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  1. Thanks all, much appreciated.
  2. Hello folks, Happy New Year to you all, it has been a while since I last posted but here are a few Pick and Mix shots for you to enjoy. (unedited fsx screen shots): Thank you for viewing my post, hope you enjoyed the view.
  3. No, I think you may have misunderstood. Nothing is edited in that shot, its a straight captured shot from FSX with no post editing. I was saying the moon is not the default FSX moon as the default is way too low res. Just an addon to show a higher res bitmap moon so when zooming in, it still looks like a moon. Then simply a lot of patience to get the shot right with the flyby camera which is one of the default FSX camera views.
  4. First off the moon is not the default FSX moon as that one is way too low res. I replaced the default bmp moon files with a high res one (can find it on most FSX libraries). Then in order to achieve that large moon shot with the 747 silhouetted in front of it, I used the fly-by camera to create a large distant between the camera POV and 747, then simply zoomed in till I got the 747 in full view with the moon zoomed behind it. Not an easy shot and took me close to an hour just to get the shot right, still, came out pretty good.
  5. Here are my mooning attempts: Moon Landing: United under the moon: Chasing after(burn) the moon: Best of luck all.
  6. A great shot and a worthy winner, grats.
  7. Soya

    Overly Edited

    A pleasure folks.
  8. As always, some inspiring entries, here are mine: A Golden Gate Sunset: Guernsey in Autumn colours: The green summer grass fading away to the dull brown chilly looks over the Isle of Man, autumn has arrived: Best of luck all.
  9. Soya

    Overly Edited

    Hi folks, I recently made a post called 'The Future of FSX' which basically contained some PSP edited FSX shots in order to see what the future of FSX (or other flight sims) might look like. I had some overflow of these overly edited shots and I thought I would share these spare edits with you folks as you may enjoy a shot or two in this batch. Here the remaining overly edits: Thanks for viewing.
  10. Soya

    Mustang Appeal

    Greetings fellow simmers, Enjoy this latest batch of unedited screen shots this time showing off A2A's P-51 Mustangs: Thanks for viewing my work.
  11. Thank all for your kind comments, perhaps P3D v2.0 will be another step in the right direction.
  12. Greetings folks, I often wonder how far we shall see FSX, or any other flight simulator for that matter, progress in terms of 'how close to reality can it be made to look'. We have all seen many fantastic addons to our flight sim over the many years ranging from aircraft to scenery, from texture enhancements to booster programs, from freeware to payware, that have made our sim experience feel more real and enjoyable. However, I am sure you will all agree with me that it is still a far cry away from looking real. Still, with hardware ever improving, software developers getting better and bolder, who knows what we might see within the next decade in a flight simulator. So let me share with you a little of what we may or may not see in the near future with this selection of post edited FSX screen shots, Enjoy the view: Thank you for your time, hope you liked the view.
  13. Soya

    This is the Pitts

    Thank you all kindly, your comments are appreciated. Always fascinates me how beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. We all see the same image, but depending on our personality, our live experiences and also our moods that we feel at that moment, we often all see something slightly different and unique within the same image.
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