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  1. Love it. very atmospheric.
  2. Currently at Lelystad in The Netherlands, Returning to UK on 5th, some reports saying with a Red Arrows escort over the Dover cliffs.
  3. Thanks for the link, very useful as we live right on the coast and last night the waves were crashing across the promenade! I usually use real world weather for my flights which often helps.
  4. A word meaning the same thing from Cornwall, Emmet.
  5. dodgy-alan

    Meteor .

    This one's from the Justflight Stables. still one of my favourite aircraft though. Thanks for viewing.
  6. Thanks Guys, will see what I've got,....as soon as Imgur wakes up! Looks like the site's just crashed!
  7. Welcome to Gay Airlines, Our staff bend over backwards to meet your needs, ..........and forwards to knead your meat!
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