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  1. If Joe is right about it being a Russian helo, it might very well be a MI-24 Hind. The MI-24 does have the bowed windscreen rails like the one in the photo and most helos don't have "one up" cockpits like that. That's pretty much a feature of helo gunships and I think the Hind does have that cockpit layout. I didn't pick up on the fact that it was a helo until Joe mentioned it, but now that I look closely, you can see the collective. I was thinking it was a late 60s or 70s fighter. I haven't a clue who the developer might be. If this is indeed a Hind, someone else can be the winner when they supply that info. And....I'm not really sure it's a Hind anyway. Lot's of mujahadeen (sp) got chewed up by MI-24s in Afghanistan before the US began supplying them with Stingers. John
  2. Joe, You are a piece of work!!! That was awesome. Obviously you have a fine stable of FS aircraft. I saw the Hornet at work with the Blue Angels at an airshow earlier this year. The aircraft and the folks who fly them are pretty amazing. It was amusing to listen to the announcer repeatedly refer to it as, "...the Boeing FA-18 Hornet." As I'm sure you know, they were actually designed and built by McDonnel-Douglas but Boeing has bought them out. It's a great aircraft, but I'm a little worried that the Navy is asking much of it. The A-6 Intruders are gone. The F-14 Tomcats are gone. The S-3 Vikings are nearly gone. About all they have left on the carriers that can do the work are the Hornets. Hopefully the Joint Strike Fighter will not be delayed and will pick up some of the load soon. Anyway, nice photo show. I'm sure the jarheads were appreciative. John
  3. The Good News I bought a couple of raffle tickets from my brother last week. Here's some of the advertising poop.... "The Military Affinity Group is sponsoring a raffle that will award 3 lucky winners with cockpit time in a SH60B "Seahawk" Helicopter Simulator. This simulator is a full-motion simulator that gives the most realistic flight simulation that modern technology has to offer. The Army version of this helicopter is the more famous "Blackhawk". If you have worked in the CSX HQ for any amount of time, you have seen these helicopters (pictured below) fly up and down the St Johns River almost on a daily basis. Here is your chance to find out what it is like to pilot this type of helicopter in a safe and controlled environment (on the ground). The 3 winners will be given tranportation to & from Mayport on March 20th at 9 a.m. Return will be early to mid afternoon. Tickets are on sale now until March 14th at 12 noon. The 3 winners will be given tranportation to & from Mayport on March 20th at 9 a.m. Return will be early to mid afternoon. Proceeds from the raffle will go to support operations of the Military Affinity Group's efforts to provide assistance to CSX employees who have been called up to active duty service, shipping care packages, providing supplies to residents of the VA Hospitals and Homes in the Northeast Florida area, and financial support for the Northeast Florida USO." This is one of the Navy full-motion simulators at Mayport NAS, just outside Jacksonville FL, about 100 miles from me. Well, my brother just called and I'm one of the winners. The Bad News I've received a summons for jury duty beginning on Monday, March 19th and don't know if I'll be able to go over to Jacksonville for this or not.
  4. Close enough. AYLA is not in FS9. The Lae field in that program is Nadzab, AYNZ, about 15 miles up the road from the city. I think it's the historic one, but wasn't aware of AYLA. Anyway, Lae is the place and there's only one field listed in FS9. As you know by now, this was the departure point for Amelia Earhart's last flight, attempting to reach Howland Island. The rest is history and mystery. Lae was used extensively by the Japanese until mid to late 1943, when they were...well, evicted. There's a photo in Wickopedia of wrecked A6M Zeros next to the runway. Understand your focus on the ETO. That was literally a matter of survival for Britain, and the Pacific was more of a sideshow. With Americans of the era, Pearl Harbor made it personal in the Pacific. Sorry to make this so difficult. That wasn't my intent. I remember your post that was characterized as quite simple because you knew where it was. So it was with this. I didn't intend to frustrate anyone to the point of beating up the sky in a Tornado. Great way to relieve stress, though. John
  5. The aviation pioneer to whom I refer is one of those mentioned by Mut above.
  6. allardjd

    Yukon Departure

    Very nice, Dave. Top notch, in fact. John
  7. More clues tomorrow, Mut. You guys are actually barking in the right forest, if not exactly at the right tree. John
  8. Dave, The F-4 Phantom was quite a smudge pot too, at least the real thing was. Not sure if any of the programmers captured that or not. But then, when you're dropping naphalm, I guess the exhaust is small potatoes. John
  9. Not all the Axis bases were in the home countries... John
  10. allardjd


    I don't remember where I read this, and paraphrased it a little. I hope you like it.... Controller: "Piper 5AB, say altitude." Piper 5AB: "Altitude" Controller: "Piper 5AB, say airspeed." Piper 5AB: "Airspeed" Controller (after long pause): "Piper 5AB, say 'Cancel IFR' ." Piper 5AB: "5,000 ft, 140 knots"
  11. Next clues... The city name has three letters; two are vowels. It's on an island, though a rather large one. Don't forget there were three Axis powers. John
  12. I think the green bars may be formation lights; they're low intensity, not visible from very far away, but useful for night formation flying. John
  13. Gents, I'm an unreformed JF Cargo Pilot flyer and am ready to move up from the Cessna Caravan. I'm looking for suggestions. Here's my criteria: - It should be a "single pilot" capable aircraft in the real world, if possible. - Cargo payload should be > 7,500 lbs. - Range at max cargo weight should be > 1,000 NM. - The panel should be fully IFR capable, though that's probaby a given in an aircraft of that class. - Vintage AC, even piston engine(s) OK, but would prefer to avoid a tail-dragger if possible. - Configuration should have multiple "cargo bays" or cargo loading stations so that the load can be distributed with proper CG in mind. - The ability to substitute aux tanks for cargo would be a plus, but not absolutely necessary. - Payware is not an issue; I'll buy it as long as it works OK in CP. - FS9 and FSX compatible. So... let's hear your suggestions and favorites. Thanks, John
  14. Joe, Now that's an airplane. I'll bet the controllers love it when the ground speed on their scope is reading zero and the atitude readout is clicking off the thousands. Very nice photos, and as Mut noted, the water textures are excellent. John
  15. Well, this is indeed the dreaded, “…single runway in the middle of nowhere... John EDIT: Looks like most of the original text as well as the images are gone - attempting to re-build this (08/01/17) Clues: WWII Axis air base; associated with an aviation pioneer. JDA
  16. Neither. Honest! Your clues were pretty good and got me in the right part of the world. I can pump through them pretty quickly looking for what I do know, in this case an airport in a certain region with 18/36 and no other runways. I keep a flight open in the top down view and when I get a candidate I can get a quick look. Would have had it last night if not for the differences between your FSX screenshots and my FS9 world. If you don't have a problem waiting a bit, I'm willing to post another. Have some errands to run tonight, and it will be a few hours before I can get to it. Will probably be tomorrow before you folks see them. Might give Dave in Australia an unfair advantage. :wink: I have an idea for the next one that may make it less a geography lesson and more a history exercise. John
  17. allardjd

    Yukon Departure

    Dave, Really nice shots. Looking forward to the second half. Always keep 'em wanting more. John
  18. This appears to be Male Int'l (VRMM), at Male in the Maldives. If you ever wanted a reason to go to FSX, look at the difference between the original post and the last one. John
  19. I probably saw this... Will try to ID. John
  20. I'm drawing a blank on this one so far. Is there any chance this is an airport that's not in FS9? John
  21. Very impressive, dgor. I loved every bit of it. John
  22. What's the requirement for this? If it's an interactive, voice ATC session, which is what it sounds like, I'm likely not set up to do it. Still, would be interested in a steer in the right direction for the future. Haven't tried multi-player FS. John
  23. Not sure you'd NEED one, but I'll bet you could get one. :mrhappy: John
  24. I worked from the fact that it was clearly an island, and not too large a one at that and went from there. I'll have another shot. There are some visual clues here. Look carefully. More clues tomorrow, if needed. John What is that? What is that??? There’s the harbor. Short final for 18. Top down view.
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