shots. John
  17. These were taken throughout the month, some at Ocala and some elsewhere. The first one is a Pilatus PC-12 parked at Ocala. I’ve seen as many as three of these in here at once. I think two of them are based here. The shadow on the right edge of the picuture is - - - - can you guess - - - - drum roll - - - - yes, it’s a cyclone fence wire about an inch from the lens. This was a place that seemed to specialize in go-fast GA aircraft. I think the one in the foreground is an Extra 300. Note the 45 degree visual reference flags on the wingtips. Same place, different plane. I d
  18. Sam, The links to the MH main page and to the Forums page are already there, under "Links". John
  19. It seems to work as advertised. So far I like it and I'll be using it. You might want to add this to the "downloads" menu on the MH home page. Nice idea putting the MH ATWC link in there. I usually have to go looking for that. Suggested links: Just Flight? MS Flight Sim Home? The Flight Planning Tab is fertile ground for a menu of all sorts of things; planners; charts; weather sites; freeware (AC, scenery, liveries). Is it possible to make a menu tree below the bar items? The chat window pops up a new browser. Is there any way to make it just add a tab to the existing browser? I
  20. Mut, I do find the forum screens slow to load at times, but can't say it irritates me. I just click off elsewhere and amuse myself for a couple of minutes and when I come back the screen has loaded. It's my impression that it happens most often when there are three or more members logged on. Once all of you have gone to bed over there (7 PM or later here), it is generally very quick (and quiet). I don't have any suggestions about alternatives, though the JF forums are always pretty quick in my experience. I don't know if they run an in-house operation or if their host might be an option,
  21. I think you'd have to be mad to choose an Ilyushin over a Yugo - well, maybe not. John
  22. Nice shots, Martyn. I guess he didn't want an Ilyushin? John
  23. Very good! Welcome back, by the way. How was vacation? John
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