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  1. Hmmm. I think we'll just let this percolate for another 24 hours. I know you folks are kind of busy. John
  2. Another 24 hours has passed uneventfully. For the next clue I’ve let the mad engineer out of the bottle…. First let’s tighten up the ranges I gave yesterday a little. North latitude is between 55 and 60 degrees. ...and... Field elevation is between 375 and 400 feet (a pretty useless clue, in and of itself). But with this….. X = 7.11Y - Z ...where…. X = West longitude Y = North latitude Z = Field elevation …it might help provide some needed narrowing of possibilities. If you get a negative result, use common sense. You already have ranges of values for Y and Z, so have at it… This should get you into a fairly small slice of the globe, much of it too wet for an airport. Remember the earlier clues: Airport name = food City (town?, village?) = a place on another continent This should separate the navigators from the pilots. I expect some of our students to run hard for the goal line with this. I’ll be very surprised if we don’t have a winner today. I can almost hear the palms smacking the foreheads already. An earlier comment will prove ironic. I’ll give another clue in 24 hours, if needed, but I doubt it will be.
  3. It seems another clue is needed....or two. Field elevation is between 300 and 400 ft. Latitude is between 45 and 60 degrees North. John
  4. Just saw a news article yesterday the the Marines are deploying some of them to Iraq. Also, a family member is doing work near Ft. Bragg NC and told me some time ago that the production line is running (not there, though). He also said that they'd brought some of them into Bragg to do some kind of testing. It wasn't so much flight testing as that's pretty much all done, but to see how well it would mate up with some equipment/facilities there. Ft. Bragg is the hotbed of all things Special Forces here, and they'll be one of the primary users of the Osprey. Like you, I had not heard of a commercial version. Their primary advantage over helicopters is a decent cruise speed and decent range. Their only advantage over other fixed wing aircraft is the ability to hover and take off and land vertically. I just can't see any kind of commercial passenger operation at all, but there may be some special purpose things they'd be useful for, e.g. servicing oil platforms. I'm sure you know they had some horrific crashes in testing, but I believe those problems are sorted out now. John
  5. One of two is correct, Mut. The referenced food is not McDonalds, as you surmised, but the airport is not in the US. So, you can not only scratch KMCO from your list of suspects, but K-anything. Another hint in about 24 hours if no one is getting warm. John
  6. Well, we're dial up, at 50 cents a call, and just have an old USB joystick and the laptop screen. I miss my yoke, pedals and a big monitor. Still, it's better than being grounded. John
  7. Here’s our latest mystery airfield…. This is standard FS9 scenery, of course. The place is somewhat short of facilities, just approach slope lights on one runway and runway lights. There’s a very small town nearby. Not far away is this body of water, a long bay of sorts. It widens into a broad estuary, joining the sea beyond, and a small city lies on the left bank. The airport’s named for food. The town is named for a place on a different continent….or vice versa.
  8. OK, guys, I hope to post one tonight (UTC -4), but will be in our vacation digs, and I think, on dial-up. :mrhappy: If the connection is solid, it shouldn't be a problem, but there's a per-call charge, so it may be an issue if I'm repeatedly getting bumped off the system. Will spend some time on the drive over cogitating on which geographically obscure airpatch I ought to try to confound you with. Maybe something with a 350 ft. grass runway and a rotating beacon. :yes: Rest assured I won't be so free with the clues this time, either graphical or verbal. We drive right by KMCO, Orlando on the way over, so it won't be that. You can cross MCO off your list of suspects. John
  9. I think I've got it. I believe it's KSFO, San Francisco. Hidden in plain sight. Talk about short on clues! I may be too free with the hints, but this one is at the other end of the spectrum. :mrhappy: John
  10. Lots of strange things happen in Turkey. Guess it could have been worse. :mrhappy: John
  11. At least they didn't make me park on the grass, as I had to do in Turkey. :mrhappy: John
  12. I flew a JF - Cargo Pilot flight into Patuxent River NAS (SE of Washington, DC) yesterday - this is where they parked me. Pretty good company, I'd say. Military fields in FS9 used to be bleak and unfriendly, no ground control, no aircraft, just "Taxi for Takeoff options". I bought the JF Military Plus Pack #1 and it's changed all that for the better. I know the graphics quality isn't up to the count-the-rivets standard most of you adhere to. Still, it WAS a nice place to be parked. Had a nice surprise today at another miltary field, but that's a topic for another post. John
  13. Dave, Very nice repaint. It looks real-world authentic. Have never tried to do one, but have several utilities that claim to support this. My artistic talent, on a scale of 1 to 10, is in negative numbers. My wife has all that. Maybe I need to get her repainting aircraft. Tell me more about the VA - I see Squawk Box. Is this a VATC thing, or simply a VA? I'm up to my ears in Cargo Pilot these days, and can't get enough of that, but would be interested in a Virtual Airline at some point, maybe. I don't think my current suite of hardware is up to virtual ATC, however. John
  14. I like the plan, Mut. Wouldn't have thought of going that way, but it works and gets us everywhere we ought to go. As you say, it's going to take some long-legged birds to do some of these legs, but that's fine. Amelia tried it on a shoestring and hasn't been heard from since. I don't feel strongly about any particular destinations in the US, but appreciate you asking. I'll be jumping in soon, though will be away from home and the hardware I usually fly with for a week beginning Friday. I'll be reading the forum, but will not be able to fly anything that week for sure. Have a new AC that I need to do some testing on to see what kind of range I can actually achieve with it, but it looks like it may be in the 2,000 NM range, so I can hopefully fit in somewhere. John
  15. Very nice shots. Scenery looks good too. Is that from the freeware site? I really liked the shot with the approach lights; have always been partial to approach pics. Wouldn't it be great if the red spot on the nose of the Air India livery was displayed above the windscreen as a caste mark? John
  16. ...and at a great price. John
  17. There's a semi-famous bit of aircraft wisdom that says something like, "If you have an engine failure in a light twin, you'll always have enough power remaining to reach the scene of the crash." That comes to mind when looking at this. John
  18. Mut, Very well done. We do appear to have forgotten something at some point and gone back for it...but speed and efficiency isn't the object, right? John
  19. allardjd

    MH homepage down?

    Have you guys noticed that the ads at the bottom of this page are in the Cyrillic alpabet? John EDIT: Well, they were, but now they're not.
  20. allardjd

    MH homepage down?

    Same for me, Dave. Forum seems fine, though I tried the homepage from a new window; didn't close this one and attempt to re-open it. John
  21. Congratulations on all my UK flight-sim friends on the news of the British armed forces hostages being released from Iran. These folks were victims, not criminals, and were not in need of a so-called pardon. I'm very pleased to see them returned to their homeland and families. Best wishes to them. John
  22. Wow! Nice jet; nice paint; nice flight; nice story. Loved the dog. So that's the Lukla you've been talking about, eh? I'll bet they don't have too many go arounds there. Talk about being committed to the landing! I think you'd need a power to weight ratio > 1 to make a missed approach there. On the other hand, the up-slope makes the runway longer than it really is, for all practical purposes, once you've got the wheels planted on terra firma. Will bid for another leg as soon as I acquire a more interesting ride. You guys set a high standard. John
  23. Very nice. Good way to start my morning. John
  24. A friend sent me this link from, of all things, a motorcycle forum. It's about a young boy encountering an itinerant Mustang at a small airport in Canada in the 60s. It's a good read, and not too long. http://www.chromeheads.org/discus/messa ... 1175352501 John
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