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  1. OK, I know nobody flies FS9 but I do. My old computer took a dump, and I got another one. I am building my FS9 back again, and have suddenly encountered an issue that I can find no answer for. I am NOT too far into the rebuild, but I do not wish to dump and start again.\ So the problem is fairly simple I hope. I run FS9 with sliders to FULL, everything set to MAX. ALL was going good, but suddenly, instead of great looking sharp textures as far as the eye could see, I am now getting the POPPING into sharp details, an area around my aircraft that is basically in a PLUS sign type pattern Several squares x Several squares, the outsides of which are far less sharp until I fly over them, then they pop up and the ones behind my get less sharp. I have changed no settings, I was thinking it was a scenery I added in, but it exists now world wide. ANYONE who can help me on this, I would really be thankful to.
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