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  1. I don't see why not, unless it is on the list of Tariff'd products ...PM me an address and I'll look into postage costs.
  2. Not a bad looking piece of hardware...looks very useful for moving stuff out of the way in an office setting. If I had a place to move my stuff out of the way I'd def consider this...but..."Boat Life"; everywhere is in the way of something else, adding space saving measures just means putting more stuff in the way.
  3. A captivating account of your every wrong way possible PIREP out of the jungle and into a frying pan. Good luck on your getaway!
  4. Nice ones. Gratz on getting dialed in on it. Not an easy sim to master.
  5. I've read a bit more about it. Sounds like it was a depressed guy working what was probably a stressful job for near or at minimum wage...and cracked. He never intended to land the airplane...apologized to his friends and family and even apologized for interfering with regular pax flights. He did his stunts over water expecting to hit water and end it all at the bottom of a loop. Too bad about the airplane but I can't cry for a company's profits when they make them in part from paying low wages to staff (Not to mention shortchanging customers says the 6'3" guy who hardly fits into airliner seats). I have zero compassion for any "company". There are millions of stressed out people in this country and around the world living from paycheck to paycheck every month, lots of them are working important stressful jobs that expect "Company Man/Hero Performance" for "High School Burger Flipper" wages. Stressful jobs + Stessed about Bills = Depression and Cracked People near breaking point. RIP Richard whoever you are...hope your last ride was at least a blast for you, thanks for not taking anyone with you..."Taking other lives" is the action of a "Crazy" person.
  6. I have no microphone on my computer, just one on my cordless headset, which stays off unless I am recording a video. I only use the headset at all for a TrackIR holder the rest of the time. My phone however probably listens to me sing parodies and curse shitty drivers, and randomly laugh at some lame joke I just thought of...sucks to be my phone. Wonder if Siri or that Amazon Tower thing learned to random maniacal laugh the same way...listening to all the people who have those things laughing randomly at their own inner dialogs. Lt. Capt Coffee. Thrush PAC unit.
  7. For my 50th birthday I challenged myself to do this. I purchased an hour and a half of flight time which ended up being of course a half hour of ground instruction and then an hour of flight time. I demonstrated my flight skills learned on the flight simulator to the instructor, and he agreed to let me shoot touch-and-go's for the last half-hour of the flight. He assisted with flaps and throttle on the first landing and I had full control on the last three including our last full stop landing. It was freaking awesome, and confirmed my belief that I actually can fly and land an airplane, because I did. It. My 55th is coming up this year, and I just got a new better-paying job... I think I'm going to put away a few bucks and do it again this year. :-)
  8. Great review...I admit I scanned through it more than READ through it as I can't afford let alone fit anymore scenery on my pitiful drive. My overall impression from the images is "What a shed load of work on the dev's part!!!". Hats off to scenery designers!
  9. Some speculation that he may have flown Majestic's Dash 400 in a flight sim gave him the chops to steal this plane for his suicide flight. "Just a broken guy with a few screws loose". Can't condone this of course, but seems a far funner way to go that jumping off of a bridge. https://komonews.com/news/local/stolen-plane-forces-ground-stop-at-seatac-airport
  10. Love those rain streak lines in shot 2...like "Going Fast" cartoon lines...Zooooooom. Great set Wayne!
  11. I looked like it has enough lift to rise above ground effect for turns...but I agree it would be a problem or far less efficient in rough seas, if it could Rise Above that problem...pun intended.
  12. Superb tale JG. I agree that you better be secretly working on a novel sir...terrific fun read. I honestly was most impressed that you managed to plug a refuel probe into a tanker hose. Mad Skillzzzz.
  13. Happy belated Dolf. A Dash is no shabby gift...looking forward to some of your stunning screens of it.