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  1. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing both your screenshots and your comments.
  2. Ars Technica has retired Air Force Col. Andrea Themely provide a tour of an F-15C cockpit in Human Interface: What (almost) every button in an F-15C fighter's cockpit does
  3. Here's an interesting one. In X-Plane 11.41, I combined "Better Lights" freeware with "Extended Night Lighting" freeware, The below screenshot was taken while approaching the 405 freeway near KLAX.
  4. I've had the A350 bookmarked for possible purchase, for some time. Since real-world popularity of the A350 is increasing, it seems to be an aircraft that I should have. FlightFactor appears to be pretty good about continuing to update it. However, the low VRAM requirement may indicate the visual model is not all that it could be and could be improved.
  5. Thanks for the link. I found Crater Lake. Here's what it looks like in X-Plane 11.41 default summer scenery. Below is what it looks like using the free SAM Seasons plugin with "Deep Winter" enabled. It's wonderful to have scenery options. Flight simmers can choose the look they prefer.
  6. Oh, I forgot about Crater Lake! I'll have to do a flight over it, myself. Impressive screenshots!
  7. Yes, it's an excellent and interesting site, and now we can Meet The Team Behind The Coronavirus Tracker Watched By Millions.
  8. I just wanted to add that Aerosoft has Airport Manchester XP11 available for free until April 13, 2020.
  9. Johns Hopkins has this site for world-wide tracking of the coronavirus: Coronavirus COVID-19 (2019-nCoV)
  10. One of my pet peeves with some commercial airport releases is that the developer has not provided taxiways and parking spaces for AI aircraft. That's not a functioning airport; it's merely scenery. Aerosoft is notorious for doing this, and, unfortunately, they are not alone. The problem is not confined to any particular flight simulator, either. I've seen it happen in multiple sims. Several years ago, I was so upset with such ridiculousness that I created my own taxiways and parking spaces for Aerosoft's Aspen Extended 1.20. (I've kept the patch freely available at FSX Links.) It would have been nice for Aerosoft to have included AI aircraft taxiways and parking spaces in their "extended" version of the airport. I'm not completing any more incomplete airports. I simply won't buy them!
  11. I haven't seen any complaints about frame rates with Traffic Global. For some people, a bigger problem is this: Although X-Plane 11 runs on Linux, Mac and Windows operating systems, Just Flight will release no Traffic Global version for Linux. (Personally, I'm much happier skipping Traffic Global and continuing to run X-Plane 11 on Linux.) Since WT3 is compatible with Linux, I still have an AI aircraft traffic program.
  12. Back when I started using Just Flight's Traffic X for FSX, all sorts of GA aircraft were landing at military air bases. It took quite a while for me to remove those GA aircraft that were taking off and landing from where they shouldn't have been doing so. Then, it took quite a bit of additional time to add the military AI traffic to the military air bases. I won't be surprised if similar efforts will be required to get properly-located GA and military AI traffic in Traffic Global for X-Plane 11.
  13. Just Flight is being responsive to the concerns of Traffic Global users. Just Flight has already issued an update. Over at the X-Plane.Org forum, Just Flight lists 45 problems that have been addressed by the update. (I told you there were "too many bugs.") Just Flight says it will do the Mac version only when it is satisfied with the Windows version. When we hear that work has begun on the Mac version, we may have a good indicator that purchase of the Windows version may be worthwhile. (If you're waiting for the Mac version, Just Flight says that once work on it has begun, it can be finished in a "couple of weeks.")
  14. Just Flight has released the Windows version of Traffic Global for X-Plane 11. Based upon what I'm reading in the forum over at X-Plane.Org, I recommend against making a purchase. There are way too many bugs. The bugs result in unrealistic AI traffic...both in function and in appearance. Who wants that? The ball is in Just Flight's court to make this product better.
  15. The Windows version of Traffic Global has been released for X-Plane 11. Just Flight promises release of a "Mac version" (and, presumably, a Linux version, too) "within a few weeks."
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