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  1. Yes, only a few years ago.
  2. Looks good, in the remake the C119 was used but the original used the C-82 Packet, seriously considering this one for my hangar.
  3. Totally fictitious colour scheme but I love it. (The reg actually belongs to a Cessna) The Hawker Tempest V would have made a superb racing and display aircraft. This flight begins at Goodwood in West Sussex, (EGHR) Thanks for viewing
  4. Took one of the Skyvans up to the Orkneys. Oil workers needing to get home for Christmas meant extra passenger and freight capacity needed. Weather not brilliant but the Skyvan is a tough little aircraft. Beginning the descent into Kirkwall A busy ramp, three company aircraft in there. Flybe operates a Loganair franchise. Thank you for flying with Loganair. Have a great Christmas.
  5. Nothing fishy about that bird, great shots of a fine old aircraft.
  6. Universal Credit! (the bane of thousands of unemployed and low earning Brits)
  7. Shouldn't he be called Camouflage? !!
  8. dodgy-alan

    Ed force one

    This one could ONLY have been written by someone who understands aviation! I love it.