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  1. I lived in San Diego for 25 years, and I've flown aboard a commercial flight into San Diego as the sun was setting. It's a nice, slow and beautiful sunset flying east to west. You captured it wonderfully with X-Plane. I recently added X-Plane 11 to both Windows 7 and Linux. X-Plane has developed into something quite good!
  2. What a location! Pakyong Airport
  3. What a cool, eye-catching screenshot! Congratulations!
  4. Beautiful screenshots, Alan. It looks like a good day to fly a Cub.
  5. Congratulations, lionwing. That is an absolutely wonderful screenshot!
  6. Dropping fire retardant at Redding, California
  7. I've taken quite a bit of interest in this thread. I was in the Marine Corps Air Wing, and one of my active duty stations was the Marine Corps Air Station at Beaufort, South Carolina. I was there for a couple of years, and I was excited to learn that British pilots have been training in F-35Bs at Beaufort. I did a screenshot of what it might look like when the first F-35B arrives at Marham. I'll have some new FSX AI flights to set up, that's for sure!