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  1. Love the AN-2. Always fun to fly.
  2. Lovely to see the old girl. She was at Shoreham a few years ago. A shame she's going back to the US.
  3. Easyjet introduce their new check-in service for passengers to Kyrgyzstan!
  4. dodgy-alan


    Great captures, lovely aircraft with an unmistakable sound. We have a couple based at Goodwood just down the road from us. Often seen over the town or buzzing along the beach.
  5. Yep, , I knew her! I used to drink with her, Diana Dors and Alan Lake at the Wheatsheaf Pub in Virginia Water. She was lovely.
  6. Stop acting like a twat! Who do you think you are? James Bond?
  7. For the last time, will you please tell us where you hid the keys to the airplane!
  8. I thought you said the runway was finished!
  9. Hi Rosario, I just tried to reload this file but it comes up as Not Found. A bit of a pain as my PC seems to have lost the original file and the airfield has vanished from my sim scenery! Do you or anyone else have a current copy please.
  10. Paul Raymond Revue Bar, A famous strip club in Soho in the 70s....................................................(Don't ask me how I know that!! LOL)
  11. Just had two police officers at my front door.They asked me the following questions.'Are you familiar with the letters HB'?I said, 'No i'm not''How about LS'? 'No' 'What about JD'? I said, hang on a minute, am I a suspect or something'? They said, No these are just initial enquiries'.
  12. Confucius, He Say, "Lady who flies upside down with no knickers will have crack up!"
  13. May have been Jelly Molds but they sold 1,368,291 of them between 1948–71. As for survivors, well see for yourself, This is just the UK alone! https://www.howmanyleft.co.uk/vehicle/morris_minor_1000
  14. Horrific accident in Moscow yesterday, Sukhoi SSJ-100 explodes on landing after reporting a small fire shortly after take-off. Details still emerging and investigations have begun. Thoughts go out to all the victims and their families. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-48171392
  15. dodgy-alan


    Great set of pictures Dolf, Very elegant looking aircraft.
  16. You should fly her out of Jamaica with that name, Then you'd be a "Pilot of the caribbean!"
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