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  1. Back when I started using Just Flight's Traffic X for FSX, all sorts of GA aircraft were landing at military air bases. It took quite a while for me to remove those GA aircraft that were taking off and landing from where they shouldn't have been doing so. Then, it took quite a bit of additional time to add the military AI traffic to the military air bases. I won't be surprised if similar efforts will be required to get properly-located GA and military AI traffic in Traffic Global for X-Plane 11.
  2. Just Flight is being responsive to the concerns of Traffic Global users. Just Flight has already issued an update. Over at the X-Plane.Org forum, Just Flight lists 45 problems that have been addressed by the update. (I told you there were "too many bugs.") Just Flight says it will do the Mac version only when it is satisfied with the Windows version. When we hear that work has begun on the Mac version, we may have a good indicator that purchase of the Windows version may be worthwhile. (If you're waiting for the Mac version, Just Flight says that once work on it has begun, it can be finished in a "couple of weeks.")
  3. Just Flight has released the Windows version of Traffic Global for X-Plane 11. Based upon what I'm reading in the forum over at X-Plane.Org, I recommend against making a purchase. There are way too many bugs. The bugs result in unrealistic AI traffic...both in function and in appearance. Who wants that? The ball is in Just Flight's court to make this product better.
  4. The Windows version of Traffic Global has been released for X-Plane 11. Just Flight promises release of a "Mac version" (and, presumably, a Linux version, too) "within a few weeks."
  5. Here is my short list of things to consider in any PC: 1. What are the optimal hardware specifications for the software that you will be running? (In the case of the new Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, which many of us may want to add to our systems, currently optimal specifications are unknown). 2. The motherboard. Everything, including the CPU, is a peripheral to the motherboard. Choose the motherboard carefully. It's arguably the most important component! 3. A CPU that can be overclocked. (Just don't overdo the overclocking). 4. Sufficient cooling. Keep the heat down to prolong system life. 5. Install as much quality RAM as possible. Doing so will make the system run better and will prolong system life! 6. Add a SSD. A SSD increases speed and helps to prolong hard drive life. 7. Have an external hard drive for backups! Be sure your choice of backup software can backup and restore individual partitions and files as well as the entire computer. 8. A graphics card that is sufficient for the software that you will be running. 9. A high-quality power supply that supplies plenty of power. (I've tried using lesser-quality power supplies, and all of them have failed). 10. The operating system. Consider a dual-boot Windows/Linux system. Linux is fast, and there's no need to defrag your Linux partition/partitions. Running Linux is a way to prolong the life of an older computer, and X-Plane 11 can run on Linux.
  6. In addition to the links that I provided above, see An Inside Look at Microsoft’s Newest Flight Simulator.
  7. Ars Technica has an informative new article about the upcoming sim. Polygon also has an article. FSElite has an article, too. And here's a video of a real pilot's reaction: Incredible Scenery, but how does it Fly? Real Pilot 1st look: NEW Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020
  8. The information I'm seeing and hearing about Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) makes me think that I'll end up with a triple-boot system. I'm currently dual booting Windows 7 and Linux with X-Plane 11 running on Linux and all of my FSX stuff running on Windows 7. Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) may provide a real reason for me to add Windows 10. Additionally, if Microsoft resumes development of FSX, I'll have to install the updated FSX on Windows 10, as well, while preserving my current FSX configuration and related programs on Windows 7.
  9. The freeware IrfanView program does batch conversions of images.
  10. I'm hopeful that Microsoft's judgment about how to make the world better will improve. Consistent improvements by X-Plane and Linux show that good judgment is possible.
  11. This story, posted on Ars Technica, includes an excellent video of military aircraft flying in the canyon: Navy pilot dead after crash in “Star Wars Canyon” in Death Valley
  12. I think that how American pilots fly in an air show may depend upon which American pilots are flying. Let me share a totally unexpected experience that I had many years ago while in the Marine Corps and watching the Blue Angels fly at Beaufort Air Station: I worked in a two-story building at the air station that was located beside the end of a runway. Since the building had a flat roof, all the men in my unit decided to watch the air show from the roof. That gave us a great view of the runways. In the direction away from the runways, we couldn't see anything due to all of the nearby pine trees. We watched as the Blue Angels flew straight up in formation from the middle of the air base and did their fleur de lis maneuver, in which they fly off in all directions from the top of the maneuver and disappear over the horizon. While we continued to watch the middle of the air field, one of the Blue Angels unexpectedly came from behind us over the treetops and directly over the roof of our building. We didn't see it until it was directly on top of us. All of us just about came out of our boots. Believe me, that aircraft was low!
  13. I haven't tried it, myself, but you might want to try it with FSX F/A-18 HaniMod V3.
  14. Beautiful! Would you tell us about the setup you're using in these screenshots?
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