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  1. Interesting to read back through some of these old threads four years later and see that the sky really was not falling after all. 64-bit P3D and Win10 have made all this sound kind of humorous, though no doubt early 32-bit P3D with few/no add-ons and the Win 8/8.1 debacle did cause a bit of wailing and gnashing of teeth at the time. Given a little patience and riding out the bumps in the road, most things get better over time. John
  2. Map view… zoom in a few clicks until you see runways, click on any runway; either airport or ILS text info will display (depending on zoom level and exactly where you click). Either will do as the ILS frequencies are in the runway table of the airport text. …or... Allard's airport diagrams. John EDIT: Just discovered that, in the Map View, just mousing over the ILS feather will pop up an info box that includes the frequency. You must have the ILS feathers turned on in the top button bar of the map view. JDA
  3. Hey, Dodgy, pick a winner and lets move on... John
  4. That would seriously surprise me, Brian. ...but I can try it out on you if you'd like, just to see how it works. Kind of like having your friend let you try out his new Taser on you. How bad could it be? John
  5. I see we now have a "Downvote" button available. Can't wait for some clown to provide an opportunity to use it. John
  6. Many happy returns, Boss. You even managed to have it fall on a weekend this year. Let the celebrating begin! John
  7. When FSX was published (2006) and for quite a number of years after, MS had a contract with someone (Jeppesen?) to provide RW WX. It worked by having your running instance of FSX log into the other party's WX servers and download an update periodically - every 15 minutes, I think - which was then displayed in your FSX if you had RW WX selected. Around the time period when MS dropped MS F-light and licensed FSX software to L-M and DTG, they stopped paying the freight for the RW WX from the vendor (also about the same time MS dropped the GameSpy contract, killing the in-game multi-player menu choices, but that's another story). In place of RW WX, Jeppesen, or whoever the vendor was, now provides "historic WX". Don't know the details of how that's done or if MS still pays them something but in any case, it involves fewer on-demand WX fetches from users and a smaller bandwidth hit for them. If MS is still paying part of the cost, it's probably less than when we could all get RW WX on demand from within FSX. Thank God for the add-on vendors. John EDIT: All the above is re native MS-FSX. Don't know how P3D (L-M) and FSX-SE (DTG and Steam) handle this. It may be that they, instead of MS, are paying the reduced freight rate for the RW WX that isn't, or maybe they have their own contract. It's hard to beat the REX and Active Sky payware stuff in any case. If WX is important to you and you are not using one or both of those, you should really consider it. JDA
  8. There's some pretty good analysis/speculation at PPRUNE on this. Older C-130s, before the current FADEC systems, had cables from throttle levers to engines, necessarily using a very convoluted routing. Earliest ones used 7 X 7 carbon steel cables. Later ones went to 7 X 19 stainless steel. Don't know if the cable upgrade was mandatory or if some of the older cables might still exist in older airframes. There's apparently a well known phenomenon that a broken throttle cable puts the prop into reverse pitch - at the engine, the broken cable just seems to be a command to go to beta range, so it does. That is not inhibited in flight, though to command it deliberately involves lifting the lever over a stop to pull it back into ground range. They say that several fatal C-130 take-off crashes have resulted over the years from broken throttle cables. The speculation at PPRUNE indicates that the crash profile from takeoff to impact, including going fully inverted then nose-down, is consistent with this happening, but doesn't constitute a smoking gun - other things could have caused it too. Apparently, there are two in-flight engine shut-down procedures, one for "normal" circumstances, and one to be used if a broken throttle cable is suspected, which consists of pulling the T-handle (engine fire shutdown lever, I think). I believe that moving the affected throttle lever if a broken cable is suspected can cause the loose cable to interact with other nearby things. The nine aboard were all service personnel, including some maintainers who were travelling with the aircraft. Some kind of maintenance was performed while the AC was in Savannah but there are no details given of what that may have been. That's about 110% of what I understand about this. John
  9. allardjd

    Baggage Boy

    This reminds me of a real-world observation, from long ago and at an airport I can't remember. I was sitting in my seat in an airliner, I believe at an intermediate stop on the way to my destination. Watching out the window from my seat I saw a tug with an attached line of covered carts snake up beside the aircraft. The driver got out and opened the sides of the carts - can't remember how many, but more than one. Apparently they only had one side that opened (covered by a tarp of some kind if I remember correctly), and it faced away from the aircraft. He proceeded to take canvas mail bags out of the carts and heave them over the top of the carts - about 6' high - where they landed on the concrete apron on the other side of the carts and as the pile built, on one another. When he had finished that he went around the line of carts and began to load the mail bags on a belt going up to, I assume, a cargo hatch - I couldn't see it. Anyway, remember this next time you mark "Fragile" on a package. John
  10. 6/2-3/18 Bundle Updates The monthly update of the Airport Diagram bundle files has been completed. The prior bundles updates were completed on 5/2/18. Bundle downloads are available here... http://forum.mutleyshangar.com/index.php?/topic/23067-airport-diagram-download-center/ Changes in this update cycle... Algeria - 4 added DAAE Soummam-Abane Ramdane - Bejaia, Algeria DABT Mostepha Ben Boulaid - Batna, Algeria DAUI In Salah - In Salah, Algeria DAUT Timimoun - Timimoun, Algeria Angola - 2 added FNBG 17th Of November - Benguela, Angola FNXA Xangongo - Xangongo, Angola Argentina - 2 added SAAR Rosario/Islas Malvinas - Rosario, Argentina SANC Catamarca - Catamarca, Argentina Australia - Queensland - 1 added YJAK Jackson - Jackson, Queensland - Australia Australia - South Australia - 1 added YKSC Kingscote - Kingscote, South Australia - Australia Australia - Western Australia - 1 updated YPKA Karratha - Karratha, Western Australia - Australia (updated) Bahamas - 1 added MYXB Castaway Cay - Castaway Cay, Bahamas Bolivia - 1 added SLRI Cap De Av Selin Zeitun Lopez - Riberalta, Bolivia Brazil - 4 added SNAB Araripina - Araripina, Brazil SSBY Orlando Chesini Ometto - Orlando Chesini Ometto, Brazil SSMT Mostardas - Mostardas, Brazil SWBI Barreininha - Barreininha, Brazil Cameroon - 1 added FKKV Bamenda - Bamenda, Cameroon Canada - Alberta - 2 added CEN5 Cold Lake Regl - Cold Lake, Alberta - Canada CFX4 Manning - Manning, Alberta - Canada Canada - British Columbia - 1 updated CYLY Lytton - Lytton, British Columbia - Canada (updated) Canada - Newfoundland - 1 added CDA5 St Andrews (Codroy Valley) - St Andrews, Newfoundland - Canada Canada - Ontario - 2 added CNE2 Orillia (Mara) - Orillia, Ontario - Canada CYVV Wiarton - Wiarton, Ontario - Canada Congo (DRC) - 1 added FZFD Gbadolite - Gbadolite, Congo (DRC) Dominican Republic - 1 added MDST Cibao Intl - Santiago, Dominican Republic Ecuador - 1 added SETI Tiputini - Tiputini, Ecuador Egypt - 1 updated HEOW Shark El Oweinat Intl - Shark El Oweinat, Egypt (updated) Finland - 5 added EFAH Ahmosuo - Ahmosuo, Finland EFRN Rantasalmi - Rantasalmi, Finland EFSO Sodankyla - Sodankyla, Finland Z11D Rotimojoki Highway Strip - Rotimojoki, Finland Z11F Alavus Highway Strip - Alavus, Finland France - 1 added LFTF Pierrefeu Navy - Cuers, France French Polynesia - 1 added NTMN Atuona - Hiva Oa I, French Polynesia Germany - 6 added EDAX Rechlin-Larz - Rechlin-Larz, Germany EDFA Anspach/Taunus - Anspach/Taunus, Germany EDNL Unterzeil - Leutkirch, Germany EDRD Neumagen-Dhron - Neumagen-Dhron, Germany EDXJ Schwesing - Husum, Germany ETSH Holzdorf AB - Holzdorf, Germany Guatemala - 1 updated MGTK Anacleto Maza Castellanos Intl - Flores, Guatemala (updated) Haiti - 1 added MTCH Cap Haitien Intl - Cap Hatien, Haiti Indonesia - 7 added WA19 Pagerungan - Pagerungan, Indonesia WAPL Dumatubin - Dumatubin, Indonesia WAWM Andi Jemma - Andi Jemma, Indonesia WICB Budiarto - Tangerang, Indonesia WICD Penggung - Penggung, Indonesia WIPO Gatot Subrato - Gatot Subrato, Indonesia WITN Maimum Saleh - Sabang, Indonesia Iran - 3 added OI0O Sarvestan - Sarvestan, Iran OIAA Abadan - Abadan, Iran OINR Ramsar - Ramsar, Iran Iraq - 1 added Z16L H1 New - Al Asad, Iraq Italy - 2 added LIBN Lecce Mil - Lecce, Italy LIQS Ampugnano - Siena, Italy Libya - 3 added HL60 Al Marj - Al Marj, Libya HLON Hon - Hon, Libya HLZA Zella 74 - Zella 74, Libya Luxembourg - 1 added ELNT Noertrange - Noertrange, Luxembourg Malaysia - 1 added WBGG Kuching Intl - Kuching, Malaysia Mauritania - 1 added GQPA Atar - Atar, Mauritania Mexico - 2 added; 1 updated MMES Ensenada Intl - Ensenada, Mexico MMMM Gen Francisco J Mujica Intl - Morelia, Mexico (updated) MMTP Tapachula Intl - Tapachula, Mexico Morocco - 4 added GMAA Inezgane - Inezgane, Morocco GMFO Angads - Oujda, Morocco GMMD Beni Mellal - Beni Mellal, Morocco GMMZ Ouarzazate - Ouarzazate, Morocco Nigeria - 1 added DNZA Zaria - Zaria, Nigeria Pakistan - 4 added OP12 Bandari - Bandari, Pakistan OP14 Belab - Belab, Pakistan OP23 Thal - Thal, Pakistan OPOK Okara - Okara, Pakistan Panama - 3 added MP01 Finca Ceiba - Finca Cieba, Panama MP20 Augusto Vergara - Augusto Vergara, Panama MP25 Puerto Armuelles - Puerto Armuelles, Panama Peru - 1 added SPQT Col Francisco Secada Vignetta - Iquitos, Peru Russia - 7 added UIUU Mukhino - Ulan-Ude, Russia USCC Balandino - Chelyabinsk, Russia USCM Magnitogorsk - Magnitogorsk, Russia USNN Nizhnevartovsk - Nizhnevartovsk, Russia USRR Surgut - Surgut, Russia UWKS Cheboksary - Cheboksary, Russia UWSS Tsentralny - Saratov, Russia Senegal - 1 added GOGS Cap Skiring - Cap Skiring, Senegal Somalia - 1 added HCMB Baidoa - Baidoa, Somalia South Africa - 1 updated FAGM Rand - Johannesburg, South Africa (updated) Spain - 1 added GCLB El Berriel - El Berriel, Spain Turkey - 1 added LTAN Konya AB - Konya, Turkey Ukraine - 1 added UKDR Lozuvatka - Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine US - Alabama - 2 added; 1 updated 1M3 Ardmore - Ardmore, Alabama - US 5R7 Ray - Bayou La Batre, Alabama - US 67A Ft Deposit-Lowndes Co - Ft Deposit, Alabama - US (updated) US - Alaska - 2 added 2AK Lime Village - Lime Village, Alaska - US PASO Seldovia - Seldovia, Alaska - US US - Arkansas - 4 added; 1 updated 08AR Capps - England, Arkansas - US 32A Danville Mun - Danville, Arkansas - US (updated) 6M0 Hazen Mun - Hazen, Arkansas - US KSRC Searcy Mun - Searcy, Arkansas - US M73 Almyra Mun - Almyra, Arkansas - US US - California - 3 added CN20 Ferndale Resort - Kelseyville, California - US H47 Hyampom - Hyampom, California - US L53 Lodi Airpark - Lodi, California - US US - Colorado - 2 added KITR Kit Carson Co - Burlington, Colorado - US KMVI Monte Vista Mun - Monte Vista, Colorado - US US - Connecticut - 1 added KIJD Windham - Willimantic, Connecticut - US US - Florida - 1 added 01FL Cedar Knoll Flying Ranch - Geneva, Florida - US US - Georgia - 1 added; 1 updated KBHC Baxley Mun - Baxley, Georgia - US (updated) KDNL Daniel - Augusta, Georgia - US US - Hawaii - 1 added HI02 Peleau - Hakalau, Hawaii - US US - Idaho - 1 added U88 Garden Valley - Garden Valley, Idaho - US US - Illinois - 5 added 2H0 Shelby Co - Shelbyville, Illinois - US KIKK Greater Kankakee - Kankakee, Illinois - US KMVN Mt Vernon - Mt Vernon, Illinois - US KPJY Pinckneyville-Du Quoin - Pinckneyville, Illinois - US KSFY Tri-Township - Savanna, Illinois - US US - Indiana - 5 added I34 Greensburg-Decatur Co - Greensburg, Indiana - US KAID Anderson Mun-Darlington - Anderson, Indiana - US KEKM Elkhart Mun - Elkhart, Indiana - US KGGP Logansport Mun - Logansport, Indiana - US KOEA O'Neal - Vincennes, Indiana - US US - Iowa - 2 added KHPT Hampton Mun - Hampton, Iowa - US KSLB Storm Lake Mun - Storm Lake, Iowa - US US - Kentucky - 2 added I93 Breckinridge Co - Hardinsburg, Kentucky - US KGLW Glasgow Mun - Glasgow, Kentucky - US US - Louisiana - 1 added L38 Louisiana Regl - Gonzales, Louisiana - US US - Massachusetts - 2 added 3B3 Sterling - Sterling, Massachusetts - US KTAN Taunton Mun - Taunton, Massachusetts - US US - Michigan - 7 added 37MI Handleman Sky Ranch - Oxford, Michigan - US 7Y2 Thompsonville - Thompsonville, Michigan - US KAMN Gratiot Community - Alma, Michigan - US KANJ Sault Ste Marie Mun/Sanderson - Sault Ste Marie, Michigan - US KBFA Boyne Mtn - Boyne Falls, Michigan - US KRMY Brooks - Marshall, Michigan - US MI95 Taylors Flight Park - Cassopolis, Michigan - US US - Minnesota - 5 added 1MN8 Sky Harbor Residential Airpark - Webster, Minnesota - US 47Y Pelican Rapids Mun-Lyon's - Pelican Rapids, Minnesota - US KCQM Cook Mun - Cook, Minnesota - US KLXL Little Falls/Morrison Co, Lind - Little Falls, Minnesota - US KOWA Owatonna Degner Regl - Owatonna, Minnesota - US US - Mississippi - 2 added 9M4 Ackerman-Choctaw Co - Ackerman, Mississippi - US KCKM Fletcher - Clarksdale, Mississippi - US US - Missouri - 5 added 2M1 Truman Regl - Bates City, Missouri - US 3SQ St Charles - St Charles, Missouri - US KCGI Cape Girardeau Regl - Cape Girardeau, Missouri - US M28 Mid Continent - Hayti, Missouri - US M58 Monett Mun - Monett, Missouri - US US - Nebraska - 2 added 38NE Boardman Aerial - Henderson, Nebraska - US KRBE Rock Co - Bassett, Nebraska - US US - Nevada - 1 added 0L9 Echo Bay - Overton, - US US - New Mexico - 1 added NM67 La Mesa Park - Raton, New Mexico - US US - New York - 4 added D91 Spencerport - Spencerport, New York - US KLKP Lake Placid - Lake Placid, New York - US NY17 Adirondack Airpark Estates - Plattsburgh, New York - US NY26 Sky-Ranch - Herkimer, New York - US US - North Carolina - 1 added 45J Rockingham-Hamlet - Rockingham, North Carolina - US US - North Dakota - 2 added KGAF Grafton Mun - Grafton, North Dakota - US Y99 Trulson - Plaza, North Dakota - US US - Ohio - 1 added KHZY Ashtabula Co - Ashtabula, Ohio - US US - Oklahoma - 4 added 0F9 Tishomingo - Tishomingo, Oklahoma - US F31 Lake Texoma State Park - Kingston, Oklahoma - US KGCM Claremore Regl - Claremore, Oklahoma - US KMDF Mooreland Mun - Mooreland Mun, Oklahoma - US US - Oregon - 1 added; 1 updated KBNO Burns Mun - Burns, Oregon - US (updated) OL03 Happy Valley - Happy Valley, Oregon - US US - Pennsylvania - 1 added 75PA Marther Field - Albion, Pennsylvania - US US - South Carolina - 1 added S19 McCormick Co - McCormick, South Carolina - US US - South Dakota - 1 added KVMR Davidson - Vermillion, South Dakota - US US - Tennessee - 3 added; 1 updated KAYX Arnold AFB - Tullahoma, Tennessee - US KCKV Outlaw - Clarksville, Tennessee - US KSZY Sibley - Selmer, Tennessee - US (updated) M54 Lebanon Mun - Lebanon, Tennessee - US US - Texas - 11 added 41F Floydada Mun - Floydada, Texas - US 42F Palmer - Ponder, Texas - US 46TE 02 Ranch - Alpine, Texas - US 82T Lazy G Bar Ranch - Decatur, Texas - US F14 Wichita Valley - Wichita Falls, Texas - US KBWD Brownwood Regl - Brownwood, Texas - US KOZA Ozona Mun - Ozona, Texas - US KRAS Mustang Beach - Port Aransas, Texas - US T41 La Porte Mun - La Porte, Texas - US T58 Ironhead - Sanger, Texas - US TA46 Baum - Kaufman, Texas - US US - Virginia - 4 added; 1 updated KCHO Charlottesville-Albemarle - Charlottesville, Virginia - US KGVE Gordonsville Mun - Gordonsville, Virginia - US KNTU Oceana NAS - Oceana, Virginia - US (updated) KPTB Dinwiddie Co - Petersburg, Virginia - US VA32 Longs - Edinburg, Virginia - US US - Wisconsin - 5 added KCMY Sparta/Ft McCoy - Sparta, Wisconsin - US W19 Verona - Verona, Wisconsin - US W26 Foxair - Green Bay, Wisconsin - US WS36 Swan Field - Almond, Wisconsin - US Y55 Crandon Mun - Crandon, Wisconsin - US Venezuela - 2 added; 2 updated SVJC Josefa Camejo Intl - Paraguana, Venezuela (updated) SVPR Manuel Carlos Piar - Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela SVSO Mayor Buenaventura Vivas Intl - Santo Domingo, Venezuela (updated) SVSZ Santa Barbara Del Zulia - Santa Barbara Del Zulia, Venezuela Yemen - 1 added OYRN Riyan - Mukalla, Yemen Zambia - 1 added FLKE Kasompe - Kasompe, Zambia Zimbabwe - 3 added FVBI Binga - Binga, Zimbabwe FVCP Charles Prince - Harare, Zimbabwe FVMV Masvingo Intl - Masvingo, Zimbabwe Water Runway Airports - 2 added CN20 Ferndale Resort - Kelseyville, California - US W26 Foxair - Green Bay, Wisconsin - US Prior Updates: 5/2/18 New Bundles: 0 Updated Bundles: 86 New Diagrams: 191 Updated Diagrams: 14
  11. = = = = = = = = = = MH ATWC VII - Sector 4.zip = = = = = = = = = = = Mutleys Hangar Around the World Challenge Seven (ATWC VII) - Link to OneDrive folder for MH ATWC VII - Sector 4 Mutley's Hangar Around The World Challenge VII - Sector 4 Airport Diagrams Created 6/3/18 This zip file will not be updated unless changes are made to the official route by the event staff. 10 Airports, 15 files NOTES: These diagrams are also contained in their respective country/state/province bundles, as appropriate. The list below is in ICAO code order, not the route sequence. This zip contains airport diagrams for... - 61B Boulder City Mun - Boulder City, Nevada - US - CYTZ Toronto/City Centre - Toronto, Ontario - Canada - FOOL Leon M'ba - Libreville, Gabon - GBYD Banjul Intl - Banjul, Gambia - GCLP Gran Canaria - Gran Canaria, Spain (2 plates) - KGCN Grand Canyon Natl Park - Grand Canyon, Arizona - US - KLGA La Guardia - New York, New York - US (3 plates) - KOMA Eppley - Omaha, Nebraska - US (3 plates) - MMPN Lic And Gen Ignacio Lopez Rayo - Uruapan, Mexico - NGZ Alameda NAS - Alameda, California - US
  12. Good. Might see it. I only saw the original three, none since those. John EDIT: On second thought... http://www.breitbart.com/big-hollywood/2018/06/02/box-office-solo-officially-disaster-media-cover-why/
  13. Will post the airport diagram bundle for this sector tomorrow. John EDIT: Diagrams bundle is up and available for downloading. JDA
  14. Let us know how you like Solo. It's box office performance to date is not too good. John
  15. Happy birthday, you dodgy rascal you. John
  16. There's another side to the economics for your country, however. "British companies say their involvement in the F-35 jet production is boosting business" https://www.aol.co.uk/news/2018/01/17/british-companies-say-their-involvement-in-the-f-35-jet-producti/?guccounter=1 "...15% of each aircraft will be UK made." "...the programme has generated 12.9 billion dollars in contracts for British suppliers." "The company which is based in Middlesex said their involvement with the programme will sustain approximately 700 jobs."
  17. Proving another of Allard's Laws of Power Plant Maintenance - Every solution creates at least one new problem. John
  18. They only charged while surfaced. Also, no net weight change - see the Law of Conservation of Mass. Chlorine was the greater threat if leakage, bilgewater, etc. got to the batteries or if a cell jar cracked and leaked acid into the bilges, particularly when submerged. The boats were very well ventilated when surfaced, partly because of the large amount of air drawn into the main induction by the diesels.
  19. WW2 sub batteries were simply large lead-acid batteries similar to what we use to start our automobiles but much bigger, with only one cell per jar. Mix sulphuric acid with salt water and you get chlorine gas. Also, lead-acid batteries give off hydrogen gas when charging. John
  20. I know this thread has seen it's day in the sun already, but I just stumbled on an article that reinforces my opinion of current battery technology and the prospects for radical improvements in same anytime soon... https://www.wired.com/story/building-a-better-battery/ John
  21. http://www.breitbart.com/national-security/2018/05/18/cuban-plane-carrying-104-passengers-crashes-havana/ Bad crash in Havana, Cuba. Domestic flight - 737 - only three survivors reported. It happened shortly after takeoff and there are reports of an attempted turn-back, but not much known yet. John EDIT: 3 pages of posts at PPRUNE so far but not much known. There's a lot of conflicting information about who owned the AC and who was operating it, but it appears to be shaking out to be a pretty old 737-200 "wet leased" from a Mexican company and operated by a Mexican crew. I would not take any of that to the bank just yet. There's no info at all about the cause of the crash but it is looking like the pilot turned away from a populated area as he was nearing the ground, hit power lines and collided with terrain soon after. If so, he probably saved a lot of lives on the ground. No indication yet of any casualties on the ground. JDA
  22. Happy Birthday, Brett. Hope you're having a great one. John
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