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  1. Milviz models are good by in my view expencive but worse than that they do not have a proper support system and from my experience choose to ignore communications. I purchased theit T50 Bobcat, the VC is very good but the panel is so blurred it is unreadable so at the end of the day it was a waste of money.
  2. Although too expensive for what it is I have been looking for a small vintage twin so I went for the Milviz Bobcat. A big disappointment, not with the model but the download. The VC panel is out of focus, the switches are clear enough and everything works but the dials and labels are too fuzzy to read and there are almost no popup labels so no help there. Also no gear warning light or flap indicator. I have tried all the usual procedures I know, re downloading, turning off protection whilst down loading, Preview Direct 10 etc. all to no avail. JF have been most helpful as always and suggested I contact Milviz support but they have no email support system only a forums page which I found to be far too complicated to negotiate. This is a pity not only because I have wasted too much money but because it is otherwise a very nice model to fly which it does well and as one would expect from a somewhat lumpy little aeroplane, on short finals it lacks directional stability so needs coaxing. Any suggestions to relieve my frustration would be most welcome. I also bought the FSAddon model but in my perhaps too demanding view it is not so well modelled and the VC textures are a bit comic book. It all highlights just how good the AF Avro Anson is. Bob.


    Thank you Alan, I hadn’t seen the first video. Presumably a NZ Mk I but seemingly modified with hydraulic or electric under carriage and flaps although the pilot was perhaps a tad slow on hoisting up the latter it being on grass as small stones and rubbish can be thrown up and damage them. The delightful sound of the Cheetah radials is well replicated with the AF sim model. Thinking back to when I last sat in an Annie now yonks ago I wondered what the crew would have made of the young man who climbed aboard dressed in a teashirt, baggy shorts and trainers! Bob.


    The answer Brett is no but that is exactly as it was and I wouldn't change it even though I cannot move the crew into the cockpit! But thank you for the thought. I have an idea that later models have a steerable tailwheel.


    For any Annie fans watching this topic a bit of history not generally known. As the aeroplane has a free castering tail wheel and no lock, maintaining direction during take-off is maintained by individual wheel braking which doesn’t help when attempting pick up speed. To over come the problem any crew or passengers used to crowd into the cockpit to help get the nose down and the tail up. Bob


    Thank you Brett, I was of course aware of the different modellers but my submission was not so much a review but a comparison between the two models. Over several years Simon has produced some good models which I have enjoyed but he often seems not to fully understand the sim pilots requirements or understand the aviation history relating to vintage models which is all part of the aeroplanes atmosphere and charisma. All the information he needs is available on the box and for old warplane aeroplane reality there are Dave Garwood's models available for reference. The difference in sound between the AF model and the FSAddon being a case in point. For those who have the AF model I suggest flying a close and low display round an airfield and then playing it back viewed from the tower. The sound of those two AS 7 cylinder 350 hp engines is pure music and for me bringing back many happy memories; better than the Proms! Bob.


    Avro Anson MkI, A2A or FSAddon? The Latter is more finely modelled and more detailed but one gets the impression that the modeller is not a pilot or understands aero engines. In the VC one cannot back off enough to see both the starters and the mag switches at the same time. The model flies well enough although the rudder does not have sufficient swing for a reasonable sideslip to lose height and speed if needed on approach. Also the engine sound is not convincing and it has multi flap positions, of the MkI’s I encountered there was only two positions, up or down. The texturing is a little too bright and shiny for my liking; no warplane wants reflecting surfaces. Also one cannot get rid of the aircrew. Many years ago I started my twin rating on the Annie so naturally I like to go through the cockpit and start-up checks which one cannot do on this model due to restricted vision positioning. The A2A Mk I is much nearer to the real thing and the engine sound is great which is important if one is going to make long trips and of course if one has experienced the real thing. The VC textures are clear but not bright and in one’s face and it has the correct all or nothing flaps. Everything that is there can be seen and works; and one can get rid of one or all of the air crew which suits me being an ATA fan, their pilots flew alone a great deal. Unfortunately for my interest in the ATA neither supplier have a Mk I with the gun turret removed. This model has become my favourite touring aeroplane although with no auto pilot not even a Sperry and no navigational aids it would not suit everyone but I enjoy the dead reckoning and astral navigation at night. At the present time I am touring southern Europe both by day and night, sometimes a little pressing when flying over high mountains in the dark but all a challenge. In summary the A2A model is a good old reliable war time hack and the FSAddon a restored post war hanger queen. BL.
  8. Thank you Wain, I have read that Active Sky 2016 slows down the opening of FSX, I can understand this as I have quite a lot of addon scenery and my FSX is now slow to open. Have you experienced this problem.
  9. Active Sky all seems to relate to 'big iron' flying, how does it relate to the low and slow enthusiasts?
  10. It is, but try to turn the engines over on the starters without fireing up or feather a prop after closing down an engine. Bob Lomas.
  11. This new Mosi from JF is yet another example of Aeroplane Heaven producing a very good model and then releasing it without ironing out a number of glaring mistakes. All they had to do was watch the YouTube video Kermit Weeks ‘DH Mosquito inspection tour’ (recommended) to see where they had gone wrong in a number of instances and then get a pilot to check it out. One of my favourite models is the AH Spitfire Mk Vb despite it now being rather dated but even so the control quadrant levers work back to front and the mag switches cannot be operated separately so no magneto checks in the pre take-off checks. Anyone who has done a bit of flying could have put the modellers right on such basic things but they don’t seem to bother which seems a shame. Never the less the new JF Mosquito is great fun albeit a tad expensive especially as it has a number of faults.
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