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  1. The time frame of the proposed release of the new Microsoft simulator certainly seems to coincide with the time frame of the proposed release of the new Xbox. If the PC version ended up being backward-compatible with my current FSX AI traffic program, I might be slightly interested. I'll probably stick with X-Plane 11, though. It's an excellent simulator that I run in both Windows 7 and Linux. I expect that Microsoft's new simulator will run in neither Windows 7 nor Linux.
  2. As Aerobask suggested, I lowered the wave height in X-Plane 11 to better accommodate takeoffs and landings of the Lisa Akoya.
  3. Just Flight - Developer's Diary - Traffic Global for X-Plane 11
  4. Soaranden

    "Semper Fi"

    Thanks for editing the title, James. Semper Fi!
  5. Soaranden

    "Semper Fi"

    Very cool paint, James, but shouldn't the title be Semper Fi? The Marine Corps motto is Semper Fidelis, which is Latin for "Always Faithful." Marines often say "Semper Fi."
  6. Thanks for the great photos. I hope it turns out to be a yearly event!
  7. Kelly’s Heroes: Lockheed’s five finest airplanes
  8. I've been to Vegas many times, and this is a very impressive video and impressive software. Great job!
  9. I cheated with the second screenshot. It's from the free BNSF Scenic Route that's available with the freeware Open Rails train simulator.
  10. Very cool site with lots of options to easily access tons of information!
  11. This is an incredible piece of history that I had known nothing about. Everyone should be sure to view the "background" link, too, as it shows the amazing and lengthy effort it took to revive this piece of WWII history.
  12. Thanks for sharing that screenshot, James. I enjoyed seeing it. Congratulations!
  13. Thanks to both of you for mentioning Ultra Weather XP. I just finished watching a YouTube video demo, and it looks great! I've added it to my purchase bucket list.
  14. Just for the record: We're using exactly the same 64-bit build. Perhaps it was the difference in helicopters, or perhaps your atmospheric conditions differed from those that I tried. It could be due to one of your plugins, too. That was an interesting experience that you had.
  15. I tried to replicate your experience, Wayne, with the default X-Plane 11 helicopter, but I was unable to get a contrail. I flew over Seattle at various altitudes (going even higher than you did), and I tried various temperatures and barometric pressures, but I saw no contrail for the helicopter in the X-Plane 11.30 final release that I was flying. What sim were you using?
  16. This image shows the new particle effects in X-Plane 11.30 being used for engine exhaust.
  17. X-Plane 11.30 Release Notes
  18. According to a search I did, your question about controlling reflectivity gets into an area where X-Plane 11 does differ from FSX. About the best I can do is to provide a few links that may lead you to the desired reflectivity control: How to create Chrome/BareMetal look/texture in X-Plane 11 X-Plane 11 Material Model Modeling Documentation
  19. Soaranden


    Nice trio! I noticed the aircraft's Guatemala registration. Is that where it's flying?
  20. Using DXT3 or DXT5 should provide the desired semi-transparancy, John. Although I have not developed anything for X-Plane, I expect the rules regarding DXT textures are the same in both FSX and X-Plane. Here is an excerpt from the FSDeveloper Wiki regarding DXT1 versus DXT3 in FSX: In Flight Simulator there are two different texture formats, the DXT1 and DXT3 texture. The DXT1 texture has a 1-bit alpha channel, while the DXT3 texture has a 4-bit alpha channel. This means the DXT1 alpha channel can only contain 2 color, black and white. All parts that have a black color in the alpha channel will become fully transparant, while all parts with a white color in the alpha channel will show as normal. This format can thus not be used to make parts semi-transparant. In a DXT3 texture you can use up to 16 colors in the alpha channel, so you can also use different tones of grey. These tones of grey allow you to set parts as semi-transparant. The darker the grey color is, the more transparant it will become. Due to the larger size of the alpha channel, the size of the total texture is also bigger in the DXT3 format, so only use this format if you really need semi-transparancy. To read the full article see: Alpha channel creation with Photoshop I hope this helps. ADDITIONAL RESOURCES Here are a couple of additional resources from the FSDeveloper Wiki. Again, I'm making the assumption that this information is applicable to X-Plane, too: DXT compression explained Texture formats overview Finally, and importantly, here is an X-Plane-specific article regarding Texture Compression The article shows the preceding FSX DXT texture information is equally applicable to X-Plane.
  21. Canadian Rockies in vicinity of Banff during a summer sunrise in X-Plane 11
  22. Flying past Tokyo Skytree in Japan Pro freeware for X-Plane 11
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