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  1. Great shots! Mutley when i thought your shots coudnt get any better they always do! And what a beautifull place Aspen Colarado is! :rofl
  2. I think Ciampino airport authorities should have taken better action to prevent this. I know its unpredictable. But airports should be alert for bird activity.
  3. Airbus

    Blue Daze

    Fantastic edit Joe! Are those ice bergs?
  4. Rome's Ciampino airport has temporarily closed after a Ryanair flight from Frankfurt suffered "substantial damage" as it made an emergency landing. The budget airline said the plane had experienced problems after birds were sucked into the engine as it came in to land at Rome's second-largest airport. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/7719716.stm
  5. Midwest Airlines, Boeing 717-2BL
  6. Airbus

    Just the 1

    Thanks for the comments
  7. Airbus

    Just the 1

    Havent posted in a while, was looking at my old monarch shots, so thought i would post one. This was a flight i did today, departing Gatwick bound for Granada (ex monarch route) No edits.
  8. :poster_oops: It looks fake, But when you look at the window when it hits the ground you can see someone moving around in there. I dont know.
  9. That was funny. Its nothing like what you see now days. its the opposite. I was travelling on a bus yesterday (London Bus) when i got on the bus i was handed this comment card and pen asking me what i thought about the service and where i started my journey and where it was finishing etc. So is wierd to see this. On the same bus journey someone sat next to me and started playing a music instrament (and not very good)
  10. Enjoyed those!. Nice storyline to go with them. Nice work
  11. Airbus

    FSX for me!

    Stunning Shot mutley. Can almost hear the roar of those engines! :mrhappy: :clap:
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