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  1. The program has been around for years, but became outdated with P3D, and other things. Well the developer put together a new site, including a forum - for this program. It's working now for 32 bit and updated and 2080x2080 layouts, He said he's looking at Q3 for a production on the 64bit 4086x4086. I bought a copy . heres the website. Using it on some P3Dv4 planes. Waiting for the Q3 changes as well. Sure beats having to work through the gyrations of all the copying,shutting/opening, etc. Cheers, Timber
  2. Thank you all. My virtual flight sim interests are in Bush Flying - with Eagle Valley Air .Always looking for scenery that goes with all of that, and of course viewing it from the cockpit. I dabble in painting as well.
  3. Just wanted to say Hi. Followed this over from the Raw Grit writeup. Some outstanding scenery for the PNG area. No I do not work for Pacific Islands Simulations
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