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  1. What a cool, eye-catching screenshot! Congratulations!
  2. Beautiful screenshots, Alan. It looks like a good day to fly a Cub.
  3. Congratulations, lionwing. That is an absolutely wonderful screenshot!
  4. Dropping fire retardant at Redding, California
  5. I've taken quite a bit of interest in this thread. I was in the Marine Corps Air Wing, and one of my active duty stations was the Marine Corps Air Station at Beaufort, South Carolina. I was there for a couple of years, and I was excited to learn that British pilots have been training in F-35Bs at Beaufort. I did a screenshot of what it might look like when the first F-35B arrives at Marham. I'll have some new FSX AI flights to set up, that's for sure!
  6. Congratulations on a winning screenshot of winners!
  7. The National Transportation Safety Board reported that when the engine and window blew, the 737 tilted to the left at a forty-one-degree angle. That being the case, I'm sure everyone is thankful that Tammie Jo Shults was there to be immediately on top of the situation. When she was in the US Navy, Tammie Jo Shults was more than an F/A-18 Hornet pilot: She was an F/A-18 instructor. Absolutely outstanding flying, Captain Shults! Tammie Jo Shults
  8. In America, VW has a huge subsidiary called "Electrify America." It's been reported that the first phase of their plan calls for 2,800 charging stations. Big retailer Walmart has come aboard by requesting Electrify America charging stations for many of its stores. Here is Electrify America's Plan
  9. I found the "FSX/P3D McDonnell Douglas F4D Phantom II" at FlightSim.com, Matt.
  10. Ready for Takeoff In the Cockpit Another Livery Takeoff Night Ops By the Dawn's Early Light