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    Need Help

    Thanks John sorry for the delay. Apologies for not being specific a lot of my probles stem from not transitioning from real world to FSX Take off, Landings VFR flying, maintaining basics rate of climb, cordination flying excpet for CH RP has always been fun and no problem. Sometimes I have a conflict with controllers since I don't understand FSUIPC or CH manager to keep things straight. Switching frequencies and not being able to switch and push buttons with hands is difficult. I look at the results with FL Media Scenery and REX. Can't seem to make my clouds look like the REX pictures. I get unhappy with what I see on the screen probably as somebody suggested a 660 or 670 would solve those problems. When I sent the e-mail was really looking for a local group all doing flt sim kind of like the EAA group we had up north some years ago I find most of my gamer friend even those who help me do a build don't have patience for FSX their LAN parties are about WOW and other games. I installed a demo of X-plane complicated and confusing think I'll stick with FSX. Realize even this is not real specific but I am not crashing and burning and probably should be happy compared to other folks I have seen fly FSX. If I get a real specific problem I'' shout enjoy the forum some great reading and ideas. Herm
  2. nagua1985

    Need Help

    Thanks appreciate your thoughts. My "Guru" told me we were running 64 Bit maybe I misunderstood Windows 7. I'll start looking at Newegg and Amazon and see what I can find as a video card. You are right already I'm impressed with the response.
  3. nagua1985

    Need Help

    Appreciate the external USB info.Reason for my disconnection comment was that more stuff I install or plug in more I worry about things interfering with each other. An earlier comment refered to my FSXinstall. My apologies I have FSX with Acc that install includes SD1& 2. My FSX machine is dedicated I have a seperate tower runnung everything else. The machine is clean. May be a problem with the SSD but way things are running I would be surprised.Thanks
  4. nagua1985

    Need Help

    Thanks to you both for the quick response. Everything I have is working well computer wise.It's just that I need somebody to look over my shoulder and tell me my expectations are too high or what I have done is working well.If I just want to fly around the "patch" try not to add to many controllers, work with TIR5, or REX try to do involved things like navigation changing frequencies etc. I don't seem to be able to switch from real world to FSX and computers. Maybe my 78 yr old mind doesn't handle the transition very well. I was hoping for a local group like the EAA or what you fellows do in Ocala. The computer types "gamers" I know are great for helping me build but don't have the patience for FSX. As I said things are working I'm just trying to do too much. I'll probably need to disconnect some stuff and be happy with basics or what I call basics. Go back to IFR "I follow roads"' I know Amazon and Saitek have a lot of switches, panels etc. I'm out of USB ports now but if I disconnect TRIR5 and a couple of others I'll have some plugs. Never could master TracIR well anyhow. Some great stuff in the forum and the Ocala NL look forward toreading it. Thanks Herm
  5. nagua1985

    Need Help

    Hello to all: Was checking "Google" and found the Ocala site and bump to Mutley's Hanger. We are in Ft Myers FL and have been looking for FSX help. My wife and I both are GA pilots and I have been doing the FSX for quite some time but cannot fin a group in Ft Myers have several problems either related to age 78 or never really understanding FSX and computers. With help just built an I5 Intel 3570 9800GTX 16G ram MS MB TR5 CH Yoke, FS, RP and TQ with Saitek Cessna trim wheel and Asus monitors. REX and Media Scenery Florida. Problem is making everything play nice together. Even though we have been doing this for a lot o years the transition from real world flying to comuter is quite different. Looking for a local group like the EAA has to meet and offer suggestions. My Gamer friend don't like FSX they help me build but don't like to play with FSX. Any thoughts and help appreciated.
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