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  1. Excellent screenies and a great info from everyone. We have a similar tracking and listening post at Goonhilly Downs in Cornwall, There are various dishes on the site of the array and until a few years ago there was even a visitors centre and guided tour operating, sadly this has now closed as operations moved forward into enven more advanced work. It has been used for numerous space missions. Up close it is a very impressive place , going around it gives a very eerie other worldly feeling. It was a fascinating and exciting place to see. I loved it. https://www.goonhilly.org/
  2. Excellent shots, great scenery and a sweet looking aircraft. It reminds me of a scaled down PC-12.
  3. Giving this one to Tim ., over to you buddy.
  4. Radio Aerials that were unique to the RAF flying command post versions.
  5. Bonfire Night, (where an effigy of Guido Fawkes is traditionally burned on November 5th to commemorate the Gunpowder plot of 1605.)
  6. Love the Bev, Only one complete example left now and that's in poor condition. There was a funny story about the, A Beverley was flying into RAF Butterworth in Malaysia during the conflict. The controller in charge that day had never seen one and when it appeared on the airfield radar he noticed something very odd about the radar sig. He called up the aircraft and told them that he had them on Radar but to beware as it appeared there were two hostile aircraft very close behind. The Aircraft captain apparently replied, " Yes we are aware of them, ...They are our tail fins!"
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