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  1. Freighter, (later known as the Blackburn Beverley.)
  2. Very nicely done, love the colours.
  3. Dee Cataneo really nailed the aircraft with this one. Great aircraft to fly and the detail is excellent, even more so when you realise it's a freebie! Nicely caught Jury..
  4. The old recruiting sergeant is signing on volunteers, he's doing them in alphabetical order and has got as far as Mc, Firsty guy comes up , Sarge looks at him , " Name?" " McCoy" comes the reply, "Occupation" Sarge asks, "Poof" says the man, "Pardon?" "Poof" the man says again, "I worked in a cushion factory and it was my job to take the finished cushions and poof them up plump ready for sale!" "Oh Ok" says Sarge, the man walks off. "Next!" calls Sarge, "Name?" , the next man relies " McCoy" "Occupation?" "Poof" comes the reply, Sarge looks up " Another one? so what do you actually do?" " I work in the town centre, and when it gets light I go round and poof out all the street lights" "Really?" asks sarge, "I thought they were electric?" " No Sir " says the man, "we have some gas lamps as well" "Oh I see" says sarge, "Off you go," the man leaves, "Next!" roars the sarge. The next man flounces up, " Name?" "McCoy" Sarge raises his eyes, "another one?" "Occupation?" " THe man replies " Poof" Sarge can't quite believe it " And what is it you do?" " What do you mean" asks the man defensively, " I'm no pretender like the last two! I'm the real McCoy" And with that he minced off!
  5. Gives a whole new meaning to "getting smashed on cheap booze!"
  6. The idea was to fire these at Charlie, then by the time the troops got to them they'd be so pissed they wouldn't know what was happening!
  7. Apparently regarding the fire at Notre Dame, The fire brigade have a good hunch what caused it and they say the name rings a bell!
  8. Dreich ! Wet, dull, gloomy, dismal, dreary or any combination of these. Scottish weather at its most miserable.
  9. Something completely different. The Haunebu II is allegedly a German research project from WW2 that never left the drawing board. The design of this craft closely resembles the Adamski sightings from the 1950s however that sighting has been largely discounted as a fake. Whatever the truth Revell produced this kit a couple of years ago but had to withdraw it from sale in Germany as the description on the box inferred that the Nazis had achieved space flight in WW2 which of course was a complete fabrication. However certain "snowflakes" didn't see it as a joke and protested that it was misleading. As a result Revell were forced to amend the wording to pacify these critics. It has since been re released in Germany (it was never withdrawn in the rest of the world anyway! ) It's an interesting kit as is a reboot of a Far Eastern model of the Adamski craft but with a few mods to make it look more warlike. The decal sheet is a very imaginative set of WW2 Luftwaffe markings and various colour schemes are suggested. However I decided to do mine completely differently using some Hydra decals that my local model shop had printed up for me a while ago. Hydra as some of you know was the Quasi Alien/Nazi enemy force that first appeared in the Marvel movie Captain America. The organization had a variety of aircraft and vehicles so this thing fits right into the pantheon. The colour scheme is based on the fact that the Hydra organization seems to have a base in the Arctic or other snowy mountain environment. The colour scheme is therefore self devised to fit the job. The crew were out of my spares box and were painted in various shades of black as per the movie. The top is removable to allow viewing of the interior. Other details I added were the top hull hatch and the boarding ladder. I also have a large black Mercedes limo to go with it once that's finished. It is built to 1/72 scale so is pretty big. Oddly enough in the recent film Iron Sky, the Nazis are actually seen using Flying Saucers so the model has achieved some cult following these days and they can command high prices. Especially the "pre-snowflake" German boxings with the original script. Anyway , I hope you like the result, Thanks for viewing.
  10. Lockheed C5A departing RAF Woodbridge for Dover AFB Thanks for viewing
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