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  1. OK, this place has some things in common with the last airport. It's isolated...more later if you need them. This is stock FS9 scenery. Hmmm...odd taxiway configuration. Only AC on the ramp. Livery might be a clue, if you can ID it. Not North up. Good luck to all, and may the best airport bum win. John
  2. Yes, there's something particularly sad about a broken airplane, even if you're pretty sure no one got hurt. Ditto the MIG. Most small airports I've visited have one or more decrepit planes sitting around slowly rotting away and you wonder what would make someone just abandon one. Have you ever seen the photos of the boneyards at Davis-Monthan AFB in Arizona, where the US military disposes of the no-longer-needed or the no-longer-servicable? It's a sad, sad thing. I've seen video of them being cut up. They use a steel blade about 30 ft. long and raise it up on a huge crane. They drop it and slice off a wing, or section up a fuselage in the blink of an eye. When I see that, I like to think the scrap is going to wind up at Lockheed or Boeing or Grumman, but truth is most of it probably ends up at Miller or Anhueser-Busch. Not that beer is bad, it's just that airplanes are better. John
  3. OUCHl!!! Australian types, I apologize for the incorrect spelling of Qantas. It's not like I would have had to go anywhere to look it up or anything. It was right in front of me. John
  4. Sorry about all the white space. All but the last shot were cropped. Evidently what I saved included all the white space too. Bear with me, I'll get this figured out. At least I didn't get a thumbnail this time. John
  5. The first three are actor John Travolta's Quantas 707b. He owns a home near here and he and several neighbors share a private 9,000 ft. runway. He normally parks this aircraft and his Gulfstream (not sure if it's a IV or a V) next to his house. You don't see these all up and down the block. This appears to be decaying. It was recently towed here from another location on the field, where it's been for quite some time. Appears to be a 2-seater. I think it's some variant of a MIG 17. Former Yugoslavian AF? I believe the aircraft remains in the last two photos are from planes damaged in a windstorm here some time ago. Probably waiting for the insurance people to speak as to their disposition.
  6. I don't have a clue about the airport, but I see runway numbers in white on the grass. Do they really do that, or is it a FS scenery thing? Have never seen it on this side of the pond. John
  7. Thanks, gents. I think I understand and will give it a try later in the Real World Aviation forum. I went non-virtual airport bumming today with a non-virtual camera and have photos of actor John Travolta's Qantas 707 (N707JT) on the ramp at the local airport, as well as a derelict MIG 17 and some wrecks lying around the local tin shop. Have a honey-do list to take care of first, however. Will post later today if I can negotiate the URL codes and such. John
  8. Does anyone know if aircraft from the Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator can be successfully loaded into and flown in FS9? John
  9. Very nice photos, particularly after seeing my first effort a few minutes ago. You guys make it look easy. John
  10. That was my first posted image. Why am I getting the "Click here to enlarge" business? John
  11. Just got JF Military Plus Pak 1 and couldn't resist seeing if I could get the Follow Me truck into a C-130. Results are predictable, I guess. John
  12. Joe, Great shots, great story. I see Orions frequently, as the USN's East Coast home for them is up the road about 100 miles in Jacksonville. They land right over my brother's house there. A stately bird indeed. Isn't two Mark 46s for a fishing vessel/freighter laying it on a little heavy? Remind me not to get on your bad side. John
  13. I don't pause there. It's just an extra page load and click. John
  14. Dave and Joe, Thanks for the responses. If I'm getting this right, you can't just designate a destination for the bitmaps to be saved, except by having FSScreen.EXE in the desired location. The statement in the Readme.TXT led me to believe that you could somehow point to a destination. I was reading more into it than was intended, I guess. Thanks again for the help. John
  15. Have you considered a route through eastern Europe and Russia, mabye dipping down into the Middle East and China just for interest, then across the Bering Straight into Alaska, across Canada or the northern US to, maybe Halifax, then across the pond? It's a viable alternative to the more southerly routes, but might not be as picturesque or interesting. I suspect eastern Russia is long on trees and terrain and short on most everything else. It does pretty much avoid long overwater legs, at least until reaching Halifax or Gander.
  16. OK, gents, I've found and downloaded FSScreen 1.1 and it's a very nice piece of work. It's easy, works well, and as advertised, doesn't "hit" FS at all, performance wise. Having said that, there's a line in the readme file that says... "The file is saved in the program directory of FSScreen, but you can set another directory as working directory for FSSCREEN.EXE, then your screenshots will be in that directory." I'd like to do that, but can't figure out how. Someone a lot smarter than me once said, "Every solution creates a new problem." Thus it is with this one. Since you folks were so helpful in answering my initial question, perhaps you can provide a vector on this one too. By the way, this forum gets REALLY quiet after about 2000 Z (except of course on nights when there's a lunar eclipse). Must be a time zone thing, eh? :dance: Thanks for your help. John
  17. Very nice! You set a high standard for the rest of us to live up to.
  18. OK, I'd be willing to fly a US leg. I propose a leg ending at Meigs field in Chicago. The actual airport no longer exists, as the mayor, in a political play in the middle of the night several years ago had the field obstructed and essentially confiscated the airfield to turn into a park. It took a matter of several weeks for the trapped aircraft to get out after negotiating permission from the FAA to fly off the taxiways. So, the actual airport is no more, but still exists in FS9. It's a great setting on a piece of land that juts into Lake Michigan. Some of you may recall that earlier versions of FS actually started you at Meigs. I used to live right across the lake from there, about 40 miles as the seagull flys. I'll fly the Caravan, with real world weather, which can be a challenge in Chicago this time of year.
  19. Is icing modeled in FS9 or FSX? Some of the aircraft have no OAT gauge, so it's difficult to know When you're vulnerable.
  20. At the very high risk of betraying my ignorance, how do you get multiple screenshots? The limit of my understanding is, push the PRTSCR key, then to to the graphics program and paste it from the clipboard, edit, save, etc. I'm seeing shot after shot, obviously captured in a short time on the same flight. How about a clue how you accomplish that?
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