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  1. Martin, I'm afraid I'm as guilty as anyone in the case of your #1. The term initially became popular here far more than twenty years ago, and I'm of a certain age, you know. I was an impressionable youth and it was deeply imprinted on my psyche. As for the rest, I am in full agreement. In the case of Michael Jackson, there are not emoticons damning enough, nor a screen wide enough to hold enough of them. Through cosmetic surgery he tried to turn himself into a white girl, and almost succeeded, but in the end only ended up as an alleged child molester. Sorry to hear your cat is having
  2. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/19586633/ This article reminded me of an earlier incident. The flying club I belonged to (early 1980s) owned three aircraft. One, a Grumman AA5 Tiger was involved in a mid-air with a turkey buzzard, estimated at 80 lbs. As I recall, that also took place at an altitude where one would not expect birds. Fortunately the bird hit the wing root close inboard, not the windscreen. The carcass ended up wrapped around the landing gear strut. There were a couple of Polaroid photos hanging in the club office for a long time afterwards. The pilot managed to land safel
  3. Thanks, Mut, that's very much appreciated. Well, what's one revolution more or less between friends. It would be difficult to find two countries who've helped each other more over so long a time as our two. You'd have to look long and hard here to find much ill will toward Britain. John
  4. allardjd


    I just finished about 2-1/2 hours on the mower, but have two more sections to do. Came in for lunch. I should be able to finish today if the weather holds off. I'm hoping the Spitfire shows up in the mail today, but for some reason the mail is late today. John
  5. allardjd


    Oh, no...I'd have to say just generous enough. :-)
  6. This is a bit long, but worth every bit of it... John http://users.skynet.be/fa926657/files/B29.wmv
  7. allardjd


    Well, I've done it. I may have to expand the ramp to make room for the C-130. By the way, it's free shipping for the UK, Canada and the US. That sweetens the pot even further. John
  8. Well, I've solved the puzzle (nice piece of software there...) but don't have a clue about the airport yet. John
  9. Is there any chance that the cancellation was really a reaction to the terror events and the officials didn't want to advetise it as such? By the way, what's a "gaffer"? John
  10. EJ, It sounds as if you have some great resources to help you out. John
  11. allardjd


    Woo hoo! Have you seen what JF's Monday sale item is? It's the Captain Sim C-130. I can resist anything but temptation. :dance: I'm now doubly gratified to have taken my wife to an art supply sale on Friday and let her run amuck there. Having taken advantage of the Spitfire package that was last Monday's sale item, I wouldn't normally take the plunge again so soon, but I've had my eye on this one for a long time. This should be a worthy successor to my trusty C-123 in Cargo Pilot. There might even be the catalyst for a new story in that box. John
  12. Joe, Great to see you back! We've missed you. John
  13. Dave, Well done. That's a great, well written review. John
  14. Another of those annoying cultural gaps has opened for me here. I think I understand the effect that is being conveyed, but I'm a little confused about the cause. Mut, in your never-ending attempt to civilize me, please explain further, if you would. John
  15. Mut, Amazing. I can't believe you managed to pull that out of your hat on such short notice. A worthy, entertaining leg. The C-5 is interesting. I had a chance to walk through one from end to end in real life at an airshow once. You know, if a guy had one of those in CP I'll bet he could make serious money. Great show. Thanks, John
  16. ...and I just told EJ what a friendly lot you guys are! John
  17. EJ, Welcome! Glad you decided to come aboard. I don't think you'll regret it. This is a great community, always friendly and helpful when you need it. I hope we see and hear from you frequently here. There are quite a number of screenshot wizards here, so don't miss following that section closely. :mrhappy: :sad: (I don't get to use that "Welcome" icon often enough and didn't want to miss the chance.) John
  18. Martin, Sad? Think how the poor exhaust manifold felt! John
  19. I noticed the crab angle, so presumed a good crosswind component - you handled that well. I also saw the props stop while turning off the runway and wondered why you chose to do that - I guess choice had little to do with it. An uphill runway is, in effect a longer runway, but still, that one must be a beast, and as you say, a go-around is a losing proposition. John
  20. Mut...very well done! I noticed something on the second viewing I missed the first time through, unless it's an edit... The take off shot with the #4 engine coming right into the camera. Neat effect - probably hard on both the camera and the engine, though. Nice video...and I like the route. Eight legs feels about right for what is, after all, a relatively minor region. :mrhappy: John
  21. I'm impressed! Nice flying. John
  22. Dave, I thought the Royal Navy one was a hoot, particularly since it was nearly all officers. The air guitar band on the foc'sle with the helo so close, then rising as the ship passed under just had to have the approval of the captain, or heads would have rolled. Mut, that was a great video. I especially liked the clip from "Top Gun" in the middle of it with Tom Cruise ("Maverick") saying, "OK, buddy, what's on your mind?" Very cool. John
  23. I struck out on the livery - can't ID it. John
  24. Southern Europe, from the look of the terrain... John
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