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  1. dodgy-alan

    space is low!

    I have two 1tb External hard drives. I hived off a lot of rarely used aircraft into a folder on one of them and saved tons of space in the process. I also use them to store my photos and documents etc so the main PC is optimised. Always best top run a Defrag every few days and a temp file cleanup as well. then about once a week get your firewall to run a full scan to make sure nothing is slowing you down.
  2. Great job, love the light ribbons.
  3. Good to see this seldom seen aircraft, good shots.
  4. I guess we'll never know exactly what was going on in the poor guys head. But as someone who suffers from acute depression I can tell you that when the black dog strikes it's a real bastard. Last time I went for counselling I was at rock bottom and in very real danger of ending it all. The Counselling service asked if I knew how to do it. I told them that I take 30 tablets a day plus insulin injections just to stay alive. If I o'd or skipped it all the result would be the same, then added, "Oh buy the way I also collect swords and and have a fair sized armoury bolted to my walls! " The poor woman nigh on sh*t herself! I pulled through that time but every so often it comes back. Who knows what may happen in the future.
  5. Flown on several real ones, they are lovely aircraft. Love the Kings Flight livery.
  6. Just wait, some prat is bound to try and get Flight Sims banned now as it gives people too many ideas, and could be deemed as dangerous!
  7. At least this one wasn't carrying passengers, Unlike the A 320 a couple of years ago.
  8. I'm bloody sure my phone listens to me, every so often it invites me to record something completely unprompted!
  9. An old story but still worth posting. It strikes me some of these cops etc are just plain bloody stupid.
  10. I did mate, that's what inspired me!
  11. It's been another warm and pleasant day, decided to get a bit of fresh air. I took one of the little Piper Cubs up for a bimble over Dorset. Departing Compton Abbas and finally landing at Tarrant Rushden. It wasn't a fast flight but it was nice way to while away the afternoon. over the flight line at Compton Abbas Thanks for viewing