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  1. Fred, I enjoyed that a lot, though maybe not as much as you. Thanks for a great trip. I understand they will be beefing up the security at Juneau soon, as they're worried about a terrorist attack against the high-value dogsled factory and the nearby blubber works. As for the young lady flashing you, they don't mess with people up there who are hardy enough to disrobe in that weather, however briefly. Besides which, most everyone goes armed. After the famous Ididerod dogsled race was won by a woman two years running, there was a T-shirt making the rounds which said, "Alaska - home of beautiful dogs and fast women!" John
  2. allardjd

    Spitfire Edit

    It looks very much like natural lighting to me. The sun is low at his 7 or 8 o'clock and the whole starboard side is in shadow. The top of the left wing is well lighted as it would be. The ground still has good lighting, though if there were any trees visible, they'd be casting long shadows. Looks great from this side of the ocean, Mut. I think you nailed it. :good I presume he got the guy who did this to him before setting out for home? John
  3. allardjd

    Aussie Etiquette

    Europeans heighten threat levels (Reuters: London, May 2, 2007, 0905 GMT) The English are feeling the pinch in relation to recent terrorist threats and have raised their security level from "Miffed" to "Peeved." Soon, though, security levels may be raised yet again to "Irritated" or even "A Bit Cross." Londoners have not been "A Bit Cross" since the blitz began in 1940 and tea supplies all but ran out. Terrorists have been re-categorized from "Tiresome" to "A Bloody Nuisance." The last time the British issued "A Bloody Nuisance" warning level was during the great fire of 1666. NOTE: I cut this out of an article a friend sent. It had much less flattering paragraphs about several other European entities that I feared might be offensive, so I left them out. I hope no one is bothered by this part. I read it as a testament to Britain's general unflappability. John
  4. Well, it's obvious the Mut hasn't lost his touch. Is that a PC-12? John
  5. Phil, Very nice shots. I note with interest the "barber poles" on the ramp at Warsaw. I'm sure no one has ever clipped a wingtip on one, or pushed back into one of them. :?: :!: :?: That looks like a really bad idea. Well, if you're going to run into Poles, I guess that's the most likely place. :mrhappy: John
  6. That was very nice. You should have sold tickets! I'd have paid for that ride. John
  7. allardjd

    CH Products

    Dave, I have the yoke and pedals, but not the throttle quadrant. The yoke has three levers on the top right, used for throttles, prop and mixture, normally. The two buttons on the face (same as the ones on the quadrant, I think) default to gear and flaps. They're spring loaded to center; one push down and you get the first notch of flaps, another press, another notch; same going up. When setting up the configuration there's a repeat-rate slider for keys and momentary switches. I tried to reassign buttons and screwed it up. E-mailed CH and got some great technical help. They have a program called Control Manager that comes on the CD with the hardware. It's magic, and I think you can re-assign anything to anything. I doubt you'll need their help, but if you do you'll find them to be a class act. Can't help you on where to buy, as we're continents apart. Shipping and tax and all that will be quite different for us. I bought mine several years ago anyway. :-) Yes, the yoke clips to the desk or table. It has a pair of clamps with big thumbscrew knobs. It's pretty solid once attached. Both yoke axes are spring loaded to center, and the springs are pretty stiff. There's a kind of trim wheel thing on the left that does something with the spring tension, but I don't use it. The elevator trim rocker switch on the top of the left yoke handle works just fine. The fore and aft range on the yoke is about 3.5 inches from stop to stop. Hope some of this is helpful. I'm sure you'll hear more from the others. John
  8. A sad, sad thing.... :sadblinky: The domed building just north is the planetarium. Just to the left of that is the aquarium, both big public attractions. John
  9. Agree! :wink: The sealed bids via e-mail idea is very good and the preference order is far better than first come-first served. Everyone has one blue chip, one red chip, one white chip. Blue trumps red; red trumps white. This will work admirably. I also liked the original concept from the early stages of submitting bids during a window of time and then awarding the next leg to the most interesting bid. The wheels fell off that pretty early and it isn't practical here with the route pre-planned. The down side here is Mut and Dave get to do all the work and we get to have all the fun. John
  10. The news here today is full of an iPod scandal. It seems some students have been caught using hacked iPods as cheat-sheets during college entrance exams. Some schools are entirely banning any kind of music playback devices. Whenever someone comes along with something really innovative and useful it seems there's always someone else right behind them trying to find a way to use it for something nefarious. Young guys like Joe Ellwood and Dave Gorman give me some encouragement that there are a lot of the good type out there too. It's the punks who seem to get all the press. John
  11. When you go by air (commercial airline, that is), have time to spare. John
  12. Dave, Very nicely done and presented. Ahem, however.... Hawaii is the USA, you know. :mrhappy: John
  13. What a great leg...or legs! Great aircraft, scenery, screenshots, dialogue - all of it. Welcome to the US. John
  14. Mut, One of Murphy's Laws says, "Work flows to the competent man until he submerges." Hope you have a snorkel and periscope. We'll try to behave and allow you some peace. John
  15. KATL's runways and KMCO's runways are all on the same heading.
  16. KATL Atlanta Hartsfield has five parallel runways, all lying at 094/274 degrees. They're numbered... 9R/27L 9L/27R 8R/26L 8L/26R 10/28 KMCO at Orlando has four and uses the same scheme, just ofsetting the numbering of one pair by 10 degrees. The new airpatch could also use a "center" designator, so would only need two triads of runway numbers.
  17. Very cool. After all those aluminum tubes full of seats, this is a nice change. Well done. John
  18. When flying the US legs (including Hawaii), these links may be useful for flight planning... You guys probably already know all about these. SIDS, STARS, approach procedures, airport diagrams (as PDFs): http://www.naco.faa.gov/index.asp?xml=naco/online/d_tpp Weather, (if you fly with real world weather turned on) including terminal forecasts, winds aloft, METARs, WX maps, etc: http://aviationweather.gov/ Maybe this will help someone a little at some point. John
  19. Thanks, Joe. I'm touched. Very classy, very well done, VERY much appreciated. John
  20. Mut, Yes, we came home Friday evening and are indeed back on the big wire. I actually took these shots of the simulated BA over a week ago, but didn't have time to do anything with them before we left. The resort only had dial-up, so I sat on them until returning home. Then came the accident, the day after we got back, which motivated me to get my act together and post these. I did see a clip of amateur video that caught the beginning of the accident. It shows the main formation of four already grouped up and travelling pretty fast from left to right in the clip. The fifth is behind, maybe two or three A/C lengths, but on about the same heading and catching up. The sixth plane, the accident plane, comes into the scene at what looks to be the lead groups 10 or 11 o'clock position, almost on an opposite course, but low and pulling hard to port to roll in behind them. All were low; there were trees all along the lower edge of the shot, but #6 appeared lowest of all. In my view he was pulling very hard, maybe too hard and too low (and with no g-suit). Within a few seconds he still seemed to be at about an 80 degree or greater bank angle and had turned most of the way back toward the heading of the main group, showing a bottom plan view to the camera. He appeared to be losing more height in the turn. In the last half-second of the clip his nose seemed to be dropping below horizontal though the bank angle still seemed very pronounced as he dropped behind the trees from the camera's perspective. It's only speculation, but it had the appearance that he was pulling so hard that he either blacked out or had begun to stall. It appeared to be a really radical turn at a very low height. There is also an unconfirmed report that the #6 aircraft clipped a pine tree at the end of the previous manuever, but no one seems too sure of it. It really doesn't seem credible that anyone would attempt a turn like that to rejoin in an aircraft that had just hit a tree. John
  21. Outstanding, David. I especially like the morning shot with the looonnnnggg shadows. Beautiful aircraft. Very nice flight and photo log. Did I understand correctly that you do not use GPS? Neither did Amelia, but she didn't have floats. John
  22. I’ve just gotten a new S3 Viking and what better place to try it out than Pensacola NAS? I’d just started up and was getting ready to taxi when who should happen by? An F-18 in Blue Angels colors! Then another…and another…six in all. They taxied to the active and took off in sequence. They stayed in the pattern and were doing T & Gs, though AI Smooth gave them a lot of go-arounds. You don’t run into these guys just anywhere… Lead is rolling… Couldn’t resist following along… Gear coming out. It wasn’t up long… Those are his squadron mates beyond. Downwind Over the Gulf. Note the centerline tank. I don’t think they use them for airshows. Lined up, flaps down… Crossing the beach… Going around… On the ground you can see some of the less brightly colored examples. Must be females of the species. Back at pattern altitude for another circuit. These are courtesy of JF-Traffic 2005 and the Military Plus Pack #1 (I need to download MPP #2 one of these days). I had no idea they would be there, just blundered into it. Note all the aircraft on the ramps in the last two shots. That would have been bare tarmac before the JF add-ons. I’m really happy with what they do. Hope you enjoy these. John
  23. This is part of the sectional showing the restricted area. I've added arrows pointing to the RA and the note. I had the altitude wrong. I thought it was 15,000. This says 14,000.
  24. I like the route. It hits most of what most considered worth doing. Speed and efficiency rank dead last in the order of things we ought to be concerned about. Also, I like the idea of opening the bids for a route say a day or two before it is to be flown then everyone who's interested submitting a proposed aircraft, scenerio etc. to Mutley. When he has all the bids in hand, then he can decide who has the most interesting or appropriate proposal. Some of the "bids" I've seen so far read a little like ultimatums. All this far-ahead staking out of legs seems chaotic and I think Mut is getting painted into corners he'd rather not be in. There's a lot of the world left after we finish Canada and the US, so I think everyone is going to get all the opportunities they want. Actually, Europe got the short end of the stick at the outset and I think it might be a good idea to criss-cross that a bit after coming up out of North Africa. John
  25. This happened a few days ago. Ironic, as I'd just mentioned this cable and the associated restricted area in the post on potential US destinations on the round-the-world challenge. That RA is clearly depicted on the sectionals and anyone from the area should be well aware of it. The quote is from a local news web site and that's all they give you without a paid subscription. Bad week for airplanes in the US - If what happened at VA Tech is any indication there should soon be an outcry to outlaw airplanes lest more people die needlessly. John
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