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  1. I have a relative who works for a company that works for the U.S. State Department. My relative works at Bagram AFB. He was stuck in traffic on a road over which the 747 flew as it was coming down. He said it was way too close for comfort, and, of course, he feels bad for the crew.
  2. A contrail far above the cockpit of a grounded Boeing B-52 Stratofortress Flying a Cessna 310Q near Steamboat Springs Lockheed C-5 Galaxy cockpit in front of an empty hangar
  3. One of the newer and most noteworthy recommendations in the guide is provided by a link to the current version of Steve Parsons' shader patch. Steve's patch effectively takes the "Preview" out of "Preview DirectX 10" by correcting all previous DirectX 10 display problems at all FSX airports. That's quite an accomplishment. As someone who has used DX10 for several years and who has manually corrected airport display problems via ADE at most major airports (several hundred) in most countries, I can tell you I definitely am overjoyed to suddenly have all of the thousands of airports that I didn't correct, now display perfectly under DX10. If you have a computer system that supports DirectX 10/DirectX 11, and if you don't have too many DX10-incompatible aircraft for which there is currently no DX10-compatible replacement, then there's no longer a technical reason not to begin using and taking advantage of DX10. I think most of the recommendations in the guide will work for everyone. Still, this guide is a guide...not everything should be considered to be written in rock. For example, the guide seemingly recommends trilinear filtering, which is not the right choice for my graphics card. I use anisotropic, instead. Believe me, I've done the testing. Dan
  4. An excellent screenshot of an excellent aircraft. (Obviously, excellently piloted, too). Congratulations!
  5. Soaranden


    I'm glad you posted these screenshots, Sam. I agree with you that the Rafale is "excellent freeware." The exterior appearance is particularly outstanding, and the aircraft even renders properly in FSX with DirectX 10 enabled. I'll bet there are some forum members who don't know where to download the Rafale. As I recall, I downloaded the Rafale M from UKMIL. I think I also recall there were two files to download: Rafale M beta 2.1.zip and Rafale M beta 2.1 - 2.2 - upd.zip
  6. It's the Cape Neddick Lighthouse, on Nubble Island, just off the coast of York, Maine. The photography is by Ron Phillips. The photograph is available as free wallpaper from InterfaceLIFT. The title is "Christmas Lighthouse", and sizes range from iPhone size to 2560 x 1600. Click on the "Christmas Lighthouse" link, choose a wallpaper size, and download. You'll want to see what else is available from InterfaceLIFT, too.
  7. Gilles Boily's freeware Quebec CYQB v2.0, downloadable as cyqb_20.zip from FlightSim.com, is a must-have modeling of Jean Lesage International. Here's a before-sunrise screenshot:
  8. Came outside to see the takeoff. Going back inside, now. Brrrrrrrrr. Congrats!
  9. Much-apprecieated screenshots of an iconic aircraft! You captured some Russion weather, too. Equally appreciated are your comments about the TU-95. Considering the high-decibel level produced by the engines, if I were to pilot one, I'd ask for a headset with noise-cancelling technology...something they didn't have in 1952!
  10. Soaranden


    I'm starting to visit some places in FSX that I wouldn't want to visit in real life. Mogadishu, Somalia is one of them. Here are some screenshots: Parked at Aden Adde (formerly Mogadishu International). The airport has reopened, but the only commercial flights are provided by a couple of small Somali airlines that fly mostly to destinations within Somalia, and by a charter company that provides charter flights from international destinations. The charter company (not based in Somalia) specializes in providing flights to high-risk destinations such as Afghanistan, Iraq, and Somalia. I didn't see any other aircraft during my time in Mogadishu. As you can see from the screenshot, though, I did see a ship...probably pirated. In fact, I'm betting both of those small boats out in the ocean behind the Cessna's tail are occupied by Somali pirates. Taxiing in front of the terminal. Taxiing for takeoff. The runway also serves as the taxiway. There is a turnout at the end of the runway to get aircraft turned around. Much of the edge of the runway is lined deeply with shacks. Apparently, people in some of the shacks were cooking while I was taxiing. Rolling for takeoff. A view from the Cessna 208B Grand Caravan cockpit. Searching for the downed Black Hawk. Flying low over Mogadishu. Confirmation of Black Hawk down. It took more than a little just-barely-over-the-rooftops flying, but I found the downed Black Hawk. It can be seen at the bottom edge of the screenshot, below the Cessna's propeller. This is the precise location of the real-life downed Black Hawk. I had heard that it was less than two miles from the airport where American troops had been stationed, and as you can see, the airport's runway is visible in the right center of this screenshot. Although the drive the troops made back to the airport was short, it was riddled with bullets. My Cessna was riddled with bullets, too. Apparently, some people didn't like my aircraft's registration number. It was so bad, I had to take the first flight I could, out of Somalia, aboard one of the charter company's aircraft. Now if I can just find a way out of Syria. Dan
  11. Absolutely fantastic, Soya! The sharpness is wonderful...even the sharpness of the aircraft shadow in the second screenshot. Dan
  12. I've released a freeware version of Cengiz Topel Naval Air Station, which is located near Izmit, Turkey. The freeware file, topel_nas.zip, can be downloaded from FlightSim.com. Aircraft included in the below screenshots: Bell 212 FSX by Cera Sim F-16 Fighting Falcon by Aerosoft C-130 Hercules X by Just Flight Freeware Turkish liveries were obtained from FlightSim.com. Dan
  13. Hey, congratulations, CSoul. I hope you don't pick an aircraft that's as spooky for your prize (unless you want to, of course). Dan
  14. Not kidding, Mut. We just had a 5.8 earthquake. Dan
  15. No more screenshots right now. We just had an earthquake!
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