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  1. Both short-term and long-term efforts are underway to begin transitioning to electric aircraft. Even major commercial aircraft manufacturers, such as Boeing and Airbus, are involved. See Faced with global warming, aviation aims to turn green
  2. Congratulations Chris and Mike!
  3. On final, in Canada, in a Beechcraft 390 Premier 1A. Hovering (and shivering) at Sheremetyevo. Taxiing for a dawn takeoff at Dusseldorf.
  4. Congratulations, Alan. I'm glad to know you're enjoying that Keystone, too. It had a wingspan of 74 ft. 9 inches (22.78 meters). That was one big biplane bomber!
  5. I've created FSX freeware that enables use of AI aircraft with Aspen Extended 1.2 payware. The latest version of the freeware (currently version 1_3) can always be downloaded from FSX Links If you have an earlier version of my KASE software installed, I urge you to download and install the latest version. Replacing versions is easy, since only a single file needs to be replaced. The latest version is clean and stable. I am aware of no remaining problems. By itself, Aspen Extended 1.2 contains no taxiways that connect the runway with parking spaces. I created "KASE for AI" to add taxiways for AI aircraft to use.
  6. Congratulations! This was a fun category for the screenshot contest!
  7. Thanks, guys. Ha! I guess that I found a property in Florida that Alan might like for a second home!
  8. Oresund Bridge and Drogden Tunnel connect two of my favorite countries: Sweden (background) and Denmark. The Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel is in Virginia. The aircraft flew out of Oceana NAS.
  9. A big "congratulations" goes out to you, Alan!
  10. Palm Springs Mt. Shasta Hotel Del Coronado - Coronado Island - San Diego
  11. Excellent screenshot of a livery that I hadn't seen before. Congratulations!
  12. Congratulations, Dodgy Alan. That screenshot was a great idea.
  13. Heydar Aliyev airport, in Baku, Azerbaijan.
  14. I was as impressed with the research and testing that Andrew did for his review as I am with Carenado's Aero Commander 500S, itself. Thanks for your review, Andrew Godden, and thank you, Carenado, for a great model.
  15. Yes, that was one of my initial thoughts, too. (I don't have FTX Global installed). However, after doing some online research, I found many users who have experienced similar texture problems with FTX Global. A summary of what seems to be happening can be found by reading FTX Global - what is it really about?, which includes a quoted response from Orbx. Below are some visual examples of texture problems on my FSX system. Kandahar addon airport without any active FTX region Kandahar addon airport with PNW region active After experiencing the above texture anomaly, I did a complete reinstall of the Pacific Northwest region, but after doing so, the results were the same. Since I am the author of the Kandahar addon, I also looked at what I had put into the cvx file. The shape of the texture problem doesn't correspond to any change that I put into the cvx file. Then, I decided to see what happens to the Flight Simulator X default Kandahar with an FTX region active. The results are below. Default Flight Simulator X Kandahar without any active FTX region Default Flight Simulator X Kandahar with PNW region active Kandahar is not the only airport in Afghanistan in which I found such a texture problem. As mentioned elsewhere online, the texture problems created by active Orbx regions can vary from one Flight Simulator X installation to another. Not all users will experience the same problems in the same places.
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