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  1. Wow! Nice jet; nice paint; nice flight; nice story. Loved the dog. So that's the Lukla you've been talking about, eh? I'll bet they don't have too many go arounds there. Talk about being committed to the landing! I think you'd need a power to weight ratio > 1 to make a missed approach there. On the other hand, the up-slope makes the runway longer than it really is, for all practical purposes, once you've got the wheels planted on terra firma. Will bid for another leg as soon as I acquire a more interesting ride. You guys set a high standard. J
  2. Very nice. Good way to start my morning. John
  3. A friend sent me this link from, of all things, a motorcycle forum. It's about a young boy encountering an itinerant Mustang at a small airport in Canada in the 60s. It's a good read, and not too long. http://www.chromeheads.org/discus/messa ... 1175352501 John
  4. Our godson is a house guest this week. To help make it a memorable visit, we decided to visit the Kennedy Space Center, a little over 100 miles from here. We've lived in Florida for over three years, and just hadn't found time to take in the Space Center; this seemed to be a good opportunity. I'd been there once in the mid-80s and thought I had a pretty good recollection of it. Apparently not. I didn't take a camera and should have. Sorry, I have no photos for you. Not a single one. Much has changed since my first visit to KSC, of course. It's no longer cheap, but it was a well spe
  5. Excellent work, guys. I guess that one was even easier than the Panama Canal. Mut, you obviously know where it is but KTTS isn't the correct designator. Joe Ellwood has it exactly right - X68. Good work, Joe. We have house guests this week and are going to visit the Space Center today, so it was on my mind last night. As you say, too many clues. John
  6. Here’s the next mystery airport for you viewing pleasure. This is stock FS9 scenery. (I’ll bet you could have figured that out without me telling you.) Hints: 1) It’s in the Western Hemisphere 2) An extremely steep descent profile is sometimes required 3) Landings exceed takeoffs 4) A 747 has landed on this runway I’ll post more clues in a day or two if no one is getting warm. I expect that this won’t last the first day without being ID’d though.
  7. I'll have one posted by morning, I think. John
  8. Mut, that's disappointing! I was hoping for a story about how you shot a back course approach through 10/10ths overcast to minimums, using only an out of calibration VSI and an ADF tuned to a station 50 miles away and your elevator trim stuck full nose-down, with a thunderstorm raging, and freezing rain and a 70 knot crosswind component and gusts to 95. And how you flawlessly performed the famous Cobra manuever to bleed off the last of the airspeed (with a little vodka and yak milk beforehand to keep the courage up and the good judgement down), at 5 meters AGL, right over the threshold, at 2
  9. At last - a real clue! It's Guipavas (LFRB) at Brest. John
  10. Nice photo, Mut, but one wonders how they ever managed to taxi that thing. They must have needed GPS, but it hadn't been invented yet. John
  11. Nice show, Dave. I felt like I was there. About that cabin service, however... John
  12. Joe, A can or three of those monster-size Fosters oughta' do it. John
  13. Dave, You do have an eye for photos, and apparently, the hardware to support some excellent quality graphics. Very nice. John
  14. There's some pretty interesting ground action going on, too. It appears there's an airshow in progress. The Herc is dwarfed by a 4-jet military trash-hauler parked nearby. C-5 or C-17 maybe. Mut, were you on the program for the air show, or was this just an unauthorized buzz-job? :dance: John
  15. There appears to be a small (GA?) runway paralleling the main runway. That ought to be unmistakable once someone finds the right place, but I'm guessing it's not shown in FS9. John
  16. Joe, I'll bet you're looking forward to it, and I'm sure you'll do well. Keep us posted how it's going once you get started. I did mine in 1980, and still remember some of it. John
  17. Who designed the nose gear strut on that thing, the Little Giant Ladder Co? :nervious: John
  18. Mulletman, I expect there's a Herc in my future, but want to get proficient in the Provider for a while first. ...and I do love radial engines. Joe Ellwood, Thanks. How's ground school going? Like drinking from a fire hose? John
  19. Have been practicing flying the C-123 heavy, at or near max. gross weight of 51,900 lbs, as this is now my JF Cargo Pilot ride of choice. This was a landing on a 4,004 ft runway. The approach was a bit high and fast and I didn't touch down until mid-field or later. Should have gone around, but that's how we learn, and if it wasn't hard, it wouldn't be fun. Anyway, this is where I got it stopped. Plenty of room, I didn't even need the over-run pad. Did need to push back from there to taxi away, however. Pucker Factor meter was deep in the yellow crossing the threshold, with an upward t
  20. How it Came to Happen Tuesday last will be one of the memories of a lifetime. I was privileged to get a chance to tour the facilities of the US Navy's HSL-40 training squadron at NS Mayport FL (near Jacksonville), including a few minutes hands-on in an SH60B Seahawk flight simulator. In short, a raffle ticket whose proceeds were to benefit the USO, won me a place among 16 folks who were to be given a tour and simulator ride. The USO is a civilian, non-profit organization whose purpose is to support and assist the US serviceman at home and abroad, particularly the lower
  21. Once you retire, these things get a lot less important. :dance: I read a great quote once. A man with a watch always knows the time. A man with TWO watches is never sure. John
  22. Had a fantastic experience with the Navy's toys today, and have some photos, though none in the simulator building. I want to write this up like a magazine article and do it right. Hope to post in a day or two. Where's the appropriate place, here or Real World Aviation? The photos are real world, of course; as it happens, none will be of the simulator, even though that's the feature topic. John
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