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  1. I should have been more specific in my earlier posting. It was Orbxlibs 160708 and its associated FTX Central 2.1 (the latest versions available at the time I write this) that has left the texture problems unresolved. With FTX Central 2.1 removing the ability to disable regions, it's apparent that some users are just now noticing the texture problems that have existed for years outside FTX regions when FTX regions are active. Prior to the FTX Central unified version, disabling FTX regions was the workaround, and for users who always disabled regions prior to flying outside FTX regions, no texture problems would have been noticed if they never flew outside FTX regions with an FTX region active. With the workaround no longer available and with the desire by Orbx to make switching regions unnecessary permanently, Orbx needs to find a solution to the problems with ground textures.
  2. Users (including myself) are reporting that the Orbx unified "fix" does nothing to address the problem of incorrect ground textures showing up outside of FTX regions when FTX regions are active (which, in the case of the unified version of FTX Central, is always). It is also being reported that the problem existed prior to the release of the unified version of FTX Central, but it was correctable by deactivating FTX regions in older versions of FTX Central. Flight Simulator X code is able to display correct textures when no FTX regions are active, There must be a way for Orbx to correct their code so that it will display correct textures when FTX regions are active.
  3. Soaranden


    Beautiful screenshots of flying in some very realistic-looking weather conditions.
  4. Wow! The Carenado Aero Commander SHRIKE 500S is a superbly-detailed aircraft in every way!
  5. I recently flew my new Twin Otter from Touho to Lifou, in New Caledonia. Naturally, as soon as I reached cover, the rain stopped.
  6. Great idea for a screenshot...and well executed! Congratulations! Dan
  7. Indeed, nothing personal. Considering how most Americans currently feel about their Congress, we should have located "Mt. Rushmore" south of D.C.
  8. Most flight simmers use Nvidia graphics cards because FSX likes Nvidia cards better than AMD cards. However, that doesn't mean that things can't go wrong. Whenever a FSX CTD occurs, it's a good idea to do a cold boot into Safe Mode followed by a cold boot into normal Windows mode. One-hundred percent of the time when I receive a "stopped responding" message during FSX use, the problem is due to my graphics card overheating. I know this because I use the Nvidia System Monitor utility to check the temperature of my graphics card after FSX stops responding. The graphics card temperature is always higher after a "stopped responding" message than it is when FSX is continuing to run normally. There was a situation, last year, where a new Nvidia driver caused overheating because it had an adverse affect on graphics card fan speed. Fortunately, I didn't own one of the graphics card models that was affected by the errant driver, and fortunately, it's rare for Nvidia to release a bad driver. I keep my Nvidia graphics card drivers up to date. Dan
  9. I found a Moonrise and Moonset Calculator that shows a table of the time of moonrise and moonset for any location on any date. Additionally, the table lists the percent of the moon that is illuminated on a given date. There is also an option to display a column that shows the azimuth at moonrise and moonset. If you're a real-world pilot, the site also has links to weather information so that you can determine whether the weather will permit you to take advantage of that full moon. Dan
  10. Congratulations, Mike. Beautiful colours, and it looks as though there's some wind in that mountain pass, too! (Congratulations to Mutley, too, on getting me to use the British spelling of "colours").
  11. Congratulations on a winning shot and a great idea for a theme! I enjoyed both.
  12. Thanks, everyone. I'm glad I was able to fly out of there without hitting one of the hazards...otherwise, it would have been a very different screenshot!
  13. Astronomer Neil deGrasse Tyson, director of New York's Hayden Planetarium, will be hosting a new thirteen-episode TV series in 2014. The series is a follow-up to Carl Sagan's award-winning Cosmos series. The trailer for the new series gets my nod as the top video of the summer. It's a stunning audio-visual experience. Judge for yourself: COSMOS A Spacetime Odyssey
  14. Congratulations, winners! I'll try to remember to duck, keep out of Apache country, and stay aware of where I left my car.
  15. This is a very good discussion, and I have just one thing to add: Coincidentally, yesterday, I experienced a lack of functioning options on the ATC menu, myself. I had initialized an old flight that I had not flown since the time that I had saved the flight. When I tried to tune to clearance in my C-130E, I found that I couldn't. The reason for this was that, when I had saved the flight, I had turned off the Com radio. Turning on the Com radio re-enabled the ability to tune to clearance. Dan
  16. On May 5, 2013, Pete Dowson, creator of FSUIPC, issued a critical update for FSUIPC. For information and download links, see FSUIPC Will Need Replacing On All User Systems. For general FSUIPC support (including FAQs and links to documentation downloads), see FSUIPC Support Pete Dowson Modules.
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