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  1. I'm going to give it a go anyway, I've watched a few YT vids on it and I was impressed.
  2. Thanks Phil, yes I have heard of this, and I have now downloaded it. I've heard it's as good almost as the PMDG one for FSX, is that right?
  3. Just got my tickets for the Sunday. Hope to see you all again this year!
  4. Thanks John, I am enjoying learning the new sim systems, and I do not regret ditching FSX at all. It's been a while since I visited due to not really simming much recently, and waiting to get a PC good enough to run X Plane well. I am there now and am very impressed with the new sim so far!
  5. Thanks Phil, great to be back!
  6. Any suggestions Joe? I used to use OzX but it seems to have gone south! :edit: found a new image hoster
  7. After several frustrations with good old FSX, I have decided to let the old dog lie and moved on to pastures new. I am now using XPlane 11 and what a difference!. Here's my first screenie of the vFlyteAir Cherokee 140 with OrbX True Earth England scenery. I'm very impressed with what I have discovered so far with XP11
  8. Hope to see everyone there again this year
  9. It'll be great to see everyone again this year!
  10. Just been emailed this for this year's show. I'll be going for sure so I hope to see some of you there again this year! http://www.flightsimshow.com/
  11. Thanks everyone, it is a great aircraft and the view from the seat is fantastic !
  12. Hi everyone, thought you'd like to see my new Piper Tomahawk that has just arrived in my hangar. I actually flew one of these for real last June and will be doing so again this year and I'll hopefully get some photos to share when I do . For now, here's the virtual one! Enjoy!
  13. Great video and I managed to avoid "starring" in it this time!
  14. I enjoyed the show and I'm glad I've made it back this year. Kath enjoyed her first show experience (and your Quality Streest and Jess's biscuits!) and is looking forward to coming again next year and meeting everyone again. It was great to see Joe, Tim and Chris there again this year and many thanks to Chris for the flight stick. I am now able to rejoin the sim community at last. Looking forward to the next one already! Adrian
  15. OOerr yes I do, we also feature on the promotional shot on the Show website every year. from the 2014 show I think
  16. will do Brett, missed last year's show but looking forward to going again
  17. Hopefully see you there Chris and the Mutley crew!
  18. I'll be there again this year Joe, look forward to seeing you and all the crew again
  19. Phil, with any Steam product, F12 takes a screenshot. Adrian
  20. Hi Calum, like Joe says, the graphics card is not the best for FSX, but that processor is definitely not going to help. I use an NVidia GTX 760 SC along with a Core i7 3770K processor overclocked to 4.4Ghz and get superb performance wherever and whatever I am flying. Pound for pound, the Core i7 series are by far the best for Flight Sim, preferably 4.0 Ghz plus, either native or overclocked. Unfortunately that would also require a motherboard change as well. NVidia Inspector is a free tool that will let you tweak settings on the card and save them as profiles for any software you like. Also I have to agree with Joe about Steve's DX10 Fixer. This is, without doubt, the best performance enhancing tool for FSX ever made, and it also allows DX10 features such as dynamic lighting, texturing and all kinds of effects that old DX9 just isn't capable of. At £19.99 it's an absolute steal! Again, this works best with NVidia cards, although there are setup options in the manual for AMD users. Well worth saving up for IMHO!!
  21. Nice Alan, this was a default aircraft in FS9 if I remember correctly.
  22. When a "bandit" cuts you up on the road and your finger instinctively reaches for the ACM Master Mode switch! (BMS pilots will understand!)
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