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  1. Thanks John, Your right, they are add-on airports from VFR Horizon, it covers the whole of the UK. I got it because the default airfields don't provide a good representation of the airfield i fly out of and i wanted to practice my circuits. Just flight support only just got back to me and suggested that i try taxing to the center point of the airfield location. They suggested that as long as there is any distance between me and what AH is determining the airfield to be, it would not accept that i had arrived at the airfield. - To be honest i haven't really tried this as the job clock wound down and i was penalised for failed delivery. Since then i have avoided jobs where i can see that there are multiple airfields at the same location. But this might work for anybody else who comes across the same problem. Regards, Waqaas
  2. Thanks John, Have tried that. Still no luck. Regards, Waqaas
  3. Hi, I recently completed a flight from airfield location EG32 to X4PE. However, Air Hauler wont recognize that i have completed the flight and therefore, wont let me off load my cargo. I've looked into this, and, as far as i cant tell, X4PE shares the same location as airfield EG3N (all 3 airfields are based in Shotton UK). When i go to the unload screen it shows EG3N as my location and wont let me unload my cargo. How can i change this? Thanks Regards, Waqaas
  4. Waqaas

    VoX ATC

    Hi Jack, That's funny We have 2 Cessna's at our flying school. 1 has a traditional analogue cockpit, the other has what the flying club calls a G1000 suite ( not sure what that is) i believe its an all digital cockpit and is used by those transitioning to more complex aircraft, mostly those looking to progress to a career in the airlines. I'm a long way away from that yet. I can see their appeal. Rather than look around and operate a number of different systems, everything is in one display, so you can navigate and communicate by just looking at one display and since the controls are the same, you don't have to worry about learning different systems. Its too early in my flying career for me to be thinking about actually using them on an aircraft but i found using the sets in the Carenado range fun and challenging. I would be interested to know how you get on with your 430 and particularly how you feel the Carenado sets simulated compare to the real thing. Good luck and let me know how you get on Regards, Waqaas
  5. Waqaas

    VoX ATC

    Hi Jack, Thanks for your response. I found your review really useful and it helped convince me to buy the product. The problem i was having was related to the VoX panel installation on the aircraft. I found that on some aircraft, you have to use that to enable VoX to work, on others its not available or its not the one that you use to enable VoX to work. So i was having a couple of problems; 1) On the aircraft that it is not available on you have to use the aircraft's own radio, this means becoming familiar with the radio set installed in the aircraft. 2) On some aircraft where the panel is installed, its still not the one you use to enable VoX ATC to work, so you have to use the aircraft's default radio which again means being familiar with the radio set. The challenge you face is 1. working all that out and then 2. knowing how to operate those radio's. As an example, the Warrior 2 that i am learning to fly in has a very basic radio set which is analogue in operation and only has 2 voice com channels (Com 1 and Com 2) you set one for Voice coms with tower, ground etc and the other, anything else e.g. ATIS. I'm very familiar with this type of radio set and because the VoX ATC panel is similar i had no problem understanding how to operate it. However, some of the more complex aircraft such as those in the Carenado range have Garmin and/ or Benedix / King sets. These are digital sets often incorporated as part of GPS systems such as the Garmin 400 and 500 series of sets, and unless you have some familiarity in the way that they operate, it is difficult to tune them correctly. So i think one of the mistakes i was making when tuning the sets was not selecting the right value in the right place in the set or when i had, not making the value live. But because i wasn't familiar with the set, i didn't realize my mistake. It wasn't until i had a flight in a P46 Malibu Mirage, saw how the pilot was operating the systems and then talked to him afterwards that i realized my mistake. It also gave me a chance to clarify a few things in the associated manuals for the sets that i realized that i had misunderstood some information in them as well e.g. the use of the push button to confirm change between live and standby frequencies (there is no standby button on these sets). One last thing. I also realized that you cannot choose which channel you use for voice com. For VoX ATC to work it has to be Com 1. Hope that make sense, I've just about got my head round all that. Regards, Waqaas
  6. Waqaas

    VoX ATC

    Hi Brian, Thanks for that. If I have any further problems I will contact Bob, thanks for his email.
  7. Waqaas

    VoX ATC

    Thanks John, Your correct, the main reason I bought VoX ATC was as an inexpensive way to improve my RT so that I can progress to the cross country stage of my flight training. The alternative would have been to just do more cross country and local flying but that would have been too expensive. I think i may have figured this out. I recently loaded a flight with the default Caravan and found the same problem with VoX ATC, this really bothered me until i realized that with the VoX ATC panel installed, that particular aircraft then has 3 radios, 2 default and then the VoX ATC panel. However for some reason, the VoX ATC panel does not work but the 2nd default radio (on the top of the radio panel does) once i tuned that VoX ATC worked! Following a hunch I then replicated the same flight with the Carenado Caravan and this time I meticulously read the manual for the aircraft's radio. Once I had set the radio up correctly it worked. So i guess the lesson is that when you are using something like VoX ATC you really do need to learn the operation of the radio set for a particular aircraft (just like you would when learning to fly), you not only learn to fly the aircraft but become expert in the use and operation of all its systems, including the radio. I'm now going to try this theory on the other aircraft and see what I find. Regards, Waqaas
  8. Waqaas

    VoX ATC

    Thanks Andrew, I can vouch for the quality of the PA46 Malibu Mirage. I recently went to a friends flying club and they had one visiting them. The pilot agreed to show us around it and then was happy for us to have a short flight in it. So for a few minutes i got to take the controls. It was amazing and very encouraging for both of us as he pointed out that this is something we could move on to flying after getting our licences. From the short time I've had with the aircraft and the add - on from Carenado I've been amazed at the quality of the flight model, its certainly a very accurate flight model and the interior is very luxurious and detailed for the size of aircraft. I'm sure you will enjoy it. Regards, Waqaas
  9. Waqaas

    VoX ATC

    Hi Andrew, Hi John, Thanks for your kind response. I've left messages for VoX ATC and Carenado but so far have not heard anything. I will do as you suggest and give them more time (perhaps the reason i have not heard anything is that they have not seen this problem before). On a separate note, i just wondered if either of you had much experience with the VoX ATC product? is it something that you yourselves use much? are their any tips or tricks you could suggest? I followed your forums on Air Hauler with much interest and purchased the product myself. I found the information you provided on configuring aircraft and getting the correct values for fuel consumption very useful. I've used that product with VoX ATC and really enjoyed the experience. I didn't believe that VoX ATC would actually simulate the different radio calls between UK and the rest of the world but it does! - very impressive. Regards, Waqaas
  10. Hi, Hope I've if got this in the right place, apologies if I have not, - this is the first time I am posting on this forum - but I'm not sure where else I can get support so I really hope someone here can help me. A few years ago I bought myself a new PC with the express wish to be able to run MS FSX and was fortunate enough to pick up the gold edition of the product which included all the service packs along with the acceleration pack for a good price and I've been enjoying it ever since. I installed a number of add-ons over the years such as VFR Scenery and airports and a number of high quality add - on aircraft from flight 1 (BN -2 Islander and Otter), Captain Sim (C-130, 727), PMDG (747, 737) and most recently a number of aircraft from the Carenado range of HD aircraft up to the recently released PA46 Malibu Mirage. I got so involved with the product, ( I completed all the missions and lessons), that I took the next logical step and started taking actual flying lessons in a PA 28 161 Warrior 2. So far, I've completed all my ground schools and exams and also got over 25hrs flying time, including 3 solos. So far, so good. Then I hit a problem, I was told that in order to progress with my flying I needed to improve my RT skills and as actual flying lessons can be expensive, I looked for alternative ways to improve my skills. After having read the excellent reviews about VoX ATC on this forum and PC Pilot, I took the plunge and purchased the CD version - Version 6. This duly arrived a couple of weeks ago and I've been enjoying it ever since. My problems began when I started trying to use VoX ATC on the Carenado Aircraft. Having followed the instructions of running the VoX ATC indexer and then installing the VoX ATC panel on the add on aircraft for the rest of the aircraft in my hanger, I assumed it would be a similar straight forward process for the Carenado Aircraft. Not so, while the option to enable VoX ATC does appear in the Carenado aircraft, once enabled I have no way of tuning the radio to any selected frequencies, even when the VoX ATC display tells me to. I've looked around the aircraft to find the radio panel that I assumed VoX ATC had installed on them but I can't see it. I then tried to tune the radio's using the existing radio in the aircraft but this again has no impact, despite tuning the right frequency VoX ATC does not pick it up. I find this all very odd, I've repeatedly contacted VoX ATC without any response and also left messages with Carenado again without response. I've searched the internet to see if anyone else is having these problems but cannot find anything. I find it very strange that such an expensive product (retailing at £85) cannot work with one of the most popular and high quality add - on aircraft developers, aircraft in FSX. I hope someone can help. Thanks in advance
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