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  1. Outstanding, David. I especially like the morning shot with the looonnnnggg shadows. Beautiful aircraft. Very nice flight and photo log. Did I understand correctly that you do not use GPS? Neither did Amelia, but she didn't have floats. John
  2. I’ve just gotten a new S3 Viking and what better place to try it out than Pensacola NAS? I’d just started up and was getting ready to taxi when who should happen by? An F-18 in Blue Angels colors! Then another…and another…six in all. They taxied to the active and took off in sequence. They stayed in the pattern and were doing T & Gs, though AI Smooth gave them a lot of go-arounds. You don’t run into these guys just anywhere… Lead is rolling… Couldn’t resist following along… Gear coming out. It wasn’t up long… Those are his squadron mates beyond. Downwind Over the Gulf. Note the centerline tank. I don’t think they use them for airshows. Lined up, flaps down… Crossing the beach… Going around… On the ground you can see some of the less brightly colored examples. Must be females of the species. Back at pattern altitude for another circuit. These are courtesy of JF-Traffic 2005 and the Military Plus Pack #1 (I need to download MPP #2 one of these days). I had no idea they would be there, just blundered into it. Note all the aircraft on the ramps in the last two shots. That would have been bare tarmac before the JF add-ons. I’m really happy with what they do. Hope you enjoy these. John
  3. This is part of the sectional showing the restricted area. I've added arrows pointing to the RA and the note. I had the altitude wrong. I thought it was 15,000. This says 14,000.
  4. I like the route. It hits most of what most considered worth doing. Speed and efficiency rank dead last in the order of things we ought to be concerned about. Also, I like the idea of opening the bids for a route say a day or two before it is to be flown then everyone who's interested submitting a proposed aircraft, scenerio etc. to Mutley. When he has all the bids in hand, then he can decide who has the most interesting or appropriate proposal. Some of the "bids" I've seen so far read a little like ultimatums. All this far-ahead staking out of legs seems chaotic and I think Mut is getting painted into corners he'd rather not be in. There's a lot of the world left after we finish Canada and the US, so I think everyone is going to get all the opportunities they want. Actually, Europe got the short end of the stick at the outset and I think it might be a good idea to criss-cross that a bit after coming up out of North Africa. John
  5. This happened a few days ago. Ironic, as I'd just mentioned this cable and the associated restricted area in the post on potential US destinations on the round-the-world challenge. That RA is clearly depicted on the sectionals and anyone from the area should be well aware of it. The quote is from a local news web site and that's all they give you without a paid subscription. Bad week for airplanes in the US - If what happened at VA Tech is any indication there should soon be an outcry to outlaw airplanes lest more people die needlessly. John
  6. Martyn, Very, very nice. I really enjoyed it. I'll bet you did too. Is the fuel quantity on the FMC in hundreds of pounds? John
  7. From what I saw on TV yesterday it wasn't a collision. They had completed a manuever that had separated them and were rejoining from all over the compass. This guy was heading toward, but not close to the others when he went down. It has the smell of an engine failure or some other malfunction, but no one knows for sure yet. John
  8. A Blue Angel pilot was killed yesterday in a crash during an airshow. It doesn't appear there were any other casualties. http://my.earthlink.net/article/top?gui ... 2571400708 John
  9. Joe, I loved your choice of aircraft. One of the true classics. Great photos and I have to say your imaginative way to salvage the flight after a PC issue was top-notch. I think you got Mut in hot water with his better half, however. Still when duty calls, you've got to go. Nice job to all concerned on this team effort. John
  10. Simi, Great flight and photos. I've got to get one of those. The only thing better than a radial engine is four of them. John
  11. You guys are GOOD! That was a great, imaginative sequence. Well done. John
  12. I like mulletman's map - it looks like it was designed by the guy who hopes to be selling us fuel though. It's a good concept and Mut can tweak the details as necessary to hit the places that ought to be visited. As for airport types, you can find anything, from KATL-like behemoths with four parallel runways to 1500 foot grass strips. Lots of both, and everything in between. Strips are scarcer in the West than the East, except right along the Pacific, where there are also plenty. I know of one place with two water runways and one asphalt. No ILS, though. :-) John
  13. Mut, Possible US destinations, in no particular order and with no particular preferences... Meigs Field (RIP) in Chicago would be fitting. It would have to be in FS9, as I believe it had already been converted to a city park when FSX was compiled. A beautiful venue and useful field that literally had the runways bulldozed without warning by city road crews after the tower closed at 10:00 PM one night on the orders of the mayor. It took weeks for all the aircraft stranded there to get out after painful negotiations with the FAA to permit them to fly off the taxiways, which he thoughtfully left intact for a while. It may be off the beaten path for us, but there's a nice little strip on Mackinac Island, where Lakes Michigan and Huron meet, near the famous Mackinac bridge. I've landed a Skyhawk there in real life (on the island, not the bridge). Someone once flew a B-52 under the bridge, so I suspect one of us could do something similar, maybe even inverted. Key West is kind of neat, and there are a couple of interesting features nearby that are modeled in FS9. One is a tethered balloon site operated by the Navy. The balloons carry an antenna for transmitting to the population of Cuba, ala the now defunct Radio Free Europe. There's a restricted area on the sectionals with a note that a cable to 15,000 ft. (!!!) may be present. The RA, complete with cable and balloon, are there in FS9 (I've also seen it in real life, though not from an aircraft). Also, some distance west of KW are the Dry Tortugas with a Civil War era fort and a lighthouse, both present in FS9. There's a memorial to the Wright Brothers at Kill Devil Hill in North Carolina and I'm pretty sure it's in FS. At least a buzz job, if not a stop there might be a fitting gesture. There are some Islands in Lake Erie that, until about 15 years ago had a twice daily scheduled air service for tourists in Ford Tri-Motors. I saw some of them in the 80's. Among other things, the aircraft were operated under contract as a school bus service for the children of permanent residents on the islands going to schools on the mainland. Quite by chance, I encountered a famous military flight demonstration team doing touch and goes at a US military field, thanks to the JF Military Plus Pack #1. I'm pretty sure they're a permanent feature there if you're running that add on, so we could get an air show on the tour - or be part of one. (I have screen shots, but won't be posting them until I get back home on a high-speed connection.) Among the things I haven't seen, but I believe are modeled in FS are the arch in St. Louis, Mt. Rushmore, Niagra Falls, Grand Canyon, Mt. Ranier (tallest peak in the continental US), the strip at Las Vegas, Hoover and Grand Coulee dams (a made to order mission for Dambuster??), the Queen Mary and nearby dome housing Howard Hughe's Spruce Goose and some of the landmarks in Washington DC and New York. As I said, no preferences, just info. John
  14. Mut, Perth/Scone it is! Exactly right. Did I say something confusing? Not sure how you can do this without FS. I use the Go To Airport database and the map feature extensively when searching for an airport. Anyway, you have it. I almost choked at your early mention of McDonalds. I'm sure you wouldn't have to look too far in Perth to find that surname, though probably not under the golden arches. Very good work. I think that one was a little more difficult than the Shuttle landing strip. I thought planting one under your noses after KSFO was a good idea. John
  15. Well, I think cabers and haggis are more common than hockey sticks and moose meat, if that helps. :-) John
  16. Hmmm. I think we'll just let this percolate for another 24 hours. I know you folks are kind of busy. John
  17. Another 24 hours has passed uneventfully. For the next clue I’ve let the mad engineer out of the bottle…. First let’s tighten up the ranges I gave yesterday a little. North latitude is between 55 and 60 degrees. ...and... Field elevation is between 375 and 400 feet (a pretty useless clue, in and of itself). But with this….. X = 7.11Y - Z ...where…. X = West longitude Y = North latitude Z = Field elevation …it might help provide some needed narrowing of possibilities. If you get a negative result, use common sense. You already have ranges of values for Y and Z, so have at it… This should get you into a fairly small slice of the globe, much of it too wet for an airport. Remember the earlier clues: Airport name = food City (town?, village?) = a place on another continent This should separate the navigators from the pilots. I expect some of our students to run hard for the goal line with this. I’ll be very surprised if we don’t have a winner today. I can almost hear the palms smacking the foreheads already. An earlier comment will prove ironic. I’ll give another clue in 24 hours, if needed, but I doubt it will be.
  18. It seems another clue is needed....or two. Field elevation is between 300 and 400 ft. Latitude is between 45 and 60 degrees North. John
  19. Just saw a news article yesterday the the Marines are deploying some of them to Iraq. Also, a family member is doing work near Ft. Bragg NC and told me some time ago that the production line is running (not there, though). He also said that they'd brought some of them into Bragg to do some kind of testing. It wasn't so much flight testing as that's pretty much all done, but to see how well it would mate up with some equipment/facilities there. Ft. Bragg is the hotbed of all things Special Forces here, and they'll be one of the primary users of the Osprey. Like you, I had not heard of a commercial version. Their primary advantage over helicopters is a decent cruise speed and decent range. Their only advantage over other fixed wing aircraft is the ability to hover and take off and land vertically. I just can't see any kind of commercial passenger operation at all, but there may be some special purpose things they'd be useful for, e.g. servicing oil platforms. I'm sure you know they had some horrific crashes in testing, but I believe those problems are sorted out now. John
  20. One of two is correct, Mut. The referenced food is not McDonalds, as you surmised, but the airport is not in the US. So, you can not only scratch KMCO from your list of suspects, but K-anything. Another hint in about 24 hours if no one is getting warm. John
  21. Well, we're dial up, at 50 cents a call, and just have an old USB joystick and the laptop screen. I miss my yoke, pedals and a big monitor. Still, it's better than being grounded. John
  22. Here’s our latest mystery airfield…. This is standard FS9 scenery, of course. The place is somewhat short of facilities, just approach slope lights on one runway and runway lights. There’s a very small town nearby. Not far away is this body of water, a long bay of sorts. It widens into a broad estuary, joining the sea beyond, and a small city lies on the left bank. The airport’s named for food. The town is named for a place on a different continent….or vice versa.
  23. OK, guys, I hope to post one tonight (UTC -4), but will be in our vacation digs, and I think, on dial-up. :mrhappy: If the connection is solid, it shouldn't be a problem, but there's a per-call charge, so it may be an issue if I'm repeatedly getting bumped off the system. Will spend some time on the drive over cogitating on which geographically obscure airpatch I ought to try to confound you with. Maybe something with a 350 ft. grass runway and a rotating beacon. :yes: Rest assured I won't be so free with the clues this time, either graphical or verbal. We drive right by KMCO, Orlando on the way over, so it won't be that. You can cross MCO off your list of suspects. John
  24. I think I've got it. I believe it's KSFO, San Francisco. Hidden in plain sight. Talk about short on clues! I may be too free with the hints, but this one is at the other end of the spectrum. :mrhappy: John
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