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  1. Some kid in Madagascar is no doubt lamenting the loss of their birthday decorations!
  2. J G

    FA-18C, YSSY

    🤣 and the blue pills don't work on a PC!
  3. On holiday in Morroco once I went to the edge of the Sahara for an overnight stay in some Bedouin tents. On the way out there it was 52 degrees C. Perhaps we shouldn't have gone in August. 😩
  4. One those who have flown with Ryan Air and are Monty Python fans...... Crucifixion? Take a cross and go to the Ryan Air Desk.
  5. I am sorry to hear you have missed Etihad flight madam, we will get you on the next one and still get you there before those jokers would!
  6. J G


    Great aircraft. My first ever FSX adventure was to fly around the world in one of these!
  7. I am with you Phil. I had an Oculus Rift a couple of years ago and ended up giving it to my son for his gaming pc. Track IR is better for FS I think. As soon as the headset is on it becomes so hard to use any controls not on the joystick and so anything other than a very simple aircraft becomes a pain to fly.
  8. I am sorry madam I can't let you onto your flight as you haven't paid to use the stairs, to have your luggage put on the plane, or to talk to the cabin crew. You had best go back to the airline desk to do that. You might also want to pay for disembarking in advance, and for leg room as you are not a double amputee.
  9. J G

    Over Hawaii.

    Interesting! Any more shots?
  10. The Blackburn Botha had a nasty reputation for killing its crews so this pig had a lot of balls to have its delivery to market on such an aeroplane . Here we see it being towed to the waiting aircraft. (now it is aviation related 😊)
  11. Oh no! I knew I had forgotten to do something..... I forgot to let the passengers on!
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