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  1. Soya, Thanks for the great video! Very enjoyable. I assume that seat location comes with noise-cancelling headphones? I'm glad to see that you now have 32GB of RAM. Adding RAM can make an immediate difference, and it can prolong the life of your system. Dan
  2. I had no problem with the latest Nvidia driver for my GeForce 970 graphics card. I installed the driver via GeForce Experience. The graphics slider for MSFS in GeForce Experience was initially set all the way to the left for "performance." In my case, I found that I could set the slider all the way to the right for "quality."
  3. I am running three operating systems: Windows 7 (offline), Linux and Windows 10. After the new Microsoft Flight Simulator is released, I will be running four flight simulators: FSX, X-Plane 11, DCS and the new MSFS...all on one computer. I dual boot Windows 7 and Linux. Windows 7 is on two HDDs and Linux is on a SSD. Windows 10 is accessed on a second SSD via a hardware SATA switch to keep Windows 10 completely isolated. (I switch off my other drives before turning on my Windows 10 drive.) I keep all of my old FSX work preserved on Windows 7. I run X-Plane 11 on Linux. Windows 1
  4. I'm jumping back into this conversation since there is so much interest. Every day, in order to get some positive news, I read Phys.org to keep abreast of some of the wonderful work scientists are doing. Here are links to recent articles (including photos and videos) that I have read about radio astronomy: New distance measurements bolster challenge to basic model of universe Preparations complete in western Australia for construction of world's largest telescope Scientists close in on 12-billion-year-old signal from the end of the universe's 'dark age' Dan
  5. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing both your screenshots and your comments.
  6. Ars Technica has retired Air Force Col. Andrea Themely provide a tour of an F-15C cockpit in Human Interface: What (almost) every button in an F-15C fighter's cockpit does
  7. Here's an interesting one. In X-Plane 11.41, I combined "Better Lights" freeware with "Extended Night Lighting" freeware, The below screenshot was taken while approaching the 405 freeway near KLAX.
  8. I've had the A350 bookmarked for possible purchase, for some time. Since real-world popularity of the A350 is increasing, it seems to be an aircraft that I should have. FlightFactor appears to be pretty good about continuing to update it. However, the low VRAM requirement may indicate the visual model is not all that it could be and could be improved.
  9. Thanks for the link. I found Crater Lake. Here's what it looks like in X-Plane 11.41 default summer scenery. Below is what it looks like using the free SAM Seasons plugin with "Deep Winter" enabled. It's wonderful to have scenery options. Flight simmers can choose the look they prefer.
  10. Oh, I forgot about Crater Lake! I'll have to do a flight over it, myself. Impressive screenshots!
  11. Yes, it's an excellent and interesting site, and now we can Meet The Team Behind The Coronavirus Tracker Watched By Millions.
  12. I just wanted to add that Aerosoft has Airport Manchester XP11 available for free until April 13, 2020.
  13. Johns Hopkins has this site for world-wide tracking of the coronavirus: Coronavirus COVID-19 (2019-nCoV)
  14. One of my pet peeves with some commercial airport releases is that the developer has not provided taxiways and parking spaces for AI aircraft. That's not a functioning airport; it's merely scenery. Aerosoft is notorious for doing this, and, unfortunately, they are not alone. The problem is not confined to any particular flight simulator, either. I've seen it happen in multiple sims. Several years ago, I was so upset with such ridiculousness that I created my own taxiways and parking spaces for Aerosoft's Aspen Extended 1.20. (I've kept the patch freely available at FSX Links.) It would ha
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