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  1. Douglas DC-8 operating around the Caribbean Thanks for viewing.
  2. One of the lesser known RAF aircraft of WW2. It began life as the Lockheed 18 but when WW2 began many were pressed into service for military use. Thanks for viewing.
  3. Nicely caught, Always a pleasure to fly that aircraft.
  4. dodgy-alan


    Great captures, got lots of Buffalos in the hangar. They have had a real variety of aircraft over the years.
  5. Great set of captures, especially in RN markings. The Helldiver was initially plagued with problems and it took a long time for them to be ironed out. It went on to have a good service record eventually but was never really liked by it's pilots. The last ones were still being used by the French Navy at the start of the Vietnam War in the late 50s. Greece also used theirs in the mid 50s as well. The Royal Navy never used theirs in combat and the major order for them was cancelled with only a very low number being used as trainers. By the time the Australians were getting theirs, they had already decided that Dive Bombing was inefficient and so that order too was cancelled with all the aircraft delivered being returned to the USA.
  6. You can bet your life that bodies such as the FAA and CAA will yet again be looking at the continued use of vintage aircraft by enthusiasts. In this country many are no longer allowed to carry fare paying passengers. However it seems several operators have got around that by carrying extra "crew" who are welcome to "donate" a "financial incentive" to keep the aircraft flying! Certainly the Airshow scene changed dramatically in the UK after the Shoreham Crash. Let's face it, the various governments can't make money out of non-commercial aircraft so they'd be quite happy to see all the vintage warbirds grounded and GAs in general even more tightly controlled.
  7. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/vintage-b-17-plane-crashes-erupts-flames-bradley-international-airport-n1061161 https://www.nytimes.com/2019/10/02/nyregion/plane-crash.html
  8. Great set of pics.
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