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  1. https://www.theargus.co.uk/news/1691950.tragic-airshow-pilot-is-named/
  2. Oddly enough my friend was on duty when the Hurricane crashed a few years earlier. Again he was one of the first on scene. On that occasion the pilot tried to put the aircraft down on one of the emergency landing sites only to realise that a group of people had come through the gate in spite of no entry signs and were having a picnic in the middle of it! He apparently stuffed the aircraft nose first into the ground and the aircraft blew up. The emergency team managed to salvage the pilots lower legs from the scene as they were only bits that hadn't burned.
  3. We were on the beach at Bognor waiting for the Vulcan to come along the coast from Bournemouth on the same day. We saw her come over, then circle round and move to Shoreham where she could be seen doing a slow flyby before returning towards us with a Spitfire flying in echelon. It was at that point my mate phoned me and told me about the crash. we could see the smoke from the beach. I went along there a day later and was shown the makeshift exit they'd had to clear for the cars to get through the south access tunnel, however the big RV's etc couldn't fit through it and were stuck there, as were several aircraft that couldn't take off due to the runway being closed. The death toll was worse than it should have been as right by the airport entrance is/was a big sign saying "No Parking or Waiting, Aircraft Operation area" people kept coming up to and in fact climbing onto the sign. Police moved them off several times but they came back. The Hunter took the sign out! It was a right mess. A few I took from the beach as the Vulcan and Spit came past.
  4. Smart looking ship! I like it.
  5. Sweet, The Canadair Sabre was also flown by the RAF and the Luftwaffe in the 50s. It had different systems and engine from the American built version.
  6. Lovely stuff, The F-8 was one very impressive aircraft. Nice to see a French one in the mix. Great colours on the VF-84 aircraft.
  7. Love it! Great little jet. Nicely caught.
  8. Great pics, Love Shoreham Airport. Very historic, in fact the oldest Civil airport in Britain. A friend of mine is part of the crash team when the airshows take place. He was s one of the first on scene when the Hunter went down.
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