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  1. Thanks John. I have identified the Dash 8, the Bombardier CRJ 700 and the Airbus 321. What I want to do is to replace the fictitious paints with real-world ones. I cant find any such repaints out there in the usual places. Has anyone found any replacement textures?
  2. Has anyone got any idea where the textures for the default fictitious AI airlines in P3D are to be found? The "World Travel", "Pacifica", "Orbit" any others that appear from time to time.
  3. 64 bit FS is clearly the way forward and so I don't blame them for making this statement. I suspect it will be the first of many similar companies. Developers are a finite resource and creating new products for obsolete software will always be a poor choice. I don't know at what level of sales an FSX product breaks even, but whatever it is it is bound to be a shrinking market and their profit forecasts wont look great.
  4. Where did you get that photo from! Have you been hacking my PC? Are you in league with Temperance? Great Pirep Boss, but don't expect forgiveness. I would like to say I am sorry for cutting in front of you on the runway there Joe, but I am not, so I wont.
  5. J G

    EGOV issue

    I didn't see anyone at the show I knew except Jess who was too busy to interrupt. I guess you all saw me first!
  6. J G

    EGOV issue

    Some screen shots of my new EGOV Valley. This is MSPG's freeware EGOV and Military AI's P3D v4..x Matrix AI installer. With Matrix AI: Note that the AI aircraft are all different as shown by the tail munbers AI traffic at EGOV. The first aircraft is performing a go around, the second a landing and the third a touch and go. Highly recommended. They have Lossiemouth and Brize Norton in the pipeline as well.
  7. J G

    EGOV issue

    Thanks guys. If you can't solve the problem them find a way around it. At the Cosford show l was chatting to the guys at vRAF who showed me their freeware Raf Valley for P3D v4.x. Installing it proved a solution to my issue and has given me a far better Raf Valley. Job done!
  8. J G

    EGOV issue

    Thanks for the replies folks. EGOV is not listed in the Scenery\World\Scenery folder so that's a non starter, and I no longer have FSX so that fix is a no for me. The only thing that strikes me is that it looks like there might be some scenery in the stack that is in the wrong order. To me it looks like there is a simple 'airport over the top of a more detailed one. it looks like the runways have a surrounding texture that are on top of the rest of the scenery. Does this jog any memories?
  9. J G

    EGOV issue

    I have a problem with EGOV - RAF Valley in P3D v4.3. Some of my taxiways are not showing up Here is the scenery file in ADE: All the taxiways are in place, in fact it is nice and detailed. Below is how it appears in the sim: As you can see there are big bits missing. A closer look below shows that it is just the runway textures and not the details that are missing. I use ORBX wales and vectors but no addon EGOV scenery. Can anyone help with this problem? I think it also happens with other default scenery. I have tried running the ORBX vector tool but no change.
  10. First F35s on the QE. https://www.theengineer.co.uk/f-35-queen-elizabeth/