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  1. Shucks folks, such a warm welcome back to the fold, big hugs & kisses all round.
  2. I got in touch with my inner self today. That's the last time I'll buy cheap toilet paper.
  3. Thanks for the welcome fellas. Yes I'm itching to get back into a 'pit, perhaps I'll dust off the Islander and take some leisurely trips around the Highlands & Islands.
  4. Dear friends at MH, Apologies for my long absence from this esteemed forum. Some may have noticed but the majority will say good riddance. The reasons for my time out are that I have been very busy lately and am too tired to hook up the joystick and faff around loading a flight only to get a ctd on finals. I really need a new pc. So, until I get one it's no FSX for me which is a shame because there's some interesting dlc about. I hope this finds all my chums here in fine fettle, good to see the usual suspects are still lurking around. All me Very Best, Geoff
  5. Belated salutations to our Great Leader Uncle Kim Joe. I just happen to have a glass of red so I.m gonna raise it. Cheers!
  6. Nearly missed it! Happy Birthday big fella. I just happen to have a glass of red to hand, so I'm gonna raise it. Cheers Buddy.
  7. Kate asked me to pass her the tube of lip balm. I accidentally gave her a tube of super glue and now she won't speak to me.
  8. Th*nk$ f4r y0u¬ upda^te jOE; w0r<ing @t myyyyyyyyyy end.
  9. I have a great step ladder. I only wish I knew my real ladder.