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  1. allardjd

    Lyre Bird

    The chain saw blew me away...
  2. allardjd

    Canoe swim?

    Well, that's pretty neat. There are aircraft that cover that route, more or less, you know. And if you arrived at the door, you'd be recognized - and welcome... Two things occur to me here... 1) Le Havre? Why would it route you through Le Havre? I suspect there's a French programmer working for Google. (Is there any such thing as a French programmer - has anyone ever heard of a French programmer?) 2) This reminds me of a joke (most everything does...) A man is walking on a beach. He finds a brass lamp and rubs the lamp. Out pops a genie. The genie says, "You get one wish." A
  3. Very nice aircraft. Loved the video in the last link. What a convoluted development though. It's amazing this thing got to the point of going into production. John
  4. Not yet, except in one place that you know of. John
  5. Happy Fathers Day, Mutley. I wasn't sure that was celebrated at the same time as here. Obviously so. I wanted to share a photo of my gift...my wife made up a T-Shirt with the logo of my favorite fictional air cargo company. :wink:
  6. Ouch! That's not good. Given earlier problems with FS9 and XP, far less common than the Vista difficulties, could there be a mother board or CPU hardware issue? I'm way out of my depth here, just trying to think outside the box. I'm also having very serious second thoughts about upgrading just yet. My video card is ancient and memory is at the hardware limit with 500 Mb, but it doesn't crash or lock up or give error messages. John
  7. Ad image in a field, supposedly "unauthorized". For being unauthorized it is fairly well executed. The straight lines are very straight, for instance. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,282592,00.html I though about putting this in Real World Aviation, but decided here was better. :wink:
  8. Spectacular. Very nice. John
  9. Patrick AFB, KCOF, near Melbourne FL? Terrain looks about right. The only thing higher than the top of the fence is the tower. John
  10. For this leg, I've decided to try a new twist. I thought it might be interesting to see if I couldn't combine this ATWC leg with a Cargo Pilot flight. After some fooling around, it turned out to be not all that difficult. I did have to throw the cargo-generation dice three times before I got a cargo from KFFA to KSTL, but eventually one turned up and I've accepted it. After all, if I'm going to fly for over five hours, I may as well try to get some credit for it. So, with no further ado, join me now at KFFA, Kill Devil Hill, North Carolina, site of the Wright Brothers' first flight
  11. allardjd

    JF blogging!

    Been there already, read it, posted a comment. I like it. Especially good that you don't need a log-in or ID to comment. Comments are moderated, I assume, but that's a necessary precaution. Anyway, very interesting.
  12. All the tankers and support equipment are gone now. The summer rain patterns have set in and though many fires are still burning, most if not all are contained and will eventually be put out by the near-daily rain. I didn't generate much interest about piston + jet aircraft, but here's what I found in a reference - there were four types, all from about the same time period.... B-36 Peacemaker C-123 Provider P2 Neptune Avro Shackleton The latter was a ringer - only the later versions had the jets and they were fitted into the aft part of t
  13. Martyn, You're going to be a tough act to follow and I won't be able to match it, much less top it. Those are stunning graphics and very nice photos. Does George Bush know you've borrowed his airplane? Did you really get the aluminum overcast stopped on that strip? Light or not, and even with a good headwind, that is an excellent piece of flying. I've resorted to a piston twin to get the baton (...and a quantity of something else) back out of there. I'm working on the next leg, but will let you bask in the feedback for a couple of days before following up with my humble offering
  14. Hmmm. I can see I'm going to have to keep a close eye on you. I was buying that story, hook, line and sinker. John
  15. Interesting story - I had to look it up. Check here.... http://www.titanic-whitestarships.com/T ... 0Story.htm I'm quite at sea with this thread, by the way.... Is it a Monday program? It was pretty quiet in here yesterday. John
  16. Hello, reef, Welcome to the friendliest flight sim forum on the web. Did he warn you they allow Americans in here? John
  17. Well, it has a fence. I like it already.... John
  18. "Guess the first doctor I remember? " Dr. No? (James Bond)
  19. Can't find "here" hot spot....is this how I vote? Yes, I like it. John
  20. Hi, Mut. Great finale! Very good shots, as usual. Re your text... Foggy Bottom also commonly refers to the State Department, which you might call the Foreign Office, I think. I believe it is located in the area you described. The connotation is that they are in the fog and usually cannot see what is plain to others. As for proximity to the Pentagon, one of the normal approaches to DCA, Washington Reagan is at least as close as your shot shows, though you would be quite a bit lower than in your shot. Great trip, great photos, great airplane... John
  21. Martin, I'm impressed with your lapping operation, actually. Well founded on good engineering principles and, from the description, well executed. Nice work.... John
  22. allardjd

    One for John

    Thanks, Dave, If you look closely you can see me standing next to the fence... :eyebrow: John
  23. Fred, Very enjoyable walk, and good photos. From your photos and Mut's, and the shed posts, Britain looks quite different from here. It's all so civilized. Buildings get character as they age there. Here they just get seedy...or bulldozed and replaced with a new shopping center. Not sure about pairing up with the French though. Have they really thought that through? :mrhappy: John
  24. Happy Birthday, Mut. I hope you have a great day, and a great week to follow. :mrhappy: Dave, the illness usually FOLLOWS the party. :!: John
  25. Yes, O'Hare... There was a short piece of amatuer video that caught it slowly rolling as it disappeared behind nearby hangars - I think there was what looked like smoke visible near the missing engine, actually fuel and hydraulic fluid atomizing in the slipstream. They must have shown that clip a thousand times. They analyzed the accident later in the simulators and said that with practice and foreknowledge of what was faulted, it was survivable, but barely. In real terms, the deck was so heavily stacked against the crew they had no real chance. A particularly ugly accident, cause
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