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  1. I have been seeing more and more of X-Plane 11 and I have to say it looks very pretty. My understanding is that it is very stable as well. Although not big on military, I seems to cover off almost all of my favourite aircraft: Chipmunk, Hawk, Tornado, F35B and Spitfire. If someone could point me at a Tiger Moth, a Phantom and some sort of RAF in flight refuelling aircraft then that is all I need. I guess I can run it on the same PC as P-3D so there seems to be nothing stopping me except one thing. How easy is it to do a repaint for any given aircraft?
  2. Great PIREP Brian, and thanks for cleaning up the Baton. In the cramped cockpits I usually find myself the smell would have been awful!
  3. Yes as long as you have the correct socket and have or can get drivers for the operating system of your new PC. My USB card came with Win 10 drivers so I had no problems.
  4. It sounds like an uncontrollable dive to below the subs operating envelope. It cant have been a nice experience being in the dive but the end, when it came, would have been mercifully quick.
  5. Wait.... I feel the presence of a nerdy FS dad behind this....
  6. I am in the 'if it isn't broke then don't fix it' camp on this. At least until some other folks have reported it as being good.
  7. Nice screen shots! But where is my dog food and monitor stand?
  8. J G

    Ed force one

    I never listened to Iron Maiden much when I was younger. However in my youth I did a lot of fencing (no not the selling of dodgy goods or the wooden panels sort) mostly Epee. Once the Bruce Dickinson turned up at the club ready for a few bouts at foil, not my weapon of choice. I decided to go a few bouts with him and got totally minced, he was nice bloke, very good with the foil and very err.. aggressive with it shall we say. Its a shame he didn't do Epee, I would have got my own back.
  9. Has anyone installed this yet?
  10. Interesting. I have had bad experiences in running older stuff on usb 3. Much of my Saitek stuff just doesn't work when using a usb 3 port. I solved the problem by buying a usb 1 card and installing it in my PC. Getting hold of one wasn't easy. They are quite rare nowadays, and fairly expensive, several times the cost of a new usb3 card.
  11. Sorry I missed it Matt, bet I am touring around darkest Belgium at the moment with limited internet access. I hope you had a great day in the Callfornia sunshine! The weather in Belgium is shit. I have been driving in an and out of cloud it's so low!
  12. J G


    I have an Oculus VR set gathering dust on my shelf at home. I don't like it, its just not for me. Track IR is way better.
  13. I had a similar issue with EGOV (RAF Valley) The only way I found to fix it was to install an addon for the airport.
  14. I should have been quicker with this one.... I had my wedding reception in Hampton Court Plaice. Arrested.... Cardiac