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  1. J G


    I flew back from Rome the other day and took this photo:What are the separation rules over Europe?
  2. Interesting video. If this is indeed a simulator then I would want to know: What the PC spec is? What the geographical coverage is? what the default level of scenery is like (we are seeing the most detailed bits in the video)? How expandable it is? Does it have an SDK? Is it simple to produce things like aircraft liveries? What is the interface to peripheral hardware is like? How complex the flying model is? I could go on....and on and on. Call me a cynic but it seems to be to good to be true.
  3. No it doesn't augur well. If it works on an Xbox it will be a game not a simulator. Flight was a game and that was a complete flop, there are far more exciting games than flying an aircraft around. To compete in the flight arena it has to be a full simulator and to be one of a very high standard. Will MS realize that or are we going to see a very pretty game? If it's for the Xbox then stand by to be disappointed.
  4. Microsoft made an error in letting MSFS slide and another in selling it. And now they know it. We have products that are firmly established in P3D and X-Plane, and another FS is not going to cut it. I bought Flight when it came out in the confusion of what you could and could not do with P3D at its start and that was a waste of money. I won't be doing the same thing again. To get back into the FS market MS have got to produce something very special, global, fantastic flight model, huge detail, etc. plus a lot of people have got to buy into it. I can't see that happening.
  5. It looks very nice. But is the market not saturated with the likes of P3D and X-Plane? Its a fresh product and so a fresh spend. Not for me, I don't want to start again on something unproven.
  6. Donald Trump wanted more hurdles for Mexican immigrants, but this isn't quite what he had in mind.
  7. Nice Pirep Joe. I wish I could have taken part but I was (and still am) in Italy at the moment.
  8. BLT..... To me that means.... bilateral lung transplantation
  9. Brilliant! Now lets see a cargo ship built along the same lines.
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