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  1. The length is not an issue. It loads as it plays, with a gray "load" bar preceding the black "play" bar below the video window. In my case, the play bar soon caught up with the load bar and the playback became "choppy", but that's not your problem. Nice job... John
  2. EJ, Interesting write-up - thanks for sharing that. I've done both of those things, though I don't think I've ever done both in the same flight. Just to show that sim pilots aren't the only ones who do these kinds of things, I have a similar real world experience. A long time ago, I was a passenger on a Cessna 421 charter, sitting in a rearward facing seat, back to back with the pilot. My seat gave me a good view of the port wing. After the pre-dawn takeoff, as we climbed up into some dawning daylight, it was obvious that the flaps were still set for takeoff. I tapped the co-pilot on the shoulder and asked if that's what they intended. Soon, the flap motor was heard briefly - I would have loved to have heard the discussion on the intercom between the flight crew at that point, but it was too noisy. If anyone needs any further illustration why you shouldn't do something complex and hazardous when you're not sharp - there's about an inch of my left thumb missing - lost to a table saw late on a Sunday evening, just trying to finish the last of a job I'd labored all weekend on. It was a long time ago, but I get the opportunity to be reminded of it every day. I have to be very careful about using rule of thumb. :mrhappy: Maybe I'll post a photo of it someday, if Mut ever opens a section for amputations and mutilations. :wink: John
  3. Fred, that's good flying, good writing, good shooting and editing. Count on you for realism and quality. Nice job! John
  4. allardjd


    I found a couple of pretty good sources for instrument approach charts, arrival and departure charts and airport diagrams tonight. These were not limited to just US charts, in fact, the second one only had a single US airport on the list, but many others elsewhere. http://perso.orange.fr/ggl/indianair/ind_doc/charts.html Mut, might be worthwhile to add to the resources tab of the ATWC page. John
  5. Thanks, guys. I've always found it kind of unrealistic to arrive in an AC with the engine already running. John
  6. Then you would have to do it for each AC? What if you were starting in a different location? Sorry to be dense. There must have been good weather there today. It's been kind of quiet in here, whenever I check. John
  7. Gentlemen, In Cargo Pilot flights, FS is launched from CP and you arrive in a cold, dark aircraft. I like that. Is there any way to begin all flights that way in FS? I should add that I'm referring to FS9, not FSX. Thanks, John
  8. allardjd

    2D Panel vs VC

    EJ, How are you driving the paired monitors? John
  9. Very, very nice. I'm going to have to explore that area. John
  10. Dai, it was just great - what more could I ask for - the Beach Boys, a BUFF and a KC-135 all at the same time. Nice play on words with the title of the musical selection too. Good stuff! John
  11. Sam, Very nice first half; definitely not a tube full of seats! :shrug_no: I think you still have the ball - - - or the baton. Fred and I have both flown our legs and are waiting for the second half of your post. John
  12. Very nice photos - quite an interesting selection of aircraft. I noted two Hurricanes, I think, one on the ground while another is in formation with the Spit and Lanc. Nice to see that some of these things still exist. John
  13. allardjd


    Nice selection, Dave. I have a vague sense I've seen that 757 before. :shrug_no: John
  14. Dave, The geography of being on a peninsula will simplify VFR navigation tremendously. :shrug_no: Great shots...and you have a gift for maintaining a certain continuity in the yarn you're spinning - you do it better than most. John
  15. allardjd

    2D Panel vs VC

    I fly 2D exclusively due to graphic card limitations. 3D displays OK, but the panning speed is too slow for it to be useful. John
  16. Ahem, to get back on topic...my Spitfire package has arrived intact, all the way from far-off England. I expect to be loading it up and kicking the tires this weekend. Mut, if you should hear a Merlin overhead, stick your head out the window and wave. Anyone have a favorite variant to recommend? John
  17. EJ, Per our earlier e-mails on FSP, I'm going to look into it - maybe by downloading the demo and playing around with it. Does it allow you to use any AC you have in FS, or are there limitations on what you can fly? I think you also told me that it is possible to configure it for cargo only, so you don't have to worry about seat belt signs, cranky passengers, etc. I'm still very happy with Cargo Pilot, though have managed to be too busy to fly it much recently. Your earlier suggestion, also via e-mail, about using CP for cargo generation, but actually flying under FSP for a more robust company and flight management engine sounds like it is worth a look. John
  18. Well, Dave, by the time I got a chance to see this and respond, it's almost time to be saying welcome back...so, welcome back. John
  19. Martin, I'm afraid I'm as guilty as anyone in the case of your #1. The term initially became popular here far more than twenty years ago, and I'm of a certain age, you know. I was an impressionable youth and it was deeply imprinted on my psyche. As for the rest, I am in full agreement. In the case of Michael Jackson, there are not emoticons damning enough, nor a screen wide enough to hold enough of them. Through cosmetic surgery he tried to turn himself into a white girl, and almost succeeded, but in the end only ended up as an alleged child molester. Sorry to hear your cat is having an averse reaction. John
  20. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/19586633/ This article reminded me of an earlier incident. The flying club I belonged to (early 1980s) owned three aircraft. One, a Grumman AA5 Tiger was involved in a mid-air with a turkey buzzard, estimated at 80 lbs. As I recall, that also took place at an altitude where one would not expect birds. Fortunately the bird hit the wing root close inboard, not the windscreen. The carcass ended up wrapped around the landing gear strut. There were a couple of Polaroid photos hanging in the club office for a long time afterwards. The pilot managed to land safely but the AC was laid up hundreds of miles from our home base for months, waiting to be repaired. The AA5 was mostly glued together, though made of almuminum. It was very smooth - no rivets and very few lap joints in the skin. I gather that made the repairs more difficult. John
  21. Thanks, Mut, that's very much appreciated. Well, what's one revolution more or less between friends. It would be difficult to find two countries who've helped each other more over so long a time as our two. You'd have to look long and hard here to find much ill will toward Britain. John
  22. allardjd


    I just finished about 2-1/2 hours on the mower, but have two more sections to do. Came in for lunch. I should be able to finish today if the weather holds off. I'm hoping the Spitfire shows up in the mail today, but for some reason the mail is late today. John
  23. allardjd


    Oh, no...I'd have to say just generous enough. :-)
  24. This is a bit long, but worth every bit of it... John http://users.skynet.be/fa926657/files/B29.wmv
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