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  1. I just ordered mine! That's a great price, and shipping was free, even to the US. John
  2. That sunset shot, next to last, with a little of sliver of sun peeking between the horizon and the overcast is pretty cool. I know, I know, I'm supposed to be looking at the airplanes, and I was, too, honest. It's very close to the time for seeing the "green flash" of sailor's lore. :mrhappy: John
  3. I think I'm going to spring for it if the boxed version is available. John
  4. It might be fun to set up a real bank account with a zero balance, then play their little game. John
  5. Martin, I see a couple of things in the Super Etendard sequences. There does not appear to be 30 knots of wind over the deck. In one of the sequences you see the steam plume from the catapult slot just whisping back along the deck. From the slowly changing angle of the helicopter in the sequence from the fixed camera, it's obvious the ship is not moving very fast either. Also, the initial acceleration didn't look right. I think the mechanical failure might have been the dreaded "cold cat shot" where the catapult just didn't get him to the right speed. There are a multitude of things that can cause that.
  6. Martin, Probably right, though it may also have ingested bits and pieces like gloves, helmet, or whatever else the airstream could strip off him. That's one lucky and unlucky gent - God must still have something for him to do. I think the Navy was experimenting with some kind of metal hooks sewn (stoutly) into clothing that would catch the lip of the air intake in cases like this, but never heard what came of it. It sounds like a solution that might create more new problems, but if the one you're trying to prevent is catastrophic, might still be worthwhile. I feel pretty sure that one or more flight deck safety rules were violated here. I would not be surprised to learn he ended up before a Captain's Mast before the dust settled. John
  7. That's only one of many hazards on a carrier flight deck. The AC looked like one of the A-6 variants, and the placement of the intakes is pretty close to the nose gear leg, where the shuttle and hold-back link are attached. It kind of looks like the engine may have been at take-off power already when the guy moved in there. I doubt that would have happened at a low power setting, but I'm not sure. Interesting video and I'm very glad he survived. I wouldn't have thought so from the initial sequence. John
  8. :good They're looking very good, Dave. I see a munchkin trying to sneak into the Lynx photo. Your brother? You're right; on the list of Huey attributes, the ability to sneak up on someone didn't make the cut. It's a noisy beast. By the way, I think EGAD is a great ICAO code. :dance: John
  9. Is there any chance someone could actually mention the name of the place? I looked up "Shortlands" from the link text, in FS as both city and airport name and drew a blank. Thanks. :dance: John
  10. Mut, I was thinking about your solution....and was amused to realize that you've made your PC faster by REMOVING memory. Now there's a switcheroo! John
  11. They must have a very large, nasty-tempered dog! :-) John
  12. UFOs over the Channel Islands. Maybe one of you guys could fly out and investigate. John http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/news/article-23401615-details/'Mile-wide+UFO'+spotted+by+British+airline+pilot/article.do
  13. Simi, Very nice....but I understand the CIA has them much smaller. :mrhappy: Theirs probably cost a lot more though, like about $10,000,000 or so. Looks like you're having fun with it. John
  14. Ummm, I think I'm going to be in the minority here, but if he can afford it and it isn't against the law, I don't consider this a problem. It may not be in good taste, but this isn't the first rich person to spend his cash unwisely and in a fashion others find distasteful - and he won't be the last. I don't think a person who has the bank account to do this is going to travel in a first class seat drinking the house Chablis with the rest of the cattle. I think David is going to be proved right. I just know this is going to turn into a global warming discussion.... I repeat, though, it's not illegal, is it? When it is, I'm sure he will stop - or be stopped. In the meantime, some Airbus workers get some more work and some Airbus stockholders get some more dividends and some FBOs will sell a lot of fuel and some pilots will get plum jobs and on and on and on.... John
  15. When I followed the link the page came up with a Delta banner ad across the top - now that's funny! John
  16. Wow! Very nice. One of my favorite aircraft, too. Even not seen through a cyclone fence it looks good. :mrhappy: What are the roundels? :?: There's no red center. The asymetric retraction of the main gear, the great looking Rolls-Royce decal on the cowl, the detail inside the wheel well, and especially the exhaust stack flames all caught my eye. All very cool. All that and the 3,000th MH post. What more could you ask? I like it - a lot. Also, it's nice to see you back. Speaking for myself, I enjoy your screenshots posts more than the hardware ones. No one enjoys seeing a friend suffer. John
  17. David, No, I'm the only one here who's a good driver, but that's how everyone here feels. There are only two other kinds of drivers, a) maniacs, those who wish to go faster than me, and, idiots, those who wish to drive slower. Our local expressway is I-75. They treat the road number as the minimum speed limit. If you aren't going 78, you just aren't trying. It's well-known tribal culture that you will not get a ticket unless you are going more than 9 mph over the limit, though there are exceptions. (typically small communities whose primary source of revenue is from speeding ticket fines.) Because of that, normal speeds are actually about 5-8 mph above what's posted. Florida is a state of elderly people, everyone seems to want to retire here. There was a famous country music song, "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain". Someone paraphrased a Florida version, "Blue Hair Driving in my Lane." I come from Michigan originally, where winter driving is a necessary and hard-won skill. Unfortunately most people (not me though :???: ) manage to unlearn it over the summer, making the first snowstorm of winter the most hazardous. Road rage is the catch name for an emerging phenomenon here; we're seeing it more and more in the news and once in a while in person, though not the extreme versions. Sometimes it ends in gunfire and death, though that's not frequent. Still, I wouldn't be a cop for all the tea in China. I don't know what they pay them but it isn't enough. Aren't you sorry you asked? John
  18. I hope North Korea and Iran are paying attention... Of course these would be needed in large numbers and kept on constant patrol. It's not like you could scramble one when someone touches off a ballistic missile. More likely this is a step on the road of progress toward similar beam weapons that could intercept ballistic missiles later in their trajectory. That would require fewer lasers and allow them to be deployed closer to what's being protected. This could also throw the advantage back to the cruise missiles, which probably couldn't be engaged by something like this. Amazing stuff though... John
  19. I think a sign saying "Keep Back 100 Ft." would be a well advised add-on for the second one, which seems to be trying to be "street-legal". Noise ordinances might be problematic as well. Loud stereos would pale in comparison.... The second one couldn't have much of a fuel tank, unless it's strapped to the driver's back. John
  20. These two caught my eye. Two more cases of passengers imprisioned in delayed tubeliners and treated like mushrooms by the airline employees. At KSFO - http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/c/a/2007/06/20/MNGSLQIDEN1.DTL At Laguardia http://wcbstv.com/topstories/local_story_171055003.html When will the airlines learn this is not good business? EDIT ...yet another, at Chicago http://cbs2chicago.com/local/local_story_171104548.html
  21. Someone's ordered an A380 to use as their private jet. Apparently they are not worried about the price of jet fuel... :shock: http://www.breitbart.com/article.php?id=070619173934.2ux5s3d8&show_article=1
  22. Dave, Very nice. I'm jealous of those who can do e-mail while flying. I can't afford to give up a single CPU cycle to extraneous tasks, though do keep a browser open for real world weather. I liked the aircraft. The panel is interesting. You should fly in there in February. Heat haze won't be an issue. By the way, Cheyenne Mountain, home of the NORAD bunker is nearby, as is the Air Force Academy. We visited there once. When you drive in the gate, the first sign you see says, "Visitor Center - 8 Miles". Anyway, I enjoyed your flight. With only ten passengers, the cabin service must have been excellent. John
  23. Martin, When there's only one person left in the world without a tattoo, that will be me. Chapter 5 will reveal all. You are following, "Hello, Columbus" aren't you Uncle Martin? John
  24. allardjd

    Canoe swim?

    Ditto with me. I don't always understand her, but never met one I'd trade her for. Maybe the uncertainty is part of the charm. :???: John
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