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  1. If you ever used the old AFCAD for FS9, this should feel pretty familiar. You do have to define taxi paths to connect your new parking spots to the runway(s) and other taxiways, and if there are no start points you'll have to add them to the runway(s) too. Military fields in FS often lack these features which is why traffic and ATC normally (mis)behave differently at those than at normal airports. It's all drag and drop and really pretty easy. You cannot save an edited airport to the original file it came from for a number of reasons so when you have it the way you want it, compile it and then save to a different filename (usually [your initials]-[airport ICAO Code], which ADE tries to do for you). After it's compiled, put the bgl file for the new airport in the Addon Scenery/scenery folder and be sure that Addon-Scenery is in the scenery list in FS Settings and is not un-checked. It sounds complicated but really is not too bad. John
  2. Don't know for sure, but like AH1, you will find your plane exactly where you left it last time you flew it. John
  3. It's very easy with the freeware ADE from Scruffy Duck Software. John
  4. allardjd

    TRACK-IR question

    If re-center doesn't do what you want, elevate yourself slightly in your chair, press Re-center, then lower yourself to a more natural position. It will be as if you lowered the seat. Don't know if there's a way to change the config but that should work. John
  5. allardjd

    TRACK-IR question

    It's whatever key is assigned to "Re-center", F12 by default, unless you set it to something else in the Natural Point TrackIR software. Adjust your position in your chair, turn your head to get exactly the view you want and push the re-center key. Great to do if you're slouching after an hour - just re-center and continue to slouch. John
  6. Not exactly flight simulator specific, but as active users of the Internet, this is something most of us are likely to be interested in and/or affected by... https://apnews.com/191032549cca44b9b1b74e1d130a04e5/Microsoft's-anti-hacking-efforts-make-it-an-internet-cop This is a really interesting, long-standing effort by Microsoft but I was not aware of it until I saw this article Not sure yet if this activity is as lily-white as advertised - I'm the skeptical type - but, as described, it certainly seems preferable to the naked political bias of recent actions by Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google, and probably some of the other social media mega-players. On the surface at least, it appears Microsoft is doing something that seems laudable. My local computer shop guru, Jon, has long maintained that MS has a vested interest in all of us having a positive experience when using their OS and because of that he's always trusted their security software, e.g. MS Security Essentials, et al, over the other commercial and freeware varieties. He believes those outfits' best interests are served by keeping us scared to death all the time, so we eagerly buy and use thier products. Jon doesn't profess that their products don't do what they are supposed to but that the companies are very good at keeping us constantly nervous. MS, on the other hand, would like us constantly comfortable because they are the ones providing the platform we're using. I have to say, that Jon's opinoin makes some sense to me. Applied to the subject of the article, this might indicate that MS really is doing something worthwhile here. I've long had a serious mistrust of all the social media platforms and stay away from most of them as much as I can, though haven't been able to avoid some interplay with Google and to a lesser extent, YouTube. I would if I could. In my opinion, MS is a bit better than the rest, less nakedly biased and, most importantly, with a revenue stream other than presenting ads to users or selling access to users or their data to advertisers, political organizations and other even more odiferous enterprises. I get almost all my news from the internet, and find recent initiatives to attack "hate speech" troubling. The problem, of course, is who defines what constitutes "hate speech". John
  7. Other than operations and schedule impact from being short one aircraft, and possibly getting raked over the coals by the NTSB for security of a parked airplane, I'm thinking the company really isn't going to get hurt too bad by this - barring a lawsuit coming out of the woodwork from someone. That's kind of hard to predict - lawyers are gonna' lawyer. The big loser will be the insurance company and they charge everyone enough for their insurance coverage to be able to afford to cover a hull loss now and then. It's what insurance companies do. As aircraft go, this was not even a particularly expensive one. The people I feel worst about are this guy's family, who must be devastated by all this. John
  8. Some insurance company somewhere is definitely not happy. That's a pretty expensive way to commit suicide. John
  9. Much easier for them to extract "intelligence" from digital data as opposed to voice pickup, though that can and is done too. It's a pretty safe assumption that ANYTHING you put in an e-mail, text, on-line post, chat room, etc. is being logged and saved by someone, probably several someones. In most cases, they are after your preferences, buying habits, financial status, etc. for the purposes of targeted advertising, but there are some more nefarious things going on too. John
  10. I think that's probably correct. I don't think P3D or any of the sims are capable of being updated by AIRAC data. I could be wrong - just an impression, really, but I THINK that's the case. Waypoints and intersections, navaids, airways, approaches, etc. are buried in hundreds if not thousands of FS bgl files with a lot of other stuff (e.g. airports and scenery) and it would take a serious effort to build something that would sniff all that stuff out, update it and compile new bgl files. What you say about Plan-G data import is correct. If AIRAC doesn't affect the FS data, there's no reason to do the data import/update in Plan-G. John
  11. Google, FaceBook, Twitter - not to be trusted. Not so sure MS is any better but at least they have a revenue stream other than selling your personal information to advertisers, political parties and others who want it. John
  12. I don't think that guy was at much risk of really being shot down, though it does seem the local gendarmes did have their panties in a wad over this one. It used to be that Barney only had one bullet and had to carry it in his pocket, but I suspect that most police forces are a little more capable these days, even in Mayberry. One hopes they are also a little more sensible. I think some of the other authorities mentioned may have been a little harsh too, but those guys are on a good day. I think they have their sense of humor surgically removed when they are hired. The fact that the pilot guy seemed to have a non-US accent probably added to their level of suspicion, though I'm sure he was perfectly legitimate. Having spent 28+ years working in a commercial nuclear plant, I can tell you for a fact that overflights and even the occasional buzz job are not uncommon. I don't recall any sailplanes, but in one case, an errant RC aircraft being flown from a model airplane airpark a few miles from the plant got out of radio range of the owner and continued on its merry way in a straight line until it encountered the high-bay part of our turbine building. It fell in pieces on one of the lower level roofs and did cycle the security force a bit for a while, but it really wasn't a big deal. If you've seen photos of the Kelly-green replica WWII Japanese torpedo bomber that's on the air show circuit these days, the one with a big honking torpedo hanging beneath it, he and some similarly warlike companions flew past our office building windows (right on the Lake Michigan shoreline) at pretty short range and about level with the top floor windows one day. It's only a 2-story building, so it's safe to say he was pretty low. All kinds of GA aircraft overflew us, but usually at 1,000' AGL or more. The Lake Michigan shoreline is pretty much a thoroughfare for GA aircraft flying VFR and a big ol' power plant with a couple of containment buildings is mighty prominent landmark for pilotage-type navigation. I often flew north out of our local airport to visit my wife's parents. Our plant was south but there was another nuclear plant about 30 miles north of the airport, also right on the lake shore, and I never went out of my way to avoid overflying them. I used a coal-fired plant, even further up the lakeshore, as a reporting point when contacting Muskegon approach. The stories about how heavily built nuclear plants are is both right and wrong. The containments are pretty much proof against anything non-military that can fly but there are other things clustered nearby that are important too. No, I'm not going to say what they are. It's not correct to say nuke plants can't be harmed by airborne terrorism or accidents, but it is a safe bet that barring something that strains credibility, e.g. military aircraft with ordnance, the nasty stuff will remain inside the containment building(s), pretty much per design. The Isrealis did punch a big hole in the containment at Osirik (Iraq) many years ago, but used some big, smart bombs, programmed to hit in exactly the same spot on the containment building. One wasn't enough and they knew that going in. That was between the era of the Tallboys and the current bunker busters and the MOAB, so they used what they had in their inventory and got the job done. In recent years, the beach in front of our plant, once open for free access to the public, has been closed off. On the beach you could get within about a hundred feet of some of the plant buildings, though they were the non-critical ones and there was a pretty high fence in between along with some means of surveillance. Also, a line of buoys has been installed beyond and around the plant intake and discharge structures on the lake bottom, requiring boats, mainly fishermen, to remain clear. That was not always the case. It's enforced by the Coast Guard and they're pretty serious about it. Almost everything about at a commercial nuclear plant is pretty much in the public domain if someone wants to dig deep enough, but there's one exception. Anything related to security, including design, hardware, systems, staffing, training, armament, policy and procedures, etc. is treated very much the same way the military treats classified information. John
  13. Have never seen anything like that. I agree that it almost has to be the Tac Pack. Look on their site or in forums to see if anyone else is talking about the same problem. John
  14. I don't think they really mean vertical and high speed for a Ju-52 isn't all that fast. I think the "...high-speed, high-angle..." terminology in this case is just meant to distinguish between a hard forced landing gone wrong and a collision with Mother Earth. This appears to have been the latter to the first investigators on the scene. Also, the Ju-52 fuselage is only a little less robust than a Sherman tank. John
  15. I've been following this on PPRUNE. Not too much known yet. It appears to be a relatively high-angle, high-speed (for a Ju-52) impact. The terrain was at a fairly high altitude and sloped with some big rocks around. It's been characterized as flat enough that a forced landing attempt might have been possible, but that doesn't seem to have been what happened. WX was VMC but wind may have been about 35 km/hr. There's some speculation about some kind of failure causing a stall or other loss of control. A photo taken sometime just before the crash shows what might be a smoke trail behind the AC and the relative angles of the AC and the smoke suggest the AC is stalled or very near it. On the other hand, it's not crystal clear that it is smoke - it could equally well be a feature of the mountain ridge behind it. Smoke, maybe, but no gun. There's also a mountain peak nearby, "Martins---" something or other with a famous rock "window" and it's thought that they might have been trying to get lined up to get their pax a view of it. Another thought that others have expressed is a "rotor" or "mountain" wave from a brisk wind over a ridge line causing an area of severe downdrafts on the downwind side. It's a well known phenomena of mountain flying but the crew were reportedly pretty experienced, both with the AC and the route. Oddly, I don't have a favored theory yet. RIP to all the pax and crew. This was supposedly the return leg of an overnight excursion to somewhere in Italy. John
  16. I love the Air Force, but sometimes they have their head in the sand. They never wanted the close air support role, nor did they want anyone else to have it. The go-fast crowd in the AF has been trying to kill off the A-10 almost from the moment it came off the drawing boards at Fairchild. It just doesn't fit the image they have of themselves and their role. There's no other mud-mover in our inventory that can match the utility of this thing. It's relatively low cost of operation and low-speed, low-altitude, long loiter time capability make it a pretty good card to have in our deck. It's even better at it than the Skyraider was, and that's saying something. There's a big difference between a tactical strike aircraft, which this isn't, and a close air support aircraft. This one fills the latter requirement as well as anything that's ever been built. It's better at it (and cheaper) than F-15s, F-16s, F/A 18s or even the vaunted F-35, which will be a pretty decent mud mover. The only thing that comes close for close air support is the AC-130 and it's less survivable and less able to take care of itself than the Hog. If it's daylight and the enemy has even minimal anti-aircraft capability, the Spectre needs to be somewhere else. John
  17. Well, at least they're not trying to do it with batteries. John
  18. The NTSB preliminary report is out... https://www.ntsb.gov/_layouts/ntsb.aviation/brief.aspx?ev_id=20180721X41413 No evidence of control locks and the tailwheel was locked, as it's supposed to be. Transfer of control from co-pilot to pilot early in the take off run due to heading swings. Co-pilot was somewhat inexperienced and only had received his type rating in the DC-3 a month before. John
  19. ...I can still see his tracks.
  20. 8/2-3/18 Bundle Updates The monthly update of the Airport Diagram bundle files has been completed. The prior bundles updates were completed on 7/2-3/18. Bundle downloads are available here... http://forum.mutleyshangar.com/index.php?/topic/23067-airport-diagram-download-center/ Changes in this update cycle... Angola - 1 added FNHU Albano Machado - Huambo, Angola Argentina - 3 added SARI Mayor D Carlos Eduardo Krause - Cataratas Del Iguazu, Argentina SASJ Gobernador Horacio Guzman - Jujuy, Argentina SAZR Santa Rosa - Santa Rosa, Argentina Australia - Western Australia - 2 added YBWX Barrow I - Barrow I, Western Australia - Australia YTTI Troughton I - Troughton I, Western Australia - Australia Brazil - 2 added SNFR Belem De Sao Francisco - Belem De Sao Francisco, Brazil SWUA Sao Miguel Do Araguaia - Sao Miguel Do Araguaia, Brazil Canada - Alberta - 1 added CYWM Athabasca - Athabasca, Alberta - Canada Canada - British Columbia - 2 updated CAB5 Bronson Creek - Bronson Creek, British Columbia - Canada (updated) CYSQ Atlin - Atlin, British Columbia - Canada (updated) Canada - Manitoba - 1 added CJP7 Lac Du Bonnet - Bird River, Manitoba - Canada Canada - New Brunswick - 1 added CDA4 Pokemouche - Pokemouche, New Brunswick - Canada Canada - Northwest Territories - 1 added CEU9 Trout Lake - Trout Lake, Northwest Territories - Canada Canada - Ontario - 2 added CKM8 Opapimiskan Lake - Opapimiskan Lake, Ontario - Canada CYVZ Deer Lake - Deer Lake, Ontario - Canada Canada - Quebec - 3 added; 1 updated CSJ2 Kanawata, Aeroparc - Kanawata, - Canada CSR8 La Sarre - La Sarre, Quebec - Canada CTG3 Du Rocher-Perce (Pabok) - Grande-Riviere, Quebec - Canada CYUL Montreal/Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau - Montreal, Quebec - Canada (updated) Canada - Saskatchewan - 2 added CJP4 Indian Head - Indian Head, Saskatchewan - Canada CKK2 St. Brieux - St. Brieux, Saskatchewan - Canada Chad - 1 added FTTD Moundou - Moundou, Chad Colombia - 2 added SKNV Benito Salas - Neiva, Colombia SKSP Gustavo Rojas Pinilla - San Andres I, Colombia Congo - 1 added FCPL Dolisie - Dolisie, Congo Congo (DRC) - 2 added FZOA Kindu - Kindu, Congo (DRC) FZSA Kamina Base - Kamina, Congo (DRC) Costa Rica - 2 added MRBP Barra De Parismina - Barra De Parismina, Costa Rica MRBT Barra De Tortuguero - Pocoic, Costa Rica Cote d'Ivoire - 2 added DIDL Daloa - Daloa, Cote d'Ivoire DIKO Korhogo - Korhogo, Cote d'Ivoire Croatia - 1 added LDZB Busevec - Busevec, Croatia Dominican Republic - 1 updated MDPC Punta Cana Intl - Higuey, Dominican Republic (updated) Egypt - 3 added HE41 Misheifa - Misheifa, Egypt HEAT Asyut Intl - Asyut, Egypt HESC St Catherine Intl - St Catherine, Egypt Finland - 3 added EFAL Alavus - Alavus, Finland EFME Menkijarvi - Menkijarvi, Finland EFSA Savonlinna - Savonlinna, Finland France - 1 added LFMH Boutheon - St Etienne, France French Polynesia - 2 added NTAT Tubuai - Mataura, French Polynesia NTGF Fakarava - Fakarava, French Polynesia Germany - 1 updated EDBM Magdeburg - Magdeburg, Germany (updated) Grenada - 1 added TGPZ Lauriston - Carriacou Is, Grenada Haiti - 1 added MTCA Cayes - Cayes, Haiti India - 3 added VARK Rajkot - Rajkot, India VAUD Udaipur - Udaipur, India VIPT Nainital - Pantnagar, India Indonesia - 2 added WADS Sumbawa Besar - Sumbawa, Indonesia Z12M Serdang Glumbang - Serdang Glumbang, Indonesia Iran - 4 added OI03 Garmcar Sw - Garmcar Sw, Iran OIFV Zarrinshahr - Zarrinshahr, Iran OIMN Bojnord - Bojnord, Iran OINJ Bishe Kola AB - Bishe Kola, Iran Iraq - 1 added OR0H Tal Ashtah New - Tal Ashtah New, Iraq Jamaica - 1 added MKNG Negril Aerodrome - Negril, Jamaica Japan - 1 added RJTR Kastner AAF - Zama, Japan Libya - 3 added HL49 Amal V12 - Amal V12, Libya HLGL Warehouse 59e - Warehouse 59e, Libya HLHM Hamada Nc-5 - Hamada Nc-5, Libya Madagascar - 1 added FMNN Fascene - Nosy-Be, Madagascar Malaysia - 2 added WMKE Kerteh - Kerteh, Malaysia WMPR Pulau Redang - Pulau Redang, Malaysia Mali - 1 added GAYE Yelimane - Yelimane, Mali Mexico - 1 added MMMT Minatitlan - Minatitlan, Mexico Moldova - 1 added LUBL Balti Intl - Balti, Moldova Namibia - 1 added FYKT Keetmanshoop - Keetmanshoop, Namibia Nicaragua - 1 added MNLN Leon - Leon, Nicaragua Nigeria - 1 added DNIL Ilorin - Ilorin, Nigeria Pakistan - 2 added OP36 Robray - Robray, Pakistan OPRT Rawalakot - Rawalakot, Pakistan Panama - 1 added MP23 Calzada Larga - Calzada Larga, Panama Peru - 1 added SPME Pedro Canga - Tumbes, Peru Puerto Rico - 1 added PR20 Adjuntas - Adjuntas, Puerto Rico Romania - 3 added LR80 Fetesti - Fetesti, Romania LRIA Iasi - Iasi, Romania LRSB Sibiu - Sibiu, Romania Russia - 4 added UEEE Yakutsk - Yakutsk, Russia UIAA Kadala - Chita, Russia UMKK Khrabrovo - Kaliningrad, Russia USSS Koltsovo - Yekaterinburg, Russia Senegal - 1 updated GOGK Kolda - Kolda, Senegal (updated) Seychelles - 1 added FSAS Assumption - Assumption Island, Seychelles Somalia - 1 added HC0A Baledogle - Baledogle, Somalia South Africa - 1 added FASX Hendrik Swellengrebel - Swellendam, South Africa Spain - 1 added LEIZ La Perdiz - La Perdiz, Spain Sri Lanka - 1 added VCCA Anuradhapura AB - Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka Sweden - 1 added ESMK Kristianstad - Kristianstad, Sweden Thailand - 1 added VTCH Mae Hong Son - Mae Hong Son, Thailand Turkey - 1 added LTAF Adana - Adana, Turkey Turkmenistan - 1 added UT52 Mary North - Mary North, Turkmenistan Ukraine - 1 added UKLN Chernivtsi - Chernivtsi, Ukraine United Arab Emirates - 1 updated OMDB Dubai Intl - Dubai, United Arab Emirates (updated)(now 2 plates) United Kingdom - 1 updated EGBB Birmingham - Birmingham, UK (updated) US - Alabama - 1 updated KGZH Middleton - Evergreen, Alabama - US (updated) US - Alaska - 3 added; 1 updated 84K Meyers Chuck - Meyers Chuck, Alaska - US AK27 Valley Flying Crown - Wasilla, Alaska - US MDR Medfra - Medfra, Alaska - US PAGY Skagway - Skagway, Alaska - US (updated) US - Arkansas - 1 added 4A8 Lost Bridge Village - Garfield, Arkansas - US US - California - 3 added; 1 updated CA54 33 Strip - Tracy, California - US E55 Ocean Ridge - Gualala, California - US KNLC Lemoore NAS (Reeves Fld) - Lemoore, California - US (updated) KNZJ El Toro MCAS - Santa Ana, California - US US - Colorado - 1 added 0V2 Alexander - Salida, Colorado - US US - Connecticut - 1 added CT87 Bootlegger's - Enfield, Connecticut - US US - Florida - 3 added 04FA Richards Field - Homestead, Florida - US 2RR River Ranch Resort - River Ranch, Florida - US 6FL2 Kilpatrick Farm - Sneads, Florida - US US - Georgia - 1 added KTOC Toccoa-Letourneau - Toccoa, Georgia - US US - Idaho - 4 added 1U9 Pine - Pine, Idaho - US KLLJ Challis - Challis, Idaho - US U03 Buhl Mun - Buhl, Idaho - US U89 Glenns Ferry Mun - Glenns Ferry, Idaho - US US - Illinois - 2 added KCUL Carmi Mun - Carmi, Illinois - US KENL Centralia Mun - Centralia, Illinois - US US - Indiana - 2 added 3AE Ace - Anderson, Indiana - US KHHG Huntington Mun - Huntington, Indiana - US US - Iowa - 4 added 01IA Stender - Maysville, Iowa - US 97IA Volkens Field - Carson, Iowa - US KCBF Council Bluffs Mun - Council Bluffs, Iowa - US KMXO Monticello Regl - Monticello, Iowa - US US - Kansas - 1 added K67 Oswego Mun - Oswego, Kansas - US US - Kentucky - 3 added 27K Georgetown-Scott Co-Marshall - Georgetown, Kentucky - US 7K4 Ohio Co - Hartford, Kentucky - US KFIO West Kentucky - Paducah, Kentucky - US US - Louisiana - 2 added F88 Jonesboro Mun - Jonesboro, Louisiana - US LA25 Central Farmers Coop - Mamou, Louisiana - US US - Maine - 1 added KCAR Caribou Mun - Caribou, Maine - US US - Maryland - 1 added KAPG Phillips AAF - Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland - US US - Michigan - 1 added KPHN St Clair Co Intl - Port Huron, Michigan - US US - Minnesota - 4 added 0MN6 Matson Fld - Spring Valley, Minnesota - US KCKN Crookston Mun-Kirkwood - Crookston, Minnesota - US KPKD Park Rapids Mun-Konshok - Park Rapids, Minnesota - US MN63 Stocker Pvt - Jordan, Minnesota - US US - Mississippi - 1 added; 1 updated KIDL Indianola Mun - Indianola, Mississippi - US (updated) MS27 Aerohead - Hurley, Mississippi - US US - Missouri - 5 added; 1 updated 5MO6 Apache Flats - Rich Hill, Missouri - US KEZZ Cameron Meml - Cameron, Missouri - US KSIK Sikeston Meml Mun - Sikeston, Missouri - US KTBN Waynesville Regl At Forney Fld - Ft Leonard Wood, Missouri - US KVIH Rolla Natl - Rolla/Vichy, Missouri - US (updated) MO64 Kimberling - Kimberling City, Missouri - US US - Montana - 1 added KCII Choteau - Choteau, Montana - US US - Nebraska - 2 added 4D9 Alma Mun - Alma, Nebraska - US NE44 Koinzan - Elgin, Nebraska - US US - Nevada - 3 added; 1 updated 67L Mesquite - Mesquite, Nevada - US KNFL Fallon NAS - Fallon, Nevada - US (updated) KTPH Tonopah - Tonopah, Nevada - US L23 Pahute Mesa Airstrip - Mercury, Nevada - US US - New Jersey - 2 added KFWN Sussex - Sussex, New Jersey - US KVAY South Jersey Regl - Mt Holly, New Jersey - US US - New Mexico - 2 added KAXX Angel Fire - Angel Fire, New Mexico - US NM64 Gray Ranch - Animas, New Mexico - US US - New York - 4 added K27 Burrello-Mechanicville - Mechanichville, New York - US KCZG Tri-Cities - Endicott, New York - US KOIC Lt Eaton - Norwich, New York - US KPOU Dutchess Co - Poughkeepsie, New York - US US - North Carolina - 1 added; 1 updated KAKH Gastonia Mun - Gastonia, North Carolina - US (updated) KRWI Rocky Mount-Wilson Regl - Rocky Mount, North Carolina - US US - Ohio - 4 added 37I Troy - Troy, Ohio - US KAXV Armstrong - Wapakoneta, Ohio - US KFDY Findlay - Findlay, Ohio - US KUNI Ohio University Snyder Field - Athens/Albany, Ohio - US US - Oklahoma - 4 added 1F1 Lake Murray State Park - Overbrook, Oklahoma - US 93F Mignon Laird Mun - Cheyenne, Oklahoma - US KAVK Alva Regl - Alva, Oklahoma - US KBVO Bartlesville Mun - Bartlesville, Oklahoma - US US - Pennsylvania - 3 added 1N9 Allentown-Queen City Mun - Allentown, Pennsylvania - US 29D Grove City - Grove City, Pennsylvania - US PA35 Bally Spring Farm - Bally, Pennsylvania - US US - South Carolina - 1 added KHYW Conway-Horry Co - Conway, South Carolina - US US - South Dakota - 1 added 0D8 Gettysburg Mun - Gettysburg, South Dakota - US US - Tennessee - 3 added KDYR Dyersburg Mun - Dyersburg, Tennessee - US KJWN Tune - Nashville, Tennessee - US TN47 Needham's - Arlington, Tennessee - US US - Texas - 5 added 28TA Duval County Ranch Co - Freer, Texas - US 70TE Flying Heart Ranch - Waco, Texas - US KMWL Mineral Wells - Mineral Wells, Texas - US KRCK Coffield Regl - Rockdale, Texas - US T80 Bishop's Landing - Celina, Texas - US US - Utah - 2 added KBCE Bryce Canyon - Bryce Canyon, Utah - US KCDC Cedar City Regl - Cedar City, Utah - US US - Virginia - 2 added KHSP Ingalls - Hot Springs, Virginia - US KNDY Dahlgren Nswc - Dahlgren, Virginia - US US - Washington - 2 added KGRF Gray AAF - Ft Lewis, Washington - US WA24 Pfister's - Pasco, Washington - US US - Wisconsin - 2 added 81WI Gunner Field - Athens, Wisconsin - US KSTE Stevens Point Mun - Stevens Point, Wisconsin - US Uzbekistan - 1 added UTNU Urgench - Urgench, Uzbekistan Venezuela - 2 added SVCS Oscar Machado Zuloaga Intl - Charallave, Venezuela SVMT Maturin Intl - Maturin, Venezuela Vietnam - 1 added VVQN Quinhon - Quinhon, Vietnam Water Runway Airports - 2 added 84K Meyers Chuck - Meyers Chuck, Alaska - US CT87 Bootlegger's - Enfield, Connecticut - US Zambia - 2 added FLND Ndola - Ndola, Zambia FLSO Southdowns - Kitwe, Zambia Zimbabwe - 2 added FVMA Marondera - Marondera, Zimbabwe FVWT Hwange Town - Hwange, Zimbabwe Prior Updates: 7/2-3/18 New Bundles: 0 Updated Bundles: 107 New Diagrams: 185 Updated Diagrams: 15
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    phew it's hot....

    Take those little victories wherever and whenever you can get them. John
  22. Here's the latest - a new report out of Malaysia that says what's already pretty obvious and admits they don't know much... John https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-07-30/mh370-investigation-unable-to-determine-cause-of-disappearance
  23. That's pretty fast. It must have arrived before it departed.
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