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  1. Girl 1 " Did you hear about the guy getting sucked into one of these last week?" Girl 2 " You've just reminded me, I must pick up some mince for the Chilli tonight!"
  2. " So then she said to the captain, "I'm Hot, can you turn that big fan on under the wing??". Well she was even hotter after that! Don't think she'll ever work gain, Freddy Kruger eat your heart out!"
  3. " So I said to this creep, , I don't care what you're packing honey, I can still a better suck elsewhere! These CFMs will out do you anytime!"
  4. Very atmospheric. We have a fair number of DA's at Goodwood including a number of the bigger twin engined version. Their unsuual shape has earned them the nick name of The Flying Sperm and the Twin Sperm!
  5. LOL, permission to say "cock"!
  6. Very nicely done. well seen.
  7. Superb job, Flying into bad weather is great fun, but also very challenging. Well caught shots.
  8. If it's Boeing, I ain't going! Avoid all the fuss, choose and Airbus!
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