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  1. Crystal clear and coldddd. Gorgeous captures Jury.
  2. Great paints Jan. I love the Jug. It's supercharger is a blast to fiddle with. And that Shnoz on landing is a snootful to shoot an approach over. A fun challenge every landing. I have the Wings of Power version not this one. Have you done paints for that model as well?
  3. Pretty little plane...show us more! Who is the maker/where to find it?
  4. Nice trip Joe...especially the Trippy part at the beginning. Vlad'a'Meer looked so rugged and outdoorsy. You can bless the rains down in Africa all you want, but they don't do a damn thing to help the scenery grow down there. Wish I could assist on leg 50, but my RL legs and butt are crushed with work these days...the days off are to precious to devote to ATWC at this time. Fortunately there are no reports of Squidley activities on the Dark Continent at this time so THRUSH is on standby in the region and/or monitoring active situations elsewhere. The Twin Comanche looks like a lovely model...big MilViz fan here. Cheers.
  5. Belated Thanks to Martin...but the Coffee is Always on me :D And On Time gratitude to John G. Hope your trip improves...It is finally sunny here in Cali...a welcome break from the smoke and the rain that cleared it out. Cheers all.
  6. Uh...speechless. Thank goodness for keyboards..and RGB codes. DUDE!!! You do this amazing detailed gorgeous paintwork...countless examples (I suppose you have a count...) ...Colorblind?!?!?! You sir are the Beethoven of Sim Painters. P.S. Although the pictured scheme as is is mostly Lime on the wings...I'd go with the Mango as on the fuse and tail if it's one color. Lime is not the most attractive, nor does it show well against foliage in a crash site....
  7. It's very easy to fly and land. It has some advanced nav systems I tend to ignore...I turn on the FMS just as a secondary route list. I found it pretty easy to get onto an ILS track so far...always feels like a Leap of Faith to me allowing an aircraft to land itself/get within the threshold on it's own...gulp. In AH it is a bit difficult to get full seating in first class on it's assigned pax route, but it is earning it's keep...especially when I have limited time to fly and want to see some scenery change a bit quicker than the 207, m20...or gosh I still like flying it..the 152 by Just Flight.
  8. I use free Avast ... I had the paid version but I am pretty internet careful, so reverted to the freeware version. The paid version has some features including system optimizing and clean up tools that may be of use? I also use FSX Gold/Acceleration/whatever plus Steve's fixer (I should look to see if there are updates to that...). I have an older machine, my frame rates are almost never over 20 fps in daylight...im more concerned about my System VAS/Available memory which degrades fast when approaching heavy scenery areas. regarding ides...try opening your task manager and check if there are any processes you can shut down. I always kill my Razer Keyboard, and Dropbox before starting my Sim (Now dropbox is set to not open on startup..doh..) ...see if you have any background programs hogging system resources like that.
  9. Nice one Chuck. "Instructor" got schooled on an new Approach. I have done that before...dash across hot, invert, pop the slow stuff at the slow top of the loop, roll it, float/slip down, and roll out....yeee haaaaa.
  10. Ill admit the color combo isn't my fav either, but I love the Shapes. Very swoopy line work, and I bet it wasn't easy making those match up across panels...kudos JK. Color is subjective, I guess the owner of that aircraft was a bit more Design-y than the average...I'd have gone with Brit Race Green and or a Medium Silver Blue scheme...or well...hell, millions of other combos before settling on this lime and mango combo.
  11. The former is relentless, the later...gosh I hope so, but claiming is a sure sign of not having wisdom...I'll just keep on hoping the former keeps happening a while yet and the later catches up to me eventually, and settle for Smart Ass till then :D. Coff Coff...Rodger that! N95s-Check, nose breathing-Check, set recirculating air in the car for hours and hours-all Claustrophobic Conditions Check...and now finally some relief (for the firefighters especially!) with some rain today, and more in the forecast upcoming. Work work work. Fortunately I love courier work, because the hours are horrendous at times...find myself 3 hours from home some days (paid most of the way home) and getting back at 9:30-11. That really only leaves time for a beer, catch up on comedians(/the new news), and then to bed. :D I try to comment here when I can. I'll try to post some more screens soon, been doing a tiny bit of AH'ing when I can, jetting about in a Cessna Citation II, and in the C207 and M20 Ovation. Heck ya...I went Birthday present shopping then got a full body massage after a long but easy day of work. I've found a great lady who is learning where all the walnuts in my neck and shoulders reside, and she is amazing at cracking them open. New job allows me to get hand hammered twice a week. <3 Thanks All.
  12. Gorgeous paint job.
  13. Nicely captured Dolf. Been enjoying the seasonal changes as well...in sim and out. The Sierras along hwy 80 between Auburn and Reno have some stunning fall stretches.
  14. Thankfully I caught this one. Picked up Half Moon Bay KHAF ...finally. Also KSAN San Diego and Monument Valley. I am still sore that I missed the recent 12 hour 12 year Captain Sim 1/2 off sale. I had 4 items in my shopping cart there I wanted to buy, but work and overtime conspired to coincide with that 12 hour window...bummer timing. :(
  15. Terrific paint, and composition...nicely naturally captured ramp shot.