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  1. Gents, I'm an unreformed JF Cargo Pilot flyer and am ready to move up from the Cessna Caravan. I'm looking for suggestions. Here's my criteria: - It should be a "single pilot" capable aircraft in the real world, if possible. - Cargo payload should be > 7,500 lbs. - Range at max cargo weight should be > 1,000 NM. - The panel should be fully IFR capable, though that's probaby a given in an aircraft of that class. - Vintage AC, even piston engine(s) OK, but would prefer to avoid a tail-dragger if possible. - Configuration should have multiple "cargo bays" or cargo loading stations
  2. Joe, Now that's an airplane. I'll bet the controllers love it when the ground speed on their scope is reading zero and the atitude readout is clicking off the thousands. Very nice photos, and as Mut noted, the water textures are excellent. John
  3. Well, this is indeed the dreaded, “…single runway in the middle of nowhere... John EDIT: Looks like most of the original text as well as the images are gone - attempting to re-build this (08/01/17) Clues: WWII Axis air base; associated with an aviation pioneer. JDA
  4. Neither. Honest! Your clues were pretty good and got me in the right part of the world. I can pump through them pretty quickly looking for what I do know, in this case an airport in a certain region with 18/36 and no other runways. I keep a flight open in the top down view and when I get a candidate I can get a quick look. Would have had it last night if not for the differences between your FSX screenshots and my FS9 world. If you don't have a problem waiting a bit, I'm willing to post another. Have some errands to run tonight, and it will be a few hours before I can get to it. Wil
  5. Dave, Really nice shots. Looking forward to the second half. Always keep 'em wanting more. John
  6. This appears to be Male Int'l (VRMM), at Male in the Maldives. If you ever wanted a reason to go to FSX, look at the difference between the original post and the last one. John
  7. I probably saw this... Will try to ID. John
  8. I'm drawing a blank on this one so far. Is there any chance this is an airport that's not in FS9? John
  9. Very impressive, dgor. I loved every bit of it. John
  10. What's the requirement for this? If it's an interactive, voice ATC session, which is what it sounds like, I'm likely not set up to do it. Still, would be interested in a steer in the right direction for the future. Haven't tried multi-player FS. John
  11. Not sure you'd NEED one, but I'll bet you could get one. :mrhappy: John
  12. I worked from the fact that it was clearly an island, and not too large a one at that and went from there. I'll have another shot. There are some visual clues here. Look carefully. More clues tomorrow, if needed. John What is that? What is that??? There’s the harbor. Short final for 18. Top down view.
  13. Mut, I'm pretty sure we're looking at Lajes AB in the Azores, LPLA. If this was quite easy, I'm not sure what would constitute a difficult one! The inverted pass was a very classy shot. I couldn't have managed that in the Cub at Mt. Pleasant. John
  14. Hmmm. Payload sounds about the same as the Caravan, but I suspect it's faster and may have longer legs as well. It's a great looking cockpit. I'm going to look into it. I really need to move into something that's a bigger jump from the C208, however. Any suggestions? Payware is not an insurmountable impediment. John
  15. Do any of you use Cargo Pilot? I've become a huge fan of this thing and enjoy it immensely. I saw mention of the Pilatus PC-12 in the guess the cockpit post. What kind of range and payload does that AC have? It looks like a worthy successor to my trusty Caravan. Is that a payware version? John
  16. Exactly right, Mut. Good job. The scenery in your shot doesn't seem to show anything but the runways, and FS9 designates it as EGYP, but that's the place I had in mind. Your turn. I didn't think a forum of Brits would let that invincible clue slip past. By the way, the livery is Aerolinas Argentinas. John
  17. OK, guys, here’s some more hints. I didn’t mean to make it this so difficult. 1) English is spoken, in the tower and in the neighborhood. 2) It’s isolated, but not obscure - - - trust me, you’ve heard of this place. 3) On the other hand, it’s unlikely you’ve ever been there in person, though you may have if you were…invincible. 4) The region goes by two names. 5) The scenery looks bland in FS9, but the real thing is not much better. 6) The A/C livery comes from Traffic 2005. John
  18. OK, this place has some things in common with the last airport. It's isolated...more later if you need them. This is stock FS9 scenery. Hmmm...odd taxiway configuration. Only AC on the ramp. Livery might be a clue, if you can ID it. Not North up. Good luck to all, and may the best airport bum win. John
  19. Yes, there's something particularly sad about a broken airplane, even if you're pretty sure no one got hurt. Ditto the MIG. Most small airports I've visited have one or more decrepit planes sitting around slowly rotting away and you wonder what would make someone just abandon one. Have you ever seen the photos of the boneyards at Davis-Monthan AFB in Arizona, where the US military disposes of the no-longer-needed or the no-longer-servicable? It's a sad, sad thing. I've seen video of them being cut up. They use a steel blade about 30 ft. long and raise it up on a huge crane. They drop
  20. OUCHl!!! Australian types, I apologize for the incorrect spelling of Qantas. It's not like I would have had to go anywhere to look it up or anything. It was right in front of me. John
  21. Sorry about all the white space. All but the last shot were cropped. Evidently what I saved included all the white space too. Bear with me, I'll get this figured out. At least I didn't get a thumbnail this time. John
  22. The first three are actor John Travolta's Quantas 707b. He owns a home near here and he and several neighbors share a private 9,000 ft. runway. He normally parks this aircraft and his Gulfstream (not sure if it's a IV or a V) next to his house. You don't see these all up and down the block. This appears to be decaying. It was recently towed here from another location on the field, where it's been for quite some time. Appears to be a 2-seater. I think it's some variant of a MIG 17. Former Yugoslavian AF? I believe the aircraft remains in the last two photos are from planes dama
  23. I don't have a clue about the airport, but I see runway numbers in white on the grass. Do they really do that, or is it a FS scenery thing? Have never seen it on this side of the pond. John
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