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  1. Might not be a bad idea. I learned a long time ago that airshows are much more enjoyable when not being observed through a view-finder. Your idea may be along the same lines. John
  2. So the JF 152 is cheaper for a single platform and WAY cheaper if you need it for more than one. Got it! This bird might be attractive to the many, many real world pilots who learned to fly in one, including me. I have vivid memories of how much better it performed on my first solo, with that lard-arsed instructor standing out on the ramp trying not to look worried. Nice job on the review, Coff. Might be the first one here written on a boat. John
  3. I did what Coff did above, but used a simple plastic battery box (3 X AA) with an on-off switch instead, with the cut-off female end of a USB extension cable soldered to it. It works great. Though the TrackIR normally plugs into a USB port, it's not an intelligent device, i.e. it neither sends nor receives signals. It just needs about 5 volts DC for the three IR LEDs on the ends of the stalks. Since I already used a wireless headset it was a pain to again be tied to the computer with a wire. This solves the problem. I've said before and still maintain that the TrackIR is the single most significant hardware game-changer for FS that I can think of. It makes FS a whole new experience. I know I'm preaching to the choir since everyone who's posted here is already using some form of head tracker, but for the lurkers and casual readers, if you don't have this, you're missing something really special. John
  4. I miss this feature, which has gone kind of dormant. I promised Mutley when he was here I was going to kick this off again soon, so here goes! Guess the Airport Clues: You've never heard of it. It has a 3-character ICAO code. The images and data are from stock FSX-SE and are likely the same in FSX and P3D. Scenery complexity is set to Extremely Dense, so you're seeing everything that's there. The top-down image may have been rotated - OK, it has been. It's in the northern hemisphere. Magnetic variation is large. An airport just south is a candidate for my Unfortunate ICAO Codes list. Airport elevation is 1,000 < X < 2000 feet MSL. That's enough for now. More clues in a few days if no one has it. John
  5. They'll probably be pushing FSX-SE and their train sim pretty hard. John
  6. I believe that DTG in this case, and MS before them with MS F-Light, was looking at Apple and their success with the Apple App-Store with relish. Apple has done very well with a closed shop and all "add-ons" having to come through them. It's not hard to imagine that DTG and MS saw that with a gleam in their eye and thought maybe they could do the same for flight sim related DLC. It didn't work out for them, mainly since flight simming and phone apps are not the same kind of market at all - Apples and oranges if you'll excuse the pun. Can you think how much extra revenue MS could have generated over the years if all the FS add-ons for all the versions of FS had been through them with them getting a piece of the action? Even allowing for the stifling effect an arrangement like that might have had on independent development, it would have amounted to serious money over quite a long time. I'm not surprised that MS and DTG were tempted to try to make that happen, but I guess they didn't reckon with the fact that flight simmers as a community may not be quite so gullible as the great unwashed smart-phone-named-for-fruit users of the world. I'm not sorry for DTG, but am sorry for all the employees who will lose their jobs and am kind of bummed out that one of the successful licensees of MS software has mucked it up. Not sure if and when someone else will get a chance. DTG still holds and uses their license from MS for development at some level and distribution of FSX-Steam, but that's all now. I've thought for quite some time that P3D is where we will all be going eventually, though X-Plane is becoming an ever more promising alternative to the FSX-based sims. We'll have to wait and see how that plays out. Anyway, it gives us a couple of ways forward still, even with DTG having gone more or less static on FSX-Steam and out of the game for a 64-bit sim. For me, for now, FSX-Steam is good, stable and works well and P3D v 4 is very good and improving. John
  7. Here's a link to their official announcement on Steam. https://steamcommunity.com/games/389280/announcements/detail/3400657079148405506 John
  8. The earlier failure was in a conical hub section, not a blade per se - they lost the whole LP compressor section, about five entire stages as I recall. UT of blades is barking up entirely the wrong tree with respect to that one, though I don't have any comparable info on this new one. I guess it's possible that losing one blade could cause a cascading failure but I don't think that's what happened in the first event - the airbus that landed in Canada (Gander, Newfoundland?) John
  9. That captain and her FO had the double whammy - a catastrophic, un-contained engine failure AND sudden decompression at altitude. Makes for a busy next half hour but it appears they performed admirably. They could do nothing about the catastrophe in the cabin other than get down to breathable air promptly, which they did. It also sounds as if the cabin crew and pax did all that could be done there too. What a shame for that pax and her family. John
  10. I think Jury is right. Anyway, great shot. John
  11. Been there (as most USN veterans have). Most of what we saw flying were F4s, A6s and S2s. Lots of them. I think maybe the red light in the background is a VASI for Oceana NAS. John
  12. Note: While the data in this thread is still valid, the entire thing has been superseded by the Mutley's Hangar Airport Diagram Download Center. Top level is here... http://forum.mutleyshangar.com/index.php?/topic/23067-airport-diagram-download-center/ At this writing there are about 300 bundles available by country (by state/province in US, Canada, Australia) and something north of 7,400 airports diagrammed. Production continues and more airports are being added to the existing bundles every month.
  13. allardjd

    Surge protection

    I think the varactor, which is the active protection component, is subject to aging and failure in normal use. John EDIT: My mistake, it's a varistor, not a varactor, which is an entirely different animal. From Wiki: "MOVs [metal oxide varistors] have finite life expectancy and "degrade" when exposed to a few large transients, or many small transients." John
  14. All true, Coff, and you do well to point it out. I have no disagreement with anything you said, though it bears mentioning that there is some reason to believe that Musk is well on the way to becoming DeLorean in his automotive venture. He's in serious trouble there. He may not be "Money Goal oriented" in that company, but he's not going to shake up the world if his company fails financially. He's got to stay in business to make much of an impact. SpaceX doesn't really have too much to do with the idea of electric powered aircraft (the thread topic) or automobiles - I just couldn't resist pointing out the irony that Musk is doing rocket science quite successfully on fossil fuel, but really struggling with a production model automobile whose only really unique feature is that it does NOT use fossil fuel (except maybe at the local electric generating plant). What I did was to compare his level of success at the two enterprises. His rockets work these days, pretty much as he predicts. His auto production fails, every quarter, to meet his predictions, and not just by a few percent. Electric powered vehicles are not easy. Electric powered vehicles that can fly are all that much harder given the Amp-hrs/pound capability of current battery technology. What he's attempting to do with the Tesla Model 3 appears to be very, very difficult, yet the Tesla doesn't have to fly, just do what every normal automobile can already do but do it without using an internal combustion engine. Being money oriented at some level is necessary to remain in business and you can't change the world with a few prototype electric cars or airliners. You'll have to be able to crank them out in their thousands, at competitive prices, with competitive performance or it's just another DeLorean that didn't quite pan out. If these ideas are ever to materially benefit humankind, they'll have to be successful both technically and economically. People, even some very smart ones, are sometimes not very good at discriminating between the technically possible and the economically feasible. My point in all this is simply to illustrate that producing a viable, useful electric powered vehicle, whether with wheels or wings, that can do what its petroleum-fueled counterparts can already do rather easily is harder than most people realize. Battery performance is the main issue, but not the only one. John
  15. allardjd

    Surge protection

    Florida is supposedly the thunderstorm capital of the world and we do get our share along with someone else's share too. Have never lost anything that I know of to surges (thunderstorms are not necessarily the only source), but at this house we had the option to have whole-house surge protection installed by the power company for a small fee per month. It's a ring they install behind the meter and the power to the whole house goes through it. We have local protectors on some of the other outlets too but don't feel too compelled to do that in every case. John
  16. allardjd

    traffic in sight?

    No, wain, certainly not wrong. It's exactly correct. Other aircraft are sometimes pretty difficult to see when in flight (real or simulated). Seeing GA aircraft much beyond 1-1/2 - 2 miles is nearly impossible. You might manage better seeing larger AC at longer distances but it's still only a few miles unless at night and you're seeing lights instead of the actual AC. In the sim, the traffic labels option is a big help. Those become visible at 10 NM. In the real world, the worst case I can remember is seeing traffic lower than you against city lights. Even if you spot him, blink your eyes and he's gone. Strobes help a lot, but there's no silver bullet. Eventually, HUDs will project the "targets" in our field of vision and all will be easier. F-35 drivers have that now, with helmet-mounted HUD displays in 360 degrees. He can look between his legs and see any traffic there, as long as his sensors can see it (or anyone else's sensors, if he's sharing data with them). John
  17. They don't talk much about the fact that somewhere, that electricity has to be generated, do they? This whole idea is crazy given technology levels today. Unless storage battery technology can make an order of magnitude leap (~10X) in energy stored vs. weight, electric powered commercial aviation is a pipe dream. As Brett notes, probably inevitably some day, but not soon, it will happen. I expect at some point, which I won't live long enough to see, we'll be on a fusion-nuclear basis with almost everything stationary being electric-powered and with transport fuel being mostly hydrogen, from electrolysis of water. Recent technology leaps in fracking and extraction of oil and natural gas from tightly bound geo-structures from which it was not economically recoverable until recently will delay that day. I also expect that commercial aviation will be among the last of the industries to use oil for fuel because it's damned hard to use anything else and still be light enough to a) carry a commercial-sized payload and b) still fly. To date they can't even replicate the speed/range/payload performance of a Cessna Skyhawk on batteries, though somebody is close with a hybrid using - - - wait for it - - - - - an internal combustion engine burning fossil fuel to help out along the way. Amazing, isn't it? They have a very long way to go. I'm not against trying, but battery energy density is the key that's needed and evolutionary changes won't be enough to get it done. It will require something truly revolutionary. That will happen, sooner or later - human ingenuity is nearly infinite - but it's not just around the corner. Another factor to think about is the fundamental difference between the ever-diminishing weight of fossil fuel as it is burned and that of batteries, which weigh essentially the same whether fully charged or depleted. Some airliner flight profiles today use step climbs as fuel is burned off to reach the desired altitudes, and they gain fuel economy/range/performance benefits materially in the latter part of their flights from the reduced weight as fuel is burned off. Electric powered aircraft will have to forego that benefit - they will land at about the same weight they take off at. Think that one through. Elon Musk is having a much higher level of success with kerosene-fueled rockets than he is with battery powered Tesla automobiles despite the fact that building cars isn't exactly rocket science. Just saying... John
  18. Nice piece of work. This guy has way too much time on his hands. John
  19. Do you really need FSX if Steam (I assume when you refer to "Steam" you mean FSX-SE) is working OK? John
  20. +1. Welcome back. Re Win10, I love it, but declined to go the upgrade route on an old computer. I waited until I was ready for a new machine and got a factory-installed Win10 - no problems. Sorry you're not liking AH2 but we have to remember that the original AH was a ground breaker and if you're happy with it, that's fine. It was a great piece of work. FSX-SE is rock solid for me, but I also like P3D-V4. John
  21. 4/2/18 Bundle Updates The monthly update of the Airport Diagram bundle files has been completed. The prior bundles updates were completed on 3/1/18. Bundle downloads are available here... http://forum.mutleyshangar.com/index.php?/topic/23067-airport-diagram-download-center/ Algeria - 2 added DAOB A. Boussouf Ain Bouchekif - Tiaret, Algeria DAUO Guemar - El Oued, Algeria Australia - South Australia - 1 added YTBB Tumby Bay - Tumby Bay, South Australia - Australia Belarus - 3 added UMBB Brest - Brest, Belarus UMLI Machulishchi - Minsk, Belarus UMMG Grodno - Grodno, Belarus Brazil - 4 added SBFT Fronteira - Fronteira, Brazil SDLK Cacule - Cacule, Brazil SDWH Fazenda Avanhandava - Fazenda Avanhandava, Brazil SSQZ Luis Eduardo Magalhaes - Mimoso Do Oeste, Brazil Cameroon - 1 added FKKC Tiko - Tiko, Cameroon Canada - British Columbia - 1 updated CYSE Squamish - Squamish, British Columbia - Canada (updated) Canada - Quebec - 1 added; 1 updated CSJ4 Louiseville - Louiseville, Quebec - Canada (updated) CYRC Chicoutimi/St-Honore - St-Honore, Quebec - Canada China - 1 added ZBLA Dongshan - Hailar, China Colombia - 1 added SKLC Antonio Roldan Betancourt - Carepa, Colombia Comoros - 2 added FMCI Moheli - Moheli, Comoros FMCV Ouani - Anjouan, Comoros Congo (DRC) - 1 added FZJH Isiro-Matari - Isiro-Matari, Congo (DRC) Cook Islands - 1 added NCAI Avarua - Aitutaki, Cook Islands Croatia - 3 added LDDP Ploce - Ploce, Croatia LDVA Varazdin - Varazdin, Croatia LDZC Grabovnica - Cazma, Croatia Cuba - 1 updated MUBY Carlos M De Cespedes - Bayamo, Cuba (updated) Dominica - 1 added TDCF Canefield Intl - Roseau, Dominica Ecuador - 2 added SECO Francisco De Orellana - Coca, Ecuador SESV Los Perales - San Vicente, Ecuador Egypt - 1 added HEDK Dakhla - Dakhla, Egypt Fiji Islands - 2 added NFKD Namalata - Kadavu, Fiji Is, Fiji Islands NFNM Matei - Matei, Fiji Islands Finland - 2 added EFKY Kymi - Kymi, Finland EFOP Oripaa - Oripaa, Finland France - 1 added LFBX Bassillac - Perigueux, France French Polynesia - 2 added NTGK Kaukura - Kaukura, French Polynesia NTKM Takume - Takume, French Polynesia Georgia - 1 added UGSB Batumi - Batumi, Georgia Germany - 28 added, 1 updated EDAG Grossruckerswalde - Grossruckerswalde, Germany EDAH Heringsdorf - Heringsdorf, Germany EDAK Grossenhain - Grossenhain, Germany EDAN Neustadt-Glewe - Neustadt-Glewe, Germany EDAU Gohlis - Riesa, Germany EDCQ Aschersleben - Aschersleben, Germany EDCT Taucha - Taucha, Germany EDCY Welzow - Spremberg, Germany EDEG Gotha-Ost - Gotha-Ost, Germany EDFN Marburg-Schonstadt - Marburg-Schonstadt, Germany EDGU Unterschupf - Unterschupf, Germany EDHG Luneburg - Luneburg, Germany EDKB Hangelar - Bonn, Germany EDKF Auf Dem Dumpel - Bergneustadt, Germany EDLK Egelsberg - Krefeld, Germany EDOE Bohlen - Bohlen, Germany EDOG Beilrode - Torgau, Germany EDQE Burg Feuerstein - Burg Feuerstein, Germany EDQN Neustadt/Aisch - Neustadt/Aisch, Germany EDQR Ebern-Sendelbach - Ebern-Sendelbach, Germany EDQW Weiden - Weiden, Germany EDRK Winningen - Koblenz, Germany EDTG Bremgarten - Bremgarten, Germany EDUW Tutow - Tutow, Germany EDWH Hatten - Oldenburg, Germany EDXU Huttenbusch - Huttenbusch, Germany ETAR Ramstein AB - Ramstein, Germany (updated) ETEK Baumholder AAF - Baumholder, Germany Z11N Darmstadt AAF - Darmstadt, Germany Greenland - 1 added BGAA Aasiaat - Aasiaat, Greenland Honduras - 1 added MH0A Ahuas - Ahuas, Honduras India - 4 added VEUK Utkela - Utkela, India VEVZ Vishakhapatnam - Vishakhapatnam, India VOAT Agatti - Agatti, India VOCP Cuddapah - Cuddapah, India Indonesia - 2 added WAPK Nangasuri - Nangasuri, Indonesia WIOS Susilo - Susilo, Indonesia Iran - 1 added OIAG Aghajari - Aghajari, Iran Ireland - 1 added EIIM Inishmore - Inishmore, Ireland Jamaica - 1 added MKBS Boscobel - Ocho Rios, Jamaica Liberia - 1 added GLNA Lamco - Nimba, Liberia Libya - 1 added HL58 Agedabia - Agedabia, Libya Lithuania - 2 added EYPA Palanga Intl - Palanga, Lithuania EYPP Pajuostis - Pajuostis, Lithuania Malaysia - 1 added WMLU Lutong - Luton, Malaysia Mexico - 1 added MMCS Abraham Gonzalez Intl - Ciudad Juarez, Mexico Morocco - 1 added GMMI Mogador - Essaouira, Morocco Nigeria - 2 added DNBE Benin - Benin, Nigeria DNKA New Kaduna - Kaduna, Nigeria Northern Mariana Islands - 1 added TT01 Pagan Airstrip - Shomu-Shon, Northern Mariana Islands Pakistan - 4 added OP19 Chashma - Chashma, Pakistan OPDG Dera Ghazi Khan - Dera Ghazi Khan, Pakistan OPKT Kohat AB - Kohat, Pakistan OPMT Multan Intl - Multan, Pakistan Palestinian Authority - New Folder - 1 added LVGZ Gaza Intl - Gaza, Palestinian Authority Panama - 1 added PX02 Alvaro Berrroa - Alvaro Berroa, Panama Portugal - 1 added LPPI Pico - Pico, Portugal Romania - 1 added LRBC Bacau - Bacau, Romania Russia - 2 added URRR Rostov-Na-Donu - Rostov-Na-Donu, Russia USPP Bolshoye Savino - Perm, Russia Saint Vincent and the Grenadines - 1 added TVSC Canouan - Canouan, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Saudi Arabia - 1 added OERM Ras Al Mishab - Ras Al Mishab, Saudi Arabia Senegal - 1 added GOSS St Louis - St Louis, Senegal Singapore - 1 added WSAC Changi Rsaf - Changi Rsaf, Singapore Somalia - 1 added HCMS Scusciuban - Scusciuban, Somalia Switzerland - 1 added LSZO Luzern-Beromunster - Luzern-Beromunster, Switzerland Syria - 1 added OSAP Aleppo Intl - Aleppo, Syria Taiwan - 1 added Z28X Pratas Island - Pratas Island, Taiwan Thailand - 2 added VTSF Nakhon Si Thammarat - Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand VTUW Nakhon Phanom - Nakhon Phanom, Thailand Turkey - 1 added LTCM Sinop - Sinop, Turkey Ukraine - 1 added UKKE Cherkasy - Cherkasy, Ukraine United Kingdom - 2 added EGHY Truro - Truro, United Kingdom EGPT Scone - Perth, United Kingdom US - Alabama - 4 added, 1 updated 0J0 Abbeville Mun - Abbeville, Alabama - US 3AL8 Flint River Ranch - Owens Crossroads, Alabama - US KALX Russell - Alexander City, Alabama - US (updated) KANB Anniston Metro - Anniston, Alabama - US S63 Skyharbor - Selma, Alabama - US US - Alaska - 3 added, 1 updated 51Z Minto - Minto, Alaska - US KKI Akiachak - Akiachak, Alaska - US PACV Cordova-Smith - Cordova, Alaska - US (updated) PALU Cape Lisburne LRRS - Cape Lisburne, Alaska - US US - Arizona - 1 added KRQE Window Rock - Window Rock, Arizona - US US - Arkansas - 3 added 3M0 Gaston - Lakeview, Arkansas - US KBPK Baxter Co Regl - Mountain Home, Arkansas - US KBVX Batesville Regl - Batesville, Arkansas - US US - California - 3 added CA44 Sequoia Ranch - Springville, California - US KSAS Salton Sea - Salton City, California - US L45 Bakersfield Mun - Bakersfield, California - US US - Florida - 4 added, 1 updated 17FL Greystone - Ocala, Florida - US (FSX) 18FA Tropical Plantation - Palm City, Florida - US 22FL Farm Air Service - Altha, Florida - US 2J9 Quincy Mun - Quincy, Florida - US (updated) 50FD Cattle Creek Ranch - Altha, Florida - US US - Georgia - 2 added, 3 updated 27A Elbert Co-Patz - Elberton, Georgia - US (updated) 49A Gilmer Co - Ellijay, Georgia - US 9A0 Lumpkin Co-Wimpy's - Dahlonega, Georgia - US KMAC Macon Downtown - Macon, Georgia - US (updated) KPIM Callaway Gardens-Harris Co - Pine Mountain, Georgia - US (updated) US - Hawaii - 1 added NPS Ford Island NALF - Honolulu, Hawaii - US US - Illinois - 2 added 79IL Milford - Milford, Illinois - US KAJG Mt Carmel Mun - Mt Carmel, Illinois - US US - Indiana - 3 added 1IN0 Belknap-Icarus Acres - Parker City, Indiana - US KDCR Decatur Hi-Way - Decatur, Indiana - US KEYE Eagle Creek - Indianapolis, Indiana - US US - Iowa - 3 added KAWG Washington Mun - Washington, Iowa - US KDNS Denison Mun - Denison, Iowa - US KPEA Pella Mun - Pella, Iowa - US US - Louisiana - 2 added, 1 updated 6LA4 Dyer - Oakdale, Louisiana - US KSPH Springhill - Springhill, Louisiana - US (updated) L33 Tensas Parish - St Joseph, Louisiana - US US - Maine - 1 added ME68 Newport Sky Park - Newport, Maine - US US - Michigan - 2 added, 1 updated 48D Clare Mun - Clare, Michigan - US 9C8 Evart Mun - Evart, Michigan - US (updated) KCMX Houghton Co Meml - Hancock, Michigan - US US - Minnesota - 1 added KAEL Albert Lea Mun - Albert Lea, Minnesota - US US - Mississippi - 1 added KRNV Cleveland Mun - Cleveland, Mississippi - US US - Missouri - 2 added, 1 updated 61MU Farris Strip - Faucett, Missouri - US KRAW Warsaw Mun - Warsaw, Missouri - US KSET St Charles Co Smartt - St Charles, Missouri - US (updated) US - Montana - 1 added MT24 Beacon Star Antique Airfield - Moore, Montana - US US - Nebraska - 1 added KOGA Searle - Ogallala, Nebraska - US Nevada - 1 added O43 Yerington Mun - Yerington, Nevada - US US - New Jersey - 1 added N73 Red Lion - Vincentown, New Jersey - US US - New York - 2 added KMAL Malone-Dufort - Malone, New York - US KSSN Seneca AAF - Romulus, New York - US US - North Carolina - 3 added 5W8 Siler City Mun - Siler City, North Carolina - US KMRN Morganton-Lenoir - Morganton, North Carolina - US NC45 Enfield-Shearin - Enfield, North Carolina - US US - North Dakota - 4 added 5ND3 Craig Private - Bathgate, North Dakota - US KDIK Dickinson-Theodore Roosevelt R - Dickinson, North Dakota - US KDVL Devils Lake Mun - Devils Lake, North Dakota - US KHZE Mercer Co Regl - Hazen, North Dakota - US Oklahoma - 3 added KCQB Chandler Regl - Chandler, Oklahoma - US KHAX Hatbox - Muskogee, Oklahoma - US KTQH Tahlequah Mun - Tahlequah, Oklahoma - US US - Oregon - 2 updated KUAO Aurora State - Aurora, Oregon - US (updated) S33 City-Co - Madras, Oregon - US (updated) US - Pennsylvania - 1 added N74 Penns Cave - Centre Hall, Pennsylvania - US US - South Carolina - 1 added KPYG Pageland - Pageland, South Carolina - US US - South Dakota - 2 added 3V0 Custer State Park - Fairburn, South Dakota - US KMHE Mitchell Mun - Mitchell, South Dakota - US US - Tennessee - 2 added 4TN9 Southfork - Jackson, Tennessee - US KUCY Everett-Stewart - Union City, Tennessee - US US - Texas - 5 added 3XS7 Skydive Houston - Waller, Texas - US (FSX) E38 Alpine-Casparis Mun - Alpine, Texas - US F98 Yoakum Co - Plains, Texas - US KHLR Hood AAF - Ft Hood,Texas - US XS77 Seafood Warehouse Park - Crystal Beach, Texas - US US - Utah - 6 added KBDG Blanding Mun - Blanding, Utah - US KPUC Carbon Co - Price, Utah - US U14 Nephi Mun - Nephi, Utah - US U43 Monticello - Monticello, Utah - US U52 Beaver Mun - Beaver, Utah - US UT53 Sky Ranch - Moab, Utah - US US - Vermont - 1 added KVSF Hartness State - Springfield, Vermont - US US - Wisconsin - 5 added 3WI0 Carnot Field - Algoma, Wisconsin - US 9Y7 Barron Mun - Barron, Wisconsin KAIG Langlade Co - Antigo, Wisconsin - US WI89 Lake Geneva Aire Estates - Lake Geneva, Wisconsin - US WN99 Hayes Road - Durand, Wisconsin - US Uzbekistan - 1 added UT1K Nukus - Nukus, Uzbekistan Virgin Islands, British - 2 added TUPG Capt. Auguste George - Anegada, Virgin Islands, British TUPW Virgin Gorda - Spanishtown, Virgin Islands, British Western Sahara (disputed) - 1 added GMMH Dakhla - Dakhla, Western Sahara (disputed) Water Runway Airports - 2 added EDCY Welzow - Spremberg, Germany KKI Akiachak - Akiachak, Alaska - US Prior Updates: 3/1/8 New Bundles: 1 [Palestinian Authority] Updated Bundles: 93 New Diagrams: 187 Updated Diagrams: 15
  22. = = = = = = = = = = Palestinian Authority.zip = = = = = = = = = = = Click to download Palestinian Authority.zip - Link to OneDrive folder for Asia Palestinian Authority.zip Created 4/1/18 This zip file may be updated periodically to include any new airport diagrams in this country as more are produced. 1 Airport, 1 file This zip contains airport diagrams for... - LVGZ Gaza Intl - Gaza, Palestinian Authority
  23. I didn't write it, I just posted it because, a) I thought it was funny, and b) it rings fairly true for the basic philosophies of the two states. Yeah, it's a bit hyperbolic, but manages to present a pair of plausible stereotypes, correct or otherwise. John
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