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  1. J G

    Wheelstand Pro Saitek

    I have one of these, they are great. Having got mine installed, I then needed a chair that I could wheel up to it and fly. Any office chair with wheels on it is not much good. We have wood floor and so when I pushed on the rudder I went backwards and the rudder stayed where it is. So I needed a chair that had a brake on it. Locking castors were not very good. Having wheeled into position, I then had to reach down to the ground to lock the wheels.... Which promptly moved me out of position. And then I came up with the perfect answer. A wheel chair. It has good and easy to reach brakes, and as a bonus it will fold up for storage. I got mine for a tenner on gumtree.
  2. I know. Connection was very poor at times, still evident by customers standing by a wall and thus enabling "connecting is like banging your head against a wall" to become a reality.
  3. This incident is interesting if perhaps laughable in retrospect. Given what John has said and the fact that there was no such no fly zone marked on the charts I think that any attempt to prosecute this pilot would be on very shaky ground indeed. I hope the Police Department involved paid him compensation for the time he spent under arrest, and for the trauma that it no doubt caused him. It sounds like the charges dropped if he didn't take the PD to court was just great for the police. I suspect that the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) in the UK would have chucked this one back at the police with an "are you having a laugh?" and it would have gone no further. As for shooting it down? What with, a side arm? I suspect that any call on the USAF would have been laughed at or if a fast jet was sent then the PD would have been sent a massive bill for the interception cost and a similar "are you having a laugh?" message. This must have caused a few red faces in the police at the very least.
  4. Ditto ORBX. The Netherlands added to complete my European scenery.
  5. An interesting video. I can see several military applications for this, crossing minefields, perhaps getting under radar, landing SF troops in shallow water etc. However, I have two concerns, both are not addressed by the video, are these: First, its turning circle. Being so low on the water, any sort hard bank would cause one of two things. Either the "wing" would catch the water probably resulting in a cartwheel, or the craft would have to rise in the bank which risks loss of ground effect which would be just as catastrophic. Second, its ability to cope with rough seas. Where the sea is not flat then maintaining ground effect would become very difficult, the bigger the sea the bigger the problem. For the above reasons I cant see it taking off. Pun intended.
  6. It looks like an error associated with TackPac, but if it isn't loaded then I guess you should look elsewhere. When you got the error, did (and could) you check in the menu bar to make sure the TackPac added choices were not there? Remember that it will load automatically unless you instruct it not to in the configuration tool. Also, were you using any other carrier add-on? If you have then perhaps you should uninstall it and rely on TackPac alone.
  7. J G

    British Bulldog

    The cockpit is great, everything works.
  8. J G

    British Bulldog

    Yes, which is why I thought we may get a patch for it. Since moving to P3D v4 I have lost some of my favourite aircraft, fie example, none of my three Lightnings (all Aerosoft) have been bought up to v4, but also I can't find a Tiger Moth which is a shame. I miss it as it is the aircraft I used to really properly get to grips with MS FS2004 back in the day, and has been in my stable ever since. The Bulldog is almost a substitute, it is fun to fly, not hard at all and is a beautifully modelled thing. I especially like the jittery valve springs on the cylinder head. The start sequence is also fun, involving compresses air, separate starting and running magneatos, and a nice wheezing sound to boot.
  9. J G

    phew it's hot....

    Warm me up in the winter... Piss off in the summer.... Happens to me all the time.
  10. J G

    British Bulldog

    Its not a repaint so I guess we might see a patch soon.
  11. J G

    British Bulldog

    Its not often I post here but I believe Douglas Bader once got totally legless in one of these: A great little number new to the JF site. Fun to fly and beautifully made. I had a few stutters despite running P3D v4.3 with settings fairly high, but not nearly as high as I could have had them.